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The Future of the Despondent Kingdom

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A Monarch was killed by the packs nonchalantly because of His disloyalty to them after being supported to get the throne. These werewolves must be repressed by the Crown Prince who unwittingly had an idea of the past. He had been the main expectation of the Country for equity to return since difficulty began when the race of the werewolf administration started. Unintentionally, he experienced passionate feelings for Alpha's just girl who is at the top of those undermining the Country. The future of the despondent Kingdom lies in their fated love. Will he rout the packs and o be enthroned to save his people with his vague wife?

Chapter 1

The fresh air blew in from the surrounding mountains and forests, carrying with it the scents of blooming flowers and freshly cut grass. The air was cool and refreshing, providing a welcome relief from the hot sun that beat down on the kingdom.

As the day wore on, the wind shifted, and the air began to blow out of the kingdom, carrying with it the scents of cooking fires and bustling markets. The air was warm and filled with the sounds of laughter and conversation, giving the kingdom a lively and vibrant atmosphere.

And so, bringing with it the ever-changing scents and sounds of the land.

The Glowing air swings around each standing building in the Palace of Kashinoor. A noble City near the other four Countries like its own excluding the horrible thick Forest in the Western Region.

The Peaceful Reign of King Alexandru had made the Palace Guards and Court Ladies smile vigorously at each side of their position.

The Beautiful Palm Trees waved at the blowing air until evening started arriving. The Afternoon was not even sultry at all. The environment was peaceful until the crisis began.

It happened in an instance, in a twinkling of an eye. Human look-alikes began to appear, these are no way human but monsters, they had fur sprouted on their skin, and muscles were pulsated. Likewise, their backs and chest were well throbbed already.

These monsters swamped into the palace from the Western Gate of the Palace. This Gate was opened by a Traitor in the Palace to assist the werewolves get inside. What a weird decision to assist them.

The King had been on his bed but awake. It was as if he was expecting the scenario. He drew his sword for protection while his bodyguard stood by him as a shield as well.

The fight began, Lonut vehemently slew the palace's soldier while his packs brutally bruised the palace and King's guard. It was a tough war.

A pool of blood from Guards and werewolves had flooded the Palace as the battle was severely destructive. Everyone was panting and fighting bitterly as these creatures were trying to get the King maimed.

The Crown Prince who was asleep woke up suddenly due to a nightmare he had had that night. He heard the loud metal swords, streaming against each other and the screaming of soldiers. This inevitably made him show up at the spot as he ran like hare to the scenario.

He was shocked by what he saw, he already saw someone like an Alpha wagging his sword toward His Father (the King).

This Creature slew the King with his sword while Alexandru hopelessly lies on the floor.

Runnnnnn! He groaned in pain as he exclaimed to his only son, Daniel.

Daniel, (who's the Crown Prince) was horrified and couldn't even imagine if He was having another nightmare.

Please run son! save the future of this Nation! His father said again.

This time, He discovered something crucial was happening for real. Dad in blood! He was so bitter but had to flee with his guard from the Palace so He won't die as well.

He could not truly run but was assisted by his bodyguard who made them vanish as fast as they could.

The King was helpless as his hopeless body lay in a pool of blood on the ground.

Betrayal! Lonut whispered as he and his survivors vanished from the Palace.


Daniel and his bodyguard ran frantically from the Palace, dodging the ferocious werewolves that had just killed his father and were now seeking to hunt them down.

They took to the rugged terrain and frantic bush, trying to cover as much ground as possible while also avoiding any potential traps or dangers that lurked along the way.

The bush was an eerie and terrifying place, with twisted trees and gnarled roots that reached out like grasping fingers, as if seeking to ensnare them at every turn.

The creatures that dwelled in the darkness and shadows were also frightening, their glowing eyes and long fangs sending shivers down the Prince's spine.

Despite their best efforts to remain unnoticed, they could hear the werewolves closing in, their snarls and growls growing louder with each passing moment.

The bodyguard urged the Prince, 'let keep moving'.

He was pushing him to keep moving, but as they crossed a clearing, Daniel suddenly fainted along the road.

The bodyguard scooped up the unconscious prince and continued running, the werewolves hot on their heels.

Finally, they found a place to hide, where they could catch their breath and wait for the danger to pass.

As the adrenaline of the chase subsided, the Prince's body could no longer take the stress, and he collapsed in exhaustion along the side of the road.


Many years ago,

The Kingdom of Kashinoor is a fictional Country in the eastern region of the European Continent in Romania. It is surrounded by its own-like four Countries with one distinguished thick forest filled with hovering werewolves.

King Andrian happened to be the blood brother of Alexandru. It was unbelievable that Alexandru had always wanted the throne for himself though he was not the Crown Prince but the second Prince of the Late King. He chose to secretly poison and kill his brother Andrian but he was caught instead.

He was chased out of the Palace instead of being killed or severely punished by the law, due to the affection His brother showed to him. Unknowingly, he would eventually come for His own life.

Alexandru from his desperate and notorious thinking decided to visit the werewolves for help.

