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The CEO's Mute Wife

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Joyhce
  • Chapters: 130
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 4.3K
  • 7.5
  • 💬 17


"Our relationship is just a contracted marriage. You and I, both have benefits. Don’t think I'll give you something called love. I will never love you." He looked at the woman sitting on the bed, coldly warning her not to do anything too extreme. Amanda's life is associated with criticism and abandonment from her parents, from others. Her face had a terrifying scar, even her voice was stolen. Amanda suddenly realized, she was just a piece of chess for others to take advantage of. When she is no longer worth taking advantage of, she will be discarded and trampled on. Unlike Amanda, Justin is the second son of the Stephen family who is highly respected. He has a traumatic past and was also an outcast. Because of past wounds, Justin doesn't trust anyone. All relationships around him are just taking advantage. Two people come together, because of a marriage contract. But, with such a long time together, can Amanda's tenderness touch Justin's cold heart? Will Justin realize that he still has something called love? And what will be the relationship between the two of them after the contracted marriage ends?

CHAPTER 1 Choose Wife

"Hey, do you know the news? The Stephen family held a banquet tonight."

"What banquet? I think it's more of a viewing session."

"Anyway, about the selection of wives of Stephen's sons, the upper class knows. I see, there's not a single family that doesn't want to take this opportunity to approach the Stephen family."

The crowd murmured and talked to each other about the Stephen family's ball tonight. Since Sir Stephen died in a traffic accident, the Stephen family has been like a delicacy of other families. Only when the second son of the family returned. This son, compared to his brother, is perfect in every way. It is said that this second son is the one who revived the whole Stephen Corporation, which was on the verge of bankruptcy. A man like that made other clans want to approach him. An opportunity to change their lives, who doesn't want it? Unless it's an idiot.

Under the bright neon lights, laughter echoed in the large hall. The beautiful maidens, dressed in splendid vestments, were like thousands of flowers blooming in the bright light. They all tried to make a good impression, to seize the opportunity to become the daughter-in-law of the Stephen family. Just by getting this chance, not only those girls themselves, but even their clans will step up to a new level. Such a good opportunity, how could they pass it up?

However, in a corner of the hall, which was quiet and unattractive, a girl was standing there. That girl, holding a glass of white wine, quietly stood in a corner away from the space filled with laughter. Perhaps the hustle and bustle of the upper world were too much for her.

"Look, the eldest daughter of the Mohini family is also here? An ugly girl is dumb. She thought, who would notice her?"

A lady spoke up, disparagingly, without any reverence, criticizing Amanda. She couldn't say it anyway, so she couldn't refute them.

"Indeed. Look at her face, the scar is ugly. I thought she was a demon too. The boys who come here today will probably be scared off by her."

Another young lady continued. They couldn't stop laughing at Amanda. Can a girl who is both ugly and dumb come to Stephen's family festival today? Being in the same line as a girl like Amanda, among the rich ladies here, no one volunteered. They considered Amanda like a monster, both terrifying and intimidating at the same time. Others feel disgusted.

"Hey! You guys stand here, slandering others. Do you feel that you are very noble? Who do you think you are superior to?"

Suddenly, a sound made all the girls standing around, talking about Amanda turn around. Standing behind them was a girl about the same age as Amanda, even their faces were similar to statues. The only thing that's different about them is their eyes. Amanda's eyes were always quiet, lingering a bit of unspeakable melancholy. As for this girl, her eyes are mischievous and vivacious, making others want to protect them as soon as they see her. Needless to say, it is Amanda's twin sister, also the beloved lady of the Mohini family - Diana Mohini.

And the words of the newly arrived girl also caught Amanda's attention. She put down the white wine glass on the table and walked slowly towards the other girl. Amanda's slender hand reached out, caressing the girl's whereabouts.

[Diana, I am fine. Moreover, what they talk about me, it's not untrue]

Amanda can't speak, she can only use sign language to talk to her twin sister. Those rich ladies said was not wrong. She is truly a monster in the eyes of others. A girl with no beauty, no voice. Whoever it was, she was afraid that her face had been ruined by this crimson scar. Amanda hasn't cared much about what others say about her for a long time. Simply because she saw it, what they said was not wrong.

"They are too much for you. Why do you say you're okay?"

Because what they say is true. Originally, Amanda didn't want to go to the party today. After all, at lavish parties like this, her parents didn't want her presence to make the Mohini family laugh in front of others. It's just that Amanda's relationship with the old lady of the Stephen family isn't bad. She couldn't help but attend. Want to go home? Amanda sighed. She was trying not to draw attention to herself. But it seems that wanting to attend the peace party is too much of a luxury for her.

The neon lights gradually darken, and all lights are directed toward the stage. It looks like the main character of today's ball has appeared. Amanda stood below the stage, watching each of the Stephens appear. From the day the incident happened, she didn't have much of a relationship with the Stephen family anymore. Therefore, today's flashy appearance also made Amanda a bit unfamiliar with the eyes. She turned her back, trying to squeeze through the crowd like she was looking for shelter for herself. Don't let anyone care about you! Amanda thought to herself.

But she didn't know, her actions were all seen by someone. Amidst the crazy girls who want to express themselves, Amanda's silence is an unprecedented novelty. A girl who does not like to be entangled in the hustle and bustle of the elite, certainly makes others feel interested.

"Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, for coming to the ball today. Apologies for our late arrival."

A voice rang out, causing the crowd below to listen in silence. The voice is deep but very powerful, like an emperor sitting on his throne. Add to that man's attractive appearance, and the girls have to restrain themselves from screams. As expected, Sir Stephen's eldest son indeed has more temperament than humans. Amanda couldn't help but turn her head to look when she heard that voice. Henry Stephen, the man who was originally her fiancé, is now embracing another woman. His appearance, caused Amanda to unconsciously touch the scar on her face, painfully unable to make any sound.

CHAPTER 2 Welcome Party

"The Stephen family holds a ball today to celebrate the return of the second son of the Stephen family from living abroad."

Under his big brother's introduction, Justin slowly stepped forward. By this time, the rich ladies below the stage were screaming non-stop. They didn't know that the Stephen family had a second son. Previously, the Stephen family did not mention the existence of this son. Everyone thought that after Sir Stephen died, Henry would be the heir to the billions of dollars that his father left behind. It turns out that the recent rumors were correct. Justin Stephen is more perfect than his brother.

The introduction was not fussy, the party returned to its original appearance. The girls quickly surrounded Justin, offering him a drink. They just wanted to take this opportunity to approach Justin and create a good relationship with him. So, maybe they will become the daughters-in-law of the Stephen family in the future?

"A bunch of people with beauty b


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