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The Delegate 1 ( Duology The Delegates)

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Diogo I'm a man who lives just to work, but one night she walks into my police station, a hot woman, she knows... Really hot, who came with a floor that made me crazy with lust. I notice that no one looks at her the way I am looking... Everyone must be stupid, better still, do you know why? That delight will be mine. Oh, go... She knows she's beautiful, but she doesn't know yet that she's found the great love of her life. Assumption... Maybe, but that body belonged to me. I forgot to mention, you know what I loved most about her? She's the cutest chubby girl I've ever seen. I've barely met and I'm completely in love with my cutie. Antonella Who knew I'd find love, in a police station? He came as a sinful angel, making me want to sin. His name was Diogo my brother's best friend and the man because I'm completely crazy. That man belonged to me and I would do anything to have him with me, and ask him to do various crazy things, would he agree with me? Ah... And I'm going to torment you the same way I was and am being tormented by this wonderful Greek God, now the question is who's going to conquer whom faster?

Chapter 1


I never imagined myself exercising any other profession than the one I found myself performing at this moment. Being a delegate was not easy, especially in the country we live in. Corruption in this sector was great. Not that I was a saint, because I sure as hell wasn't, but getting on the bandwagon was something I would never do. For me, it would be like breaking a vow I made when I graduated as a police officer. In fact, I would not throw away the years of training, and then study more and more and finally pass the contest. It was a very difficult fight, I fought to get where I am today.

I was at the police station, sitting, listening to what the thief was saying, and it was always the same thing: “I'm innocent”, “I don't deserve to be here”.

Well, I thanked God that I was able to release him straight to the cell, when I started to hear a very loud argument. As I am curious, I got up to see what was going on, and when I left my room, I came face to face with a beautiful woman, who was heading towards the room of my investigator friend, Davi.

She seemed to be different from all the women I'd ever met. Beautiful. No, more than that, wonderful. Watching her walk around in those stiletto heels made me madly horny. I've never been in this kind of situation, the only thing that came to my mind were images of the two of us in bed and me pushing her around.

He should have been embarrassed by the thoughts I was having about her, but no, it made me want to pick up that woman and take her to my living room, lean her against my desk and discover paradise in her arms.

Instead of going back to my room, I went straight to Davi's room and heard the beautiful woman saying:

— Holy sh*t, David, stop trying to control me!

- No, no, Antonella, you know very well that I have to take care of you - replied Davi, who was about to scream, by the expression on his face.

"David, I'm an adult and vaccinated, and I don't want anyone on my back trying to control me," she replied, flustered.

Jeez, this woman was pretty nervous, and I loved that about her. She seemed to be spontaneous, she was screaming at the four winds with my friend without realizing that she was inside a police station.

I stayed there listening to everything and watching how that tigress clashed with Davi. From the look on his face, he was about to fly into the woman's neck, and I couldn't allow that. David would do her no harm.

— Antonella, don't come, I won't let you go to that place! replied David.

What was the place the tigress was wanting to go to? Another thing: could it be that he was dating and didn't tell me anything?

"David, I'll say it for the last time: I'm of legal age," she replied, irritated.

And I noticed that she was even more beautiful up close. I saw some men looking at her with an air of laughter. I noticed that they must have known her, or else they were really feeling sorry for David. Whatever he was up to, he was hearing a few good things. Another thing I kept noticing was that she was a beautiful woman and no one was looking at her like I was.

Although it was a good thing they didn't look, because she was mine. This feeling of ownership should have been making me scared or at the very least worried, but that wasn't what I felt. I felt like going to her, taking her in my arms and attacking that cheeky mouth.

— Antonella, what were you doing there? David asked, and I stood there, curious, wanting to know where she was.

“I was enjoying myself, as any normal woman would be doing, in case some ogre m*th*rf*ck*r… no, I can't curse our mother,” she said irritably.

So does that mean they were brothers? Why didn't I notice before? They were even alike, although my tigress was wonderful. I'd better end the argument before things got any worse.

— Do I get in the way? I asked, seeing Davi get up all nervous, and my tigress turned her face to look at who was interrupting her conversation.

"I'm sorry, Diogo," replied my friend.

"No problem, is everything OK here?" – I asked, curious, talking to Davi without looking at him, because my eyes were all in that wonder of God.

"I'm sorry I'm yelling here at the station, sir," she told me, and just the sound of that voice made me want to pick her up and do with her all the thoughts I was having, but of course I couldn't. nor be thinking these things, let alone accomplish.

— Pleasure, Diogo Venturini Nogueira — I introduced myself to my tigress. I noticed that she blushed.

— Pleasure, Antonella Hauffen. I'm the sister of the idiot next door,” she replied jokingly, and I heard a groan of disgust.

"Antonella, Diogo is the deputy," Davi said, looking at both of us.

— I'm sorry, doctor. Can I call you that, or something else? she asked me, looking at me.

My wish was to answer like this: you can call me big dog, scoundrel, what want, hot.

"Doctor Diogo," she called to me, pulling me out of my impure thoughts.

"I'm sorry, you can call me Diogo," I replied.

“You can call me Antonella. Well, I'm sorry I have to leave, but I have to get back to where I was.

"I'm sorry, what place would that be?" - I asked, curious, and she opened a beautiful smile and said:

"Oh, I was at a strip club," she replied, giving me a wink and astonishing me at her boldness.

I didn't know whether to laugh at the way she said it or spank her for being frequenting places like this.

She waddled away, and I got hard just watching that swing. It wasn't vulgar, it was sensual.

"This sister of mine drives me crazy," Davi confessed to me, and I, looking at him, replied, smiling:

- Me too.

— Diogo, forget about my sister, she's not her type.

“Oh, Davi, she's my type, and you have no idea how she does it,” I replied, looking up at him and smelling her scent still in the air. That smell was wonderful.

Imagine, then, in this woman's body. Soon, I'll feel it, or my name isn't Diogo Venturini Nogueira, better known as the delegate. This woman would be mine, she might not know it yet, but she was made just for me, tailor-made.

Chapter 2


You know that moment when you look in the mirror and say: Are you rocking today? Well, that was my day. At this very moment, I was putting on makeup to go to a strip club. I had never been there, but my best friend, Raquel, was dying to go.

They say that the concert hall is always full. I can even imagine: a lot of crazy women to give to guys. Then you must ask me: What are you going to do there? Simple, I want to enjoy my life. I work as a novel writer. I write really spicy books, you know? The kind that can drive anyone crazy.

And that's what happened when my brother found out I was writing. It was supposed to be a secret, but there was no way. To this day I don't know how he found out. But, thinking about it now, I suspect Raquel told my brother. In fact, I don't know and I don't even want to know, because if I find out she did, I don't know what I'm capable of doing. However, thinking of another hypothesis, if she did, sh


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