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The fuck boy's doll

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"Let me watch you pleasure yourself... Get me hard again.... " ******** Asher Wayne is a billionaire's heir. A privileged son of a mighty rich man. He's in his third year in college and is a f*ck god who gets whatever he wants. He gets whoever he wants in his bed, and has every girl around him falling for his good looks and loaded pockets. Chelsea Perkins is an optimistic young, freshman who wants nothing but to make her mother proud and make her father regret ever abandoning her. What happens when somehow, a deal makes this little, goody two shoes find herself in the bad boy's bed? Sparks will be created, but will these sparks burn both or one of them badly, or will they turn into flames that will turn lust into love, and love into refined gold? Would s*x be just a part of a beautiful bond that will be created? Or will it commonize the entire relationship and be the sole purpose of their union?

CHAPTER 1 - Freshman;

Asher Wayne is the typical example of a privileged child. He's the son of one of the wealthiest men in the country, and that too, the only heir. He wants for nothing and lacks no material things.

His whole life has been surrounded with unending comfort, and he's been given nothing but the best since his mother discovered that she was pregnant with him.

He's the only heir of his father's empire. Soon to take over from his father and become one of the most influential men in Europe.

Asher knows what he wants, and gets whatever he desires. However, the fascinating thing about him, is that he isn't as arrogant as many would expect him to be. Or maybe he is. But he knows darn well how to hide it.

He's an introvert. He is highly observant and doesn't speak much. He moves about in silence, and a piercing, scrutinizing look on his face. However, despite his silence, the aura he carries about, screams power and dominance.

His silence doesn't quantify his innocence, though. He is a silent killer. A masked beast... A beast hungry for something he always easily gets. Sexual pleasures...

The silent Greek god was sculpted to perfection when he was being created. Having every little detail about him, captivatingly designed.

From his dark hair to his golden-brown eyes, to his well-chiseled jaw even to his accent and style. These unique details about him, are some of the things that many women admire about him.

Both young and old. Asher is every woman's dream. At least 99.9% of the women he's met have fantasized about being in his arms. The other 1% who haven't, are women who are either way too old, or too young to know about s*x or those who are incapable of having s*x.

Even some of his female relatives wouldn't mind committing the abominable taboo of being in his bed, just once.

Asher knows this and satisfies himself with different varieties of women. He's so used to this, that it's become a habit. But despite his likeness for s*x, he's made sure it's never become an addiction.

He doesn't want anything to have power over him. Not even his desires. So he's been mindful to keep his sexual escapades as a habit, and nothing more than that.

Asher is dangerously attractive and wealthy. A combination that makes many females throw themselves at his feet. Who wouldn't want to be in a god's bed? Even if it's just for a night. Especially when word about how good he is in bed, travels around like secret tales.

Like those fairy tales, our parents used to read to us when we were younger, to put us to sleep. The only difference is that these tales are real, and result in a lot of wet dreams.

Who wouldn't want to be in his bed? When after he's done with you, if you're lucky enough, the least amount of money you could get from him, is five hundred dollars.

Many would still rush to his bed, with the money off the table, if they had the chance.

However, to many females' dismay, one thing that never happens no matter how much satisfaction you give to Asher is an emotional acknowledgment from him.

He seems to see every woman the same way. As playthings, he can get whenever he wants, and his heart seems to be inactive. Incapable of any emotional function. The s*x lord has no emotions. And it's been this way for as long as anyone can remember.

He may just be in his third year in university, but he has his whole life worked out. Or so he thinks...

********** Chelsea's POV;

My mom just drove to the front of my hostel, and I gawk at the massive building in awe.

"It's alright honey, you'd be fine. "She says, as she places a hand on my lap, and I turn to look at her.

A comforting smile splits her face, and I can't help but admire my mother. Her beautiful brown hair is held up in a ponytail, just like mine, and her electric green eyes are so emotional as she's staring at me.

I smile back and turn back to the building, with my heart beating rapidly. It's finally happing. My university life is officially beginning.

I feel a rush of so many emotions, that I have no idea which one dominates the others. I'm scared, nervous, excited, happy, glad... The list goes on...

I've always wanted to attend this university since I knew what a university was. T.A.D.U.

The American Dream University.

I finally got my admission here, and I'm excited beyond words. Excited, and nervous, and scared, and happy, and ... A bunch of other things...

"My baby girl's all grown up, now. "My mom speaks again, pulling me back to earth, and I turn around to look at her.

I can't help the pout that appears on my face when I find her eyes glossy, with tears building in them.

"Mom, we've been over this. No tears... "I whine, and she chuckles as she uses a finger to wipe the tears at the brim of her eyes away.

"I know, I know... I'm sorry. "She replies. Replacing her sad face with a smiley one, and I smile back at her.

"I just can't help it. "She says, and I simply stare at her. Wondering how she and my younger brother are going to be doing now with me in school.

They'd be fine. Right?

"I'm so proud of you, honey... You're one step closer to all your dreams. "She speaks again, and I chuckle.

"Now, you wanna make me cry. "I reply, and she laughs.

"Come on now. Step into a new phase of your life. "She says, and I turn back out to look at the massive hostel.