"I will go to the werewolves and seek for support in detaining Andrian and making me become the King of Kashinoor " He said to himself.

This could have been insane because no Human visits the packs and comes out alive.

Alexandru already made up his mind that he either comes out alive or stays there dead. He began his trip into the deep fearful Forest until He finally got to his destination.

Before he knew it, he was captured and chained. The werewolf brought him to the Alpha of the pack "Lonut" because he demanded that.

Lonut on the other hand was astonished at the courageous look on the face of the Captive. He had expected Alexandru to beg for his life instead but he felt relieved when he understood Alexandru was the King's brother.

What is it you want? He asked in curiosity.

Alexandru was happy about the question Lonut asked him, he had wished the other werewolves could know he wanted peace with them and even ask for help from them.

He said I want the throne from my Brother. I dislike seeing him on the Seat that belongs to me, He continued, claiming selfishly.

Humans! I hate them

They are all deceitful. One werewolf said fantastically while Other werewolves nodded affirmatively and mumur.

Quiet! said Beta

So you want me to help you get the throne? Lonut asked as Alexandru shook his head positively.

Lonut sat majestically again and asked "So what is it that'll be my benefit for helping a desperate and selfish being like you"

"I'll give you whatever you demand in my regime," He said eagerly and out of Concern.

Lonut jumped up from his seat smiling. He then agreed to help Alexandru become the King.

They needed to make an oath for establishment of Trust and serving.

The Oath took place that Night.

Alexandru's blood was absorbed by the seal.

The scary masked face of distinguished werewolves appeared in the scenario.

His eyes were tied before he was taken to the sacred Cave where the oath would take place.

The fearful cave is dimly lit, with rugged walls of jagged rocks and damp soil underfoot. A musty aroma of animal musk and wild vegetation fills the air, as the sounds of snarls and growls echoing off the cavernous walls.

Inside, a pack of fierce werewolves stand tall, their eyes glinting with an eerie glow as they gather around Alexandru.

They are pledging an oath of allegiance, their voices rising in unison as they swear to serve him with blind loyalty. The werewolves' fur stands on end, their claws bared in a show of ferocity, ready to do whatever it takes to fulfill their pledge.

It's a terrifying sight to behold, as the cave reverberates with the intense sounds of their ravaging howls. It was Alexandru's turn to make his pledge.

"Reveal your name and Identity," said Lonut

"I am the Prince of the Nation, Alexandru!," replied Alexandru.

'Now that we have confirmed your name, you need to make a vow!, said Lonut

And it started…

You have become one of us. Everything you see and hear from now on must not be disclosed to anyone. Do you swear? One voice said this from the masked men.

I do, replied Alexandru

His blood was taken…. as He groaned.

I, Alexandru shall follow the rules of the packs, He proclaimed.

Again, his blood was taken. He's now breathing heavily and becoming desperate.

And I shall face the pain of death if I do not follow!

We will now protect you and help you get the throne. We, the werewolves will be your spear and shield from now on., said Lonut

But take heed, one day! You will have to pay for its cost.

I do not mind how much it will cost as long I can become a king! I must become the King of Kashinoor! Alexandru yelled and screamed out loud.


They made an Oath that Night!

Luckily, Akelandru could return to his fatherland safely. The werewolves had agreed to help him become the King.

In the dark room, they drew up their plan on getting the King killed and taking over Kashinoor in a matter of months.

Alexandru was unaware he was not going to be the King he wanted to become but a puppet King. A King that'll be manipulated by the werewolves.

Lonut was thinking he would control the King's decision at all costs. In achieving this, he asked Alexandru if he was going to make some of the werewolves becoming officials in the palace after he becomes the King.

I agree, Alexandru said.


Alexandru was living in a beautiful house in Kashinoor, situated by the glistening river Bawen. The house is a sprawling two two-storstructuredee of warm brown bricks and has large, floor-to-ceiling windows that offer stunning views of the river and the lush green countryside.

The house has a beautifully landscaped garden with colorful flowers and shrubs that line the walkway leading up to the front door.

This was where Alexandru had been sent after he was caught trying to kill the King.

He is still very rich and wealthy, He's got no time than to start preparing for his old home and new seat. He has six servants and a bodyguard but he has not gotten a woman yet. He had admire Florin's daughter because of her beauty he had heard.

He sent a message through a pigeon to one of the King's officials. His name is Florin.

Florin is a man who is obsessed with money and would go to any lengths to acquire a larger sum of it.

He constantly schemes and manipulates those around him to increase his wealth. He is willing to sacrifice his life for the sake of financial gain if he's assured to get it back.

The pursuit of money is his sole motivation and he has little regard for the potential consequences of his actions. He may be seen as opportunistic and untrustworthy, as his desire for money trumps all other considerations.

Alexandru writes:

"I wish to see you, I have an important assignment for you, this would fetch you a lot of money and promote your position into becoming the King's advisor."

Florin on getting this letter was very eager to see Alexandru though he was quite worried about what task it was going to be.

He had loved money so much but wouldn't want to lose his life for the sake of his beautiful daughter and wife.

