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The Ex-Husband Returns: A Second Chance At Love

The Ex-Husband Returns: A Second Chance At Love

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After a totally disastrous marriage, she has decided to keep her heart locked away for the rest of her life from the most hurtful things that can ever come to her. To be precise, men. She has finally realised that it’s so stupid to rely on any men or bid her own happiness on them. Even if it can be tough to be a bread earner and a single mom at the same time, even if she feels lonely at times, she will never ever enter any romantic relationship anymore. There’ll only be one person she will love with her whole heart, her babies. She can do this, and she must do this, because she is an independent strong woman who is the owner of her own fate. However what happens when the man she has solely voted to be away from comes to her aid? He comes back and asks her to be his wife? “Marry me ex-wife” on his knees, he begs. “Sorry, ex-husband, I can’t.”

Chapter 1

Inside the first gynecologist room, Carmela Martins sat in a state of panic, her hands tightly clasped together.

She and her husband, Max Atom, had been married for five years, yet the one thing they yearned for—their own child—had eluded them.

It had been a long time since Carmela last saw her period, so she hurried to the hospital, her heart heavy with worry.

After a quick pregnancy test, she anxiously awaited the results, her mind filled with hope and fear.

The door swung open, and a man in a white coat, wearing rectangular glasses, entered with the test result in his hand.

He walked past Carmela and sat down before her, his expression serious yet compassionate. Adjusting his glasses on the bridge of his nose, he could sense the mix of anticipation and anxiety in the room.

"Mrs. Atom, I have the results," he said gently, his voice filled with empathy.

Carmela's heart raced as she held her breath, her eyes locked on the doctor, desperately searching for answers.

"What is it, Doctor? What's wrong with me?" Carmela anxiously bit her finger, her eyes locked on the doctor with anticipation.

She couldn't help but wonder if the rumors about her were true, that she couldn't conceive a child.

The doctor's gaze darted toward her, and her panicked fidgeting hand ceased. "Nothing is wrong with you," he reassured her. Carmela's heart skipped a beat as she awaited his words. "Your test results came back, and surprisingly, you're pregnant."

Carmela stood frozen in place, her eyes fixed on the doctor, her mind in a daze. So it turned out to be positive.

She was fine, and there was nothing wrong with her. She was carrying her husband's child. After years of yearning for a baby, she was finally pregnant.

Carmela forgot to breathe, her legs rooted to the ground, and she couldn't even blink.

Her mouth hung open for a moment, and she finally found her voice. "S-so... so, Doctor, you mean I'm pregnant?" Her trembling finger pointed at her chest, unable to believe what she was hearing. It felt so real as if she was caught in a dream that she needed to wake up from.

In a moment of disbelief, she impulsively slapped herself, causing the doctor to flinch. "Mrs. Atom! You don't have to do that," he exclaimed, concerned. He quickly retrieved them from her hand.

Carmela needed to see it for herself, to be certain that she was truly pregnant. Her eyes scanned the paper feverishly until she found the words—"Positively pregnant." Relief washed over her, and she glanced back at the doctor.

"I'm pregnant!" Carmela's voice erupted with joy, tears welling up in her eyes. She couldn't contain her excitement as she leaped from her chair and embraced the doctor tightly.

"I'm pregnant!"

Releasing her grip on the doctor, she glanced at the test result once more, the words confirming her dreams had come true.

"Yes, Mrs. Atom. You have been eagerly awaiting this pregnancy, and it seems that the universe has finally answered your prayers. I am confident that Mr. Atom will be overjoyed to hear this news."

Without wasting a moment, Carmela swiftly left the hospital, clutching the precious result in her trembling hands. She hurriedly got into her car, started the engine, and set off on her way.

Before heading to her husband's office, she felt the need to confirm his presence. Dialing Mr. Atom's number, her heart sank as it failed to connect.

A sense of worry enveloped her, wondering what could have gone wrong.

Determined to gather information, she decided to call her husband's assistant. The phone rang, and relief washed over her as it was promptly answered.

"Paul! Why isn't Max picking up his phone?" Carmela's voice quivered with urgency, her desire to speak with her husband evident.

"Mrs. Atom, I apologize, but you just missed your husband," Paul informed her.

"Where is my husband?" Carmela's words conveyed a mixture of worry and curiosity, eager to know her husband's whereabouts.

"He didn't mention where he was headed, but he made it clear that he didn't want any disturbances from the office. I'm sorry, Mrs. Atom, but I have no idea where he went," Paul's voice explained, filled with uncertainty.

Carmela abruptly ended the call, flinging her phone to the other side of the car in frustration. Worry consumed her thoughts as she couldn't wait to share the incredible news of her pregnancy with her husband. As she gazed ahead, heavy rain began to pour, further adding to her unease.