I turn back to look at her, and she gives me an encouraging smile.

"I love you, mom. "I confess as I move in for a hug, and she accepts it fully. Wrapping me in one of her many, special, cozy, bear hugs.

"I love you too, baby... "She replies, and I smile. We stay this way for a little while, and I exhale before finally pulling away from the hug.

We both get down from the car, and then she helps me move my boxes and bags into the hostel, and up to my room.

On getting to my room, I unlock it with the key I was handed yesterday when I came to complete my accommodation registrations and take a deep breath before pushing the door open.

The door opens and I find three student beds in the fairly large room. One on the left side of the room, another on the right side of the room, facing the door, and the last, against the wall which is opposite the door.

The room is moderate, and on the bed on the other side of the room, is a girl with round glasses sitting on her nose. She has coal-black hair and is quite slender. Slender but fairly thick. Just like me.

"Hello, there... "My mom greets before I get the chance to speak, and I look up at her to give her a face. I'm not the little kid she used to take to the park and help make friends all those years ago. I'm an adult now.

I'm 19 freaking years old.

"Oh, hi. You must be a freshman too. My name is Ashley. Nice to meet you. "The bubbly young girl says as she rushes off her bed, away from the books in front of her, and I smile.

She stands before me, and holds out her hand,

"Ashley Berman. International relations. "She says, and I smile at her jovial nature.

"I'm Chelsea Perkins. Arts and literature, and this is my mom. "I reply as I take her hand, and she smiles.

"Oh, hi ma'am. Nice to meet you. You're very pretty. "Ashley says to my mom and my mom giggles in a blush.

"Oh, thank you... You're also a charming young lady. "My mom replies, and I smile as Ashley blushes.

"What's your bed number? "She questions me as she turns to face me again, and I look down at my hostel slip.

"B3. "I reply, and she smiles.

"Then that's your bed over there. "She replies, pointing at the bed on the left side of the room, which is right beneath a window, and I smile.

"Oh, thank you. "I reply, and she smiles at me.

"You're welcome. "She replies, and silence falls on the room.

"I guess I have to leave you now. I have a meeting with some friends. But I'd see you soon. "She says as she rushes back to her bed, and grabs a novel off it.

"Alright, "I reply as she's about to slip out of the room, and she smiles.

"I think I like her... "My mom says a few seconds after Ashley shuts the door, and I roll my eyes.

"I knew you'd say that. "I reply, and my mom laughs. I walk up to the opened locker beside the bed Ashley told me was mine, and with my mom's help, I'm able to fit most of my stuff into and on top of it. Leaving just a box of some of my books, which I push under my bed.

My mom and I have spent about two hours just moving in and trying to put my things in the right place.

Now, we're both sitting on my bed, trying to relax a bit.

"Mom, as much as I wish you'd stay a bit longer, you have to go, now. Trevor's game starts in a bit. " I reply, and I watch realization dawn on my mother's face.

She had almost forgotten. Trevor, my younger brother, has a football match at school today. He's the captain of his school's team and had to be there early for warmups and other stuff.

That's the major reason he isn't here now, to drop me off at school. His game starts in about 45 minutes, and it won't be nice if my mom misses it. It's a big game for him.

"That's true, honey. I have to go. "She says as she checks her wristwatch, and I smile. She gets up and grabs her bag, and I get up too.

"Let me see you off. "I speak, but my mom cuts me off.

"There's no need, dear. You must be tried. Get some rest. I can see myself off. "She replies, and I shake my head in negation.

I won't miss a single second I can spend with her before she leaves. It well may take months before I see her again.

"Don't worry, mom. I'd be fine. When you leave, I just might sleep the whole day away. Just let me see you off, please... "I beg, and she smiles.

"Alright, fine. "She replies in surrender and I smile back.

I lock the room with my key after we exit it, and I see her off to her car. We share a few more words and another long, very comforting hug before she finally gets in the car.

"Pass my love to Trevor! "I yell as she starts to drive away.

"Alright, honey. Love you! "She yells back as she zooms off, and a massive smile splits my face.

Me, alone in university. Finally! I can only wonder what events this place has installed for me. Gosh, I'm so excited!

And proud of myself!

Chelsea Perkins the freshman...

CHAPTER 2 - I Need You To Fuck Me;

Third Person Narrative;

"Asher? "Vivian's voice calls Asher out from sleep, and a grunt escapes his lips as he shifts in his bed. He was fast asleep a few seconds ago, but now, although his eyes are still shut, his guts are filled to the brim with annoyance.

"Asher...? "Vivian coos again as she walks into his bedroom, and Asher inhales deeply to get his nerves together, before finally pulling his eyes open, and squinting them from the morning sunlight that's spilled all over his bedroom.

"Good morning, baby... "Vivan greets as she smiles at Asher and he simply stares at her. This girl just won't give up, will she?

Asher thinks to himself before finally speaking, and sitting up.

"What are you still doing here? Don't you have classes today? "He questions and Vivian pouts. "Babe, is that how you'd greet me good morning? "She questions, and he gives her a look. "Fine... I do have classes, but I'm gonna bunk em. For you...

You know... Maybe we can pick


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