Alexandru offered Florin three hundred thousand pieces of silver and promised to make His daughter the Queen of the Nation.

Florin was glad he had finally gotten what he wanted again but was still curious about what Alexandru wanted in return for all this.

I want you to be on my side, said Alexandru.

In the next moonlight I'll be on the throne, He laughed wickedly.

Florin was astonished but seemed to be happy because he had liked Alexandru than King Andrian from the start.

Alexandru asked him if he was going to open the western Gate of the Palace for him and his men to attack that night.

Florin was nervous but He agreed, he said the King had called for him tomorrow for his hand in marrying his daughter. So he'll be demanding the guidance of the western Gate as his request in protecting the King.

Very cunning.


The next day King Andrian wanted to see Florin and His beautiful daughter, Juliet. They both came in while the King smiled at his future in-law as he may think.

Florin asked to say what he wants in return for his daughter. He asked for the guidance of the western exit Gate.

The King permitted him since he thought he was only trying to honor him by taking charge of the Western Gate.

Death was vividly knocking at the King's Palace. The tragedy was coming all away someday.

In the Palace, Alexandru was reported by another King's Official that he had been gathering some men and providing them weapons like guns, swords, and bows as if they were preparing for war.

The King didn't pay attention to this either, all he wanted was enjoyment and didn't care about life.


The King went on his white horse around the town with some guards leading out from the Palace to the Shrine for their annual ritual. They were moving slowly when he heard a loud voice screaming from the bush near them. No one could imagine what's going on.

There's a werewolf out there, creeping through the forest, looking for a fresh kill. He's tall and lanky, with a scraggly beard and long, dark hair. He's hungry, and he's ready to take down his next victim. He was probably detained by Lonut from his home place.

He prowls through the woods, his sharp claws clicking against the dry leaves. He smells the blood in the air, and it's driving him wild. He's ready to feast.

Suddenly, he hears a scream. He turns to see a woman running towards him, terror in her eyes. She's screaming and waving her arms, and he can see the tears in her eyes.

The werewolf starts to approach her, but then something slams into him from behind. He whirls around to see a man with a gun pointed at him.

The man's eyes are cold and calculating, he was the King's guard. He had saved the woman but the werewolf doesn't even have time to react before he was down on the ground, surrounded by the sound of gunshots.

The werewolf turns to see the woman running away, fear in her eyes. He knows he won't be able to chase her down - he's been shot and he's injured. He gasps for breath, feeling the pain and the blood flowing freely from his wounds.

He dies there on the ground, surrounded by the dried needles and autumn leaves, trying to find a way to satisfy his hunger for blood. But he can never again hunt down his next victim in peace.

When the King worked into the scene, he was displeased to learn that the werewolves had been sneaking into His Country to catch some prey.

Someone from our land had gone to visit the werewolf, the King's guard announced.

How is that possible? Is the person dead or still alive? The King asked

Very much alive, your majesty, he answered.

The King again rode on his horse. Due to his carelessness and negligence, he didn't even ask who the person was and what the person intended to do visiting the werewolves.

He rode off not wanting to think of any Country's problem than enjoyment.

Meanwhile, death was giving the King a sign and chance to subdue it but he was not ready for it, he was never in grief or ready to be aware.


Adrian had been a womanizer all his life even before He became the King, He only cared about women and fame. This was part of the reason he did not realize death was on its way coming to visit him.

He called for an harlot as he was hoping for a sweet sleep that night. She was just in time to meet the King as his feelings were still at their peak.

The Slut watched in fascination as the king slid his hands down her body, pulling her closer as he pressed his hard cock into her. She gasped, her hands coming to rest on his shoulders as she felt him inch inside her. She could feel his heart racing; it was evident that he was as excited as she was.

The king began to thrust into her, gradually becoming faster and harder. She arched her back, meeting his every thrust with her own. She could feel her orgasm building, the heat spreading through her body as the king drove her closer and closer to the edge.

"I'm going to cum," she gasped.

"Come for me," the king whispered, thrusting even harder.

Just as she was about to reach her climax, the king suddenly stopped. She looked at him in confusion, but he simply reached down and pulled out.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"I want to make love to you," the king replied. "I want to do this slow and gentle, not like that."

She laughed and kissed him, tangling her legs around his waist as they made love to each other until dawn.


Chapter 2

Alexandru appealed with Lonut that he wanted to stay outside of the Game during the killing and the dethroning of the King.

He does not want to be seen as a rebel by the officials since he's been caught and pitied by the King the first time.

Lonut agreed and followed his idea, Alexandru has given the werewolves a great challenge to fight for him and make him become the King since there was no other choice for the people when the King dies since he has no son.

Alexandru, being hopeful and preparing to become the King of the Nation, very soon called for Florin again to narrate the scenario and what he must do to save his life.

Florin decided to send his daughter to Alexandru to know if he'll truly like her and make her become the queen when he's been made the King.

Alexandru had just walked into the local coffee shop, looking for a quick caffeine fix to start his day. As he scanned the room, he noticed an incredibly beautiful woman sitting


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