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The Broken Wife's Second Chance

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"Such a pitiful woman, why don't you divorce your husband, Yannick? Is it fun to see him every day f*ck other women?" In the garden of the company's anniversary celebration banquet, Mia was blocked by Yannick's new mistress, the currently popular female star Nina. After two years of marriage, Mia has never had a happy day. Every time she opens her eyes, all she sees are scandalous photos of her husband being intimate with other women. This kind of marriage seems to have no meaning if it continues like this. As Mia was despairing about this loveless marriage, another s*xy and charming man broke into her life. Looking at the wedding ring on Mia's hand, Chuck asked, "What kind of date would a beauty like Miss Mia like?" Why would someone as charming and wealthy as Chuck want to tease her?

Chapter 1 Scheme

"Mia, your husband made love to me several times last night. You're just his wife by name. If I were you, I would have divorced him long ago. Can you really bear watching him mess with other women every day?"

The company's anniversary party was held in a garden. Mia Smith was currently blocked by her husband's new lover, the famous celebrity Nina Cowell.

Being publicly humiliated by her husband's lover was normal for Mia since she married Yannick Johnson.

Looking at the kiss marks on Nina's neck, Mia felt a sharp pain in her heart. Just as she was about to say something, she saw Nina's face change. Her arrogance suddenly turned weak and innocent,

"Mia, I know you like Yannick too. If Yannick also likes you, I will never get involved in your affairs. But Yannick doesn't like you. You... Ah! Help..."

Before Nina could finish her sentence, Mia was pulled into the water by her.

What followed was a scene of her husband saving the beauty. Unfortunately, the heroine was her husband's lover.

Mia pulled herself up from the swimming pool and sat on the side. She raised her hand, quietly wiping a teardrop, and looked at the front.

She couldn't see what was happening in front but could only see Yannick's slender back. He carefully and gently held Nina in his arms and kissed her forehead. There was no need to guess. Mia could even imagine the expression of pity on Yannick's face at this moment.

Did he also think that she pushed Nina into the water?

Who should the husband save first when his wife and lover both fall into the river together?

Her husband chose his lover. Mia pressed her hand against her heart with all her might. Her knuckles turned white as she clenched her fist.

She stood stiffly in the anniversary banquet, drenched. Her delicate blue dress clung to her body, and she was in a mess. Her heart ached so much that she almost suffocated.

Around her were the employees' disdainful and mocking whispers.

She need not deliberately listen and knew what they were talking about behind her back.

They were saying that she wanted to seduce Yannick to get up...

Saying that she was so vicious that she pushed Yannick's lover into the water...

Usually, she looked cold and arrogant, but she was also shameless...

Mia and Yannick were secretly engaged, so most people were clueless that she was Yannick's wife. Instead, everyone regarded Nina as his real girlfriend, while she became the vicious woman who wanted to seduce and destroy Yannick's relationship.

What a joke.

A tall man was holding a glass of wine in the corner of the banquet. His initially indifferent face was slightly fluctuating because of Mia's embarrassment.

If he had known that her marriage life was not happy, then he...

After finishing all the wine in his glass, Chuck Holland turned and left.

Mia didn't want to stay here and be ridiculed. She took a towel from the waiter, covered herself and hurriedly left.

When she got home, the nanny greeted her with a smile. "Mrs. Johnson, you're back."

"Yes." Mia nodded, and her eyes fell on a pair of black leather shoes at the entrance.

Mary smiled ambiguously. "Madam Johnson went to meet her friends. Mr. Johnson just came back and asked you to go to his study."

"Oh? He didn't fool around with his lover and came home earlier than me. Is there anything urgent?" Mia thought.

Then she remembered is was her birthday today...

Mia almost forgot this date. Did he remember?

When Mary gave her a towel, she secretly told her that Yannick had bought a large bouquet of blue Enchantress and put them in the study today.

Mia was a little nervous and inexplicably a little happy.

Before she could knock on the door, it was opened first.

Yannick was standing at the door with no expression on his face.

Then, Mia walked in silently.

The layout of the study was designed in Yannick's style. It was grand and luxurious. The theme was dark brown, and the decoration was consistent except for the bouquet of blue Enchantress on his table.

Mia looked at the bouquet, paused momentarily, and walked to Yannick, who was sorting out his tie.

"Yannick, I thought you forgot that it was my birthday today."

The grievances at the celebration banquet dissipated. Mia was about to take over Yannick's tie, but he moved away.

"Your birthday?" Yannick glanced at the bouquet not far away, then turned to look at Mia with a faint smile. His expression was full of sarcasm. "Don't tell me you think that's for you."

Mia's body suddenly became stiff, and she looked embarrassed.

When Mary told her about the bouquet, there was indeed hope in her heart.

She knew it was impossible, but why would she foolishly embarrass herself every time?

"Why... Did you look for me?" Her throat was a little dry.

"I thought you would restrain yourself. I didn't expect you to get worse. Nina said she forgave you for what happened today. However, I don't want this to happen a second time."

Yannick walked to the desk, opened the drawer, and said coldly.

The hair on his side profile was clean. From the mirror, she could see his expressionless face, which was ruthless to her as usual.

"It wasn't me."

Mia said softly.

Yannick was dressed neatly and had a straight figure. Right then, he took out a heart-shaped red velvet box from the drawer.

But the heart-shaped box was not for her. At this moment, it was an invisible humiliation to Mia.

Yannick only looked down at his watch. There was a trace of impatience and coldness on his face as he looked up. "Mia, don't use those dirty tricks on my woman again. Since you wanted to get married, I agreed. So what are you not satisfied with?"

"If you want me, I'm sorry. I can't get hard at you. If you want my heart..."

"I told you, I wasn't the one who pushed Nina into the water!"

Chapter 2 Sadness

Yannick's expression was hideous.

"Are you saying that she's lying?"

Yannick snorted and turned around, looking disgusted with her.

"You must be clueless that she doesn't know how to swim, huh? If I save her a little later and she dies, can you still be here?"

"Yannick, am I such a terrible person in your heart?" The grievances and pain of the past few days finally made her break down. Mia looked at Yannick bitterly. "I didn't push Nina. She fell into the water by herself. She came to humiliate me so that I would leave you. I never thought of hurting her!"

"I've never seen a woman as vicious as you!"

Mia was agitated. She staggered a few steps and almost fell to the ground. Immediately, her face turned pale.

However, Yannick only glanced at her, picked up the bouquet, and walked out.

On her birthday, her husband brought a gift and bouquet for his lover.

Looking at Yannick's determined leaving figure, Mia was in pain.

In the


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