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The Girl With The Broken Family

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Charlie Brown, a 17 year old teenager gets kicked out of her home after a tragic incident that took the life of her father. With the burning agony of facing an ignorant mother plus a combination of pain and guilt, Charlie is forced to move in with her Aunt Rebecca from Clarksville to Orange Hill, thereby leaving her twin brother carter behind. As Charlie moved in with her aunt Rebecca, her aunt takes up her sister responsibilities in being the mother figure in Charlies life. Since her sister Munchy couldn't be a good influence in Charlies life. The main reasons Munchy hates Charlie is because she reminded her of her husband she arranged to murder, and she reminded her of herself when she was growing up. Charlie then faces changes and challenges in her once little almost perfect life, but then her world comes crumbling down slowly. One day she accidentally crosses paths with her father, whom she had loved the most. The man she had believed died in a car crash and had left her completely. Why did Munchy wanted William her husband dead so badly? How on earth is William not dead after Munchy arranged his death? How does Charlie feel inside after hearing that her father was dead? What did munchy say or do to make Charlie move to her aunt house?



Review after half of the novel

Very interesting story. I can't wait to see how it ends. I think it's already pretty good and is only going to get better the further I read. I'm a sucker for the romance and seeing how the lives of the characters change when they meet the person they are truly meant to be with and get to love in the end. Happiness is truly bliss. To the author Keep doing an amazing job at writing you will go far.

December 29, 2023

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