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In a world where hidden realms collide with mortal lives, Valerie finds herself entwined in a whirlwind romance with Nolan Lamere, a CEO with a mysterious past. As their love blossoms, secrets unravel, revealing Nolan's true identity as the Alpha of Aetheronia. With danger lurking at every corner, Valerie must navigate the complexities of love and power, forging her path in a world where nothing is as it seems. Will their love withstand the trials ahead, or will they be torn apart by forces beyond their control?



Valerie stared at the flower bouquet on her desk, letting out a heavy sigh. "Aren't you gonna check the card?" Esther, her coworker, asked. Valerie let out a sigh again before sitting down. "I don't have to, I already know who it's from," she said, sounding bored.

"You're really ungrateful," Esther pouted. "Look at how beautiful the bouquet is. He must have sent it with lots of love. Yet, look at your expression. How I wish someone would send me flowers. It would be so romantic!" Esther squealed.

Four hours later, Valerie finished her work and is now at The ANDER Corporation with the bouquet. She stopped at the secretary's desk and asked, "Is your boss free to see visitors?" The secretary replied politely with a smile, "You can go in. He's been expecting you, ma'am." Okay. Valerie opened the door without knocking, her expression stern as she stepped into his office. "I would really appreciate it if you stopped sending me flowers. There's no way I'm going to marry you," Valerie placed the bouquet on his desk and added, "I belong to someone else.

" The man sitting in front of Valerie Was Max Anderson, the CEO of Ander Corporation. All the ladies in the city want him and they'll stop at nothing just to have him, but this lady's wall is just too hard to break. Max raised his right brow with a smirk and asked, "May I know who stole you from me?"

"That's none of your business," Valerie said, and left his office without looking back, leaving Max Anderson flaming with jealousy in his seat. "Who the heck is he?" he gritted.

"I'm not in the mood to talk to you, Mom. I'm tired," Valerie reckoned.

"Valerie! Why did you turn down Mr. Anderson's proposal again? He's been asking you to marry him for months! That means he truly loves you! Why do you keep turning him down?" Mrs. Eloise Turner yelled.

Mom, I told you I'm not marrying that Jerk If you're so eager for him to be part of our family, you can give him Sherly. She's prettier and sexier than me anyway.

Do you think I don't want that too? But all he does is have fun with me, and when we're done, he asks me to convince you to marry him. Sherly interrupted with a sneer.

Valerie chuckled in disbelief. Its funny how you You both keep pressuring me to marry someone your beloved daughter is involved with. Just so you know, I'm not marrying that jerk, got it? Valerie glared at her mother.

Valerie's father was present, sitting on the couch in the living room while the trio argued in front of him. He put down his phone and said, "Valerie, you are marrying him, and Sherly, stop sleeping with your future brother-in-law."

Sherly's face burned in embarrassment. "Dad!"

Valerie didn't give any respond. She knew that no matter what they did, she would never marry Max.

The next few days, Valerie avoided her parents. She was tired of arguing about something that would never happen. But she couldn't avoid them forever. Her father's company is hosting a dinner party, and she has to be there.

Valerie wasn't really feeling like it, but she had to go. She wore a black crop top and a long flare skirt with a slit on her right side that reached the middle of her thigh. She didn't really doll herself up, just had some mild makeup on and let her hair down. She looked at herself in the mirror one last time before making her way down the stairs.

" Don't get mad if people mistake you for my personal maid," Sherly mocked. Unlike Valerie, Sherly wore a silver short gown that hugged her body, showing off her curves, and high-heeled sandals. Her hair was neatly pulled back into a ponytail. Valerie noticed her sister's red lips and internally shook her head.

As the two sisters made their way into the hall, shockingly, people were complementing Valerie instead of Sherly. Sherly sneered at her sister. Valerie didn't really care about the party. She was busy talking to this middle-aged woman all dressed up in corporate wear when a waiter offered them drinks.

Valerie found it disrespectful not to drink with the woman, so she took a few sips. After a few minutes, Valerie sneaked out of the party to avoid her mom bragging about her being the future Mrs. Anderson. She frowned while waiting outside for a cab. Her body was feeling weird. "Is it because of the drink?" She mumbled to herself. She couldn't stand on her own. She felt like she was drifting into the world of slumber as she leaned against the street light for support. Her stomach churned at the thought, "Someone drugged her!"

"Who would do such a thing to me?" Valerie thought as she kept pinching herself to stay awake. "What's taking this driver so long? I need to get out of here!" Valerie was scared that something bad would happen to her. There's only one person who would do something like this...

Valerie heard approaching footsteps and turned around to see who was coming. as she thought , it was him. Max looked at Valerie with a mischievous smirk and said, "Honey, do you need anything?" Valerie cursed him under her breath, calling him a jerk. She tried to run, but her legs were too weak. Max caught her with his right hand on her waist and said, "Don't fight the sleep, honey." Valerie could see him grinning at her as her vision started to blur.

"Let's go for a ride," Max said, making her lie in the back seat. "If you had agreed to marry me, it wouldn't have resulted in this," he said, staring at her through the mirror. An hour later, Max arrived at his villa and carried her to his bedroom, placing her on the bed. Valerie's heart sank, she felt helpless. Her entire body felt numb, and she couldn't move, not even her head. Valerie sobbed as she knew what Max was going to do to her. Valerie slowly drifted to sleep, whispering "Nolan" in her sleep. It made Max even more jealous.

He sat on the bed, staring at her with lust in his eyes. "Nolan?" he remembered when she told him she belonged to someone else. "Too bad, honey. Even your Nolan won't be able to save you from being mine," he said, staring at her face.

The next morning, Valerie woke up in a state of shock. She couldn't shake off the lingering feeling of being with Max and the fear that he had taken advantage of her. Her heart raced as she felt someone's presence she turned to see Nolan sitting on the edge of the bed, eyes closed and leaning against the headrest.


In a dimly lit room, a man receives a call from his bodyguard, a dark aura emanating from his body. His expression mirrors that of a wounded lion as he reaches for his phone to order his private jet to the specified location his bodyguard mentioned. The jet lands in the heart of the villa, and the man swiftly disembarks, sprinting towards the villa. With a powerful kick, he bursts through the door to find his wife restless on the bed. Filled with rage, he shouts, "Get away from my wife, you idiot!"


Max reached out to gently caress her face when a loud bang interrupted the moment. He swiftly turned around, only to find his door kicked open. Standing before him was a man emanating fury, his presence intimidating. "Get away from my wife, you idiot!" the man bellowed, his anger palpable.

Max felt a surge of fear, but he didn't want to appear weak. Summoning his courage, he asked, "Who are you?"

The man before him tilted his head in annoyance and warned, "Take your hands off my wife. One more word from you, and you're gone!" His expression resembled that of a deranged psychopath, with a menacing aura surrounding him.

Max felt his pride trampled over as he attempted to engage in a physical confrontation with the man standing before him. But he was blocked by the man's bodyguard. As the man's bodyguard forcefully held Max down, a wicked smile crept across the man's face. He knew he had the upper hand, but he wasn't ready to deal with Max just yet. His mind was solel


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