Realizing that time was slipping away, and eager to share her joy with someone, Carmela's mind turned to her best friend, Nichole.

They had been inseparable since their university days, and even after Carmela's marriage, they remained close.

Carmela drove to Nichole's house, her urgency evident. Stepping out of the car with an umbrella in hand, she noticed her husband's car nearby and paused, her brow furrowing in confusion. "Isn't that Max's car?" she muttered to herself, her curiosity piqued. Ignoring the thought for the moment, she made her way into Nichole's rented building.

Inside the building, she headed straight for the elevator and pressed the button for Nichole's floor.

As she arrived at Room 21, a wide smile adorned her face. She brushed off the water stains on her body and took a deep breath, anticipation coursing through her.

Her excitement soared, causing her heart to race with joy. Carmela's hands trembled slightly, and her legs felt weak as she stood outside Nichole's door.

Overwhelmed by the secret she was about to reveal, a mischievous smirk played upon her lips.

Time seemed to stretch endlessly as her trembling hand inched toward the doorbell. However, just as she was about to press it, she froze, overwhelmed by her emotions.

But she realized there was no need to ring the bell; she knew the passcode to Nichole's room. Slowly, she pushed the door open, her head appearing first, followed by her entire body.

"Nichole..." Carmela's voice trailed off, her wet feet leaving marks on the floor. Her eyes darted around the room, hoping to surprise her best friend, but instead, an unwelcome sight froze her in her tracks.

"Stop, Nichole! You're my wife's friend. We can't continue this," Max's voice filled the room. He walked over to the table, resting his hand on his forehead, his face filled with conflict.

"I want you, Max. Don't you miss the nights we shared? I miss your embrace, longing for you to be inside me again," Nichole persisted, approaching Max from behind, her hands teasingly caressing his back.

Max turned to her, raising a finger to halt her advances.

He sighed, his voice weighed down with regret, "I've told you, Nichole. It was a mistake. You are my wife's best friend, and I am your best friend's husband. We should not repeat this."

Nichole's fury burned within her as she held Max's chin, forcefully pressing her lips against his. Slowly, Max reciprocated, deepening the kiss.

Witnessing the betrayal before her eyes, Carmela's legs faltered, causing her to retreat step by step.

Her hands flew to cover her mouth as tears welled up in her eyes. She couldn't believe what she was witnessing—the man she cherished the most, her husband, passionately kissing her best friend.

Max Atom, the person she had entrusted her life to, stood there in that room with her best friend. It became painfully clear that he didn't love her, and the five years they had spent together were merely an act.

Heartbroken, Carmela realized the devastating truth.

Who would have thought men could be this way?

"Are you going to deny that you desire me just as much as I desire you?" Nichole's words slipped out slowly, her blue eyes piercing through the room.

"I love my wife, Nicole, but..." Max's sentence was interrupted as Nichole silenced him, pressing her finger against his lips.

"No 'buts,' Max. Carmela only married you because of your money, and you know it," Nichole murmured, her hands tracing down his chest. Max remained transfixed, unable to tear his gaze away from her captivating blue eyes.

Carmela, standing in the background, took a step back, her legs trembling in fear. She couldn't believe what she had just heard. How could her best friend speak about her in such a way? The person she had shared all her secrets with.

Overwhelmed by the betrayal and hurt, Carmela couldn't take it any longer.

The two people she loved the most seemed to want her out of their lives.

What more could she endure?

As she rushed to leave the room, her hand accidentally knocked over a vase, shattering it against the floor.

"Who's there?" Max's voice boomed in the room, his tone harsh, causing Carmela to freeze in her tracks. Her breath caught in her throat, but she didn't move.

"Who's there?" Max repeated, his suspicion rising. Determined to make sure nobody had overheard their actions, he decided to investigate. He stepped into the hallway, scanning the surroundings, only to find…


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Chapter 2

Last night, Carmela couldn't sleep in her husband's bed.

Instead, she stayed in the visitor's room, tossing and turning, unable to find rest. It wasn't because of what Max said, but because of the kiss that kept haunting her thoughts.

The memory of it kept replaying in her mind, making it impossible for her to find peace.

After witnessing the disturbing scene at Nichole's apartment last night, Carmela couldn't bear to face Max or even look him in the eyes.

She felt disgusted and betrayed, and she decided to pretend to be asleep when Max approached her.

"Are you awake, Carmela?" Max's gentle voice called out.

As Max sat beside her, gently caressing her face, Carmela resisted the urge to open her eyes.

His touch made her uneasy, and she didn't want to give him the satisfaction of seeing her vulnerable.

"Your home,"


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