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The Billionaire’s Forgotten Lover Returns With Quadruplets

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On the day of Oliver's wedding, a woman he could swear that he has never met before in his life, walked through the doors of the church and claim to be the mother of his kids. Quadruplets Babies. Camille Lorenzo had no idea that she's nothing but a forgotten memory to Oliver, a memory that if searched for, would not surface. But of course, there was no going back for Camille. She had quadruplets babies, that needs a father. And so... she is here to stay. Irrespective of the wishes of Oliver or his Bride.

Chapter 1

"Should anyone present know of any reason that this couple should not be joined in holy matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace." 

That was her cue, the moment she had been waiting for, since she sneaked into the wedding of a man she didn't if she should address as an ex-lover or a fleeting past.

"I can think of four!"

The Crystal Ball Event Center buzzed with whispers

as Camille Lorenzo, elegantly dressed, strode purposefully toward the makeshift aisle where the bewildered bride and groom stood, eyes wide with confusion.

At the nearby table, their parents exchanged perplexed glances, questioning who this woman was and what motives she brought to the ceremony.

The minister, draped in white, broke the silence. 

"Who are you? And what reasons do you have to stop this wedding." He asked, the first to address the intruder.

"My name is Camille Lorenzo, and I am the mother of his kids." She pointed at the groom, impeccably dressed in all white. "We have quadruplets together."

The groom, Oliver, descended from the altar, his expression shifting from confusion to anger. "What is the meaning of this? I don't even know who you are."

"Oliver, who is this woman?" An elderly woman asked and Oliver sighed.

"I don't know her mother." Oliver glared at Camille and sneered. "You need to leave."

Camille scoffed at his denial, but she wasn't shocked... seeing he never kept any form of contacts with her for the 1year, and six months.

"I will, right after I get what I came here for." She looked him in the eye and frowned when she saw no hint of recognition. "Do you really do not know me or are you only pretending?"

The whispers from the guest were getting louder and some had taken out their phones and were recording the whole thing.

"I need you to leave the premises before I call security. How did you even get in? It's strictly by invitation."

Camille laughed "I don't need one, I'm the mother of your children and I had to come here."

"Harvey say something, people are whispering" The woman who had spoken before, Oliver's mother said turning to an elderly man beside her. The man rose to his feet and walked up to the pair, fuming.

Harvey Williams glared at Camille and said calmly. "Young lady, I need you to leave. Guards!"

Camille sighed walked up to a table and grabbed one of the glasses of water, downing it in one go. Satisfied, she looked at the two men standing there, looking so identical and she thought about how two of her boys looked exactly like them. "I can't believe you have forgotten me so soon Oli," she said using the nickname she had given him the first time they met. "You promised to call me and I waited for you. I waited a year for you."

The bride who had been quiet all along walked up to the three of them, Oliver's mother, Sophie Williams right behind her. "Oliver, is what she is saying true?"

Oliver cast angry eyes at his bride, his expression softening when he saw her face. "Laura of course it's not, I don't know this woman."

"We met in Venice..." Camille continued ignoring them as her mind flashed back to that day, five months ago.


The sun had been hot and Camille had been grumbling about it when someone bumped into her and splashed cold water all over her. She had looked up to scold the person and then froze when she saw how good-looking he was.

"I'm so sorry about that, here, let me wipe it off," he had said making a move to do damage control but Camille had been too busy drooling over him. "Are you okay?" he had asked when he realized she was spaced out.

Camille had been forced to pick up her jaw and flushed in embarrassment. "I don't mind, the cold water helps with this heat," had been her reply and Oliver had been taken aback.

He had blinked a few times in confusion after which he laughed, a sound Camille soon came to fall in love with and stretched out one hand. "I'm Oliver, its nice to meet you."

Grinning, she had accepted his hand. "Camille."

From that moment, they spent every waking moment together. 

She had became his personal tour guide, and then guided him into her heart. 

They went on walks together, visited the hot spot in Venice, swam in the lake, and the pool at his hotel, took showers together, sex under the blazing sun on the beach when no one was looking, under the shower..........


As the gasps from the crowd pulled her back to the present, Camille found herself staring at stunned faces. "You left after we had the most amazing time together and promised to call me, but you didn't." 

"She's making all this up. Christ," Oliver swore but Camille ignored him and continued speaking.

"I waited for a week and it turned into two, three. Then a month went by and then two until finally it became a year. For a moment I thought perhaps something had happened to you. You got into an accident and ended up in the hospital and that's why you didn't call." She paused and shook her head, letting out a chuckle as she continued the next part of her speech. "I don't even watch TV but that day I had been particularly intrigued by the entertainment news because standing in front of me was you Oliver, unharmed and fine. You were giving the reporters your best smile as you announced your wedding."

Oliver snorted just then and all eyes fell on him. "That was almost two weeks ago. Why didn't you reach out then?"

Camille watched him for a few minutes and then looked at his bride. "Oh trust me I did but then, she told me to back off." She pointed at a stunned Laura and Oliver turned to look at her.

"You knew about this?"

Laura rolled her eyes and glared at him. "That's not what's important right now. Is she telling the truth?"

"That's why I had no choice but to show up here." Camille concluded and looked up at Oliver. "You still don't remember?" She asked, staring into his green eyes but no hint of recognition flicked in his eyes. "Wow."

"I have had enough of this! Security throw her out!" Harvey hollered, and the bouncers took hold of Camille.

"Wait!" Sophie Williams yelled.

"What are you doing?" Harvey asked his wife.

"I was just wondering, what if the girl is telling the truth.."Sophie shrugged.

"I can assure you, she's not! I have never met her in my life!" Oliver yelled.

"That means you won't mind if I suggest, we run a DNA test on the kids." 

"What?" Oliver scoffed, "are you saying my word is not enough? That you believe her?"

"I am saying, that just incase... we should give the young lady a chance to prove her story. I mean, there's no harm in that if you are a hundred percent sure, her quadruplets babies aren't yours." 

Oliver knew what Sophie Williams, really wanted... but still, he could already see his father's doubting face. 

He couldn't let his father doubt him, not when he had almost gotten the one thing he wanted. 

"Fine. Let's run the DNA test."

Chapter 2

The waiting room of MedStar hospital, was a tensed one. 

Mrs Sophie Williams, Mr Harvey Williams, Oliver Williams, Laura Roberts, and Camille Lorenzo all waited in silence for the DNA test result. 

Camille wasn't as tensed up as the rest of the people in the room, because she knew what secret the test would reveal. 

"Sowy my little princes and princesses, the doctor had to some of your precious spittle. But it's all for a good thing. Tell momma, was it uncomfortable?" Camille asked her quadruplets, as she rocked them back and forth in the four in one baby troller. 

"How many more hours, do we have to wait here?" Mr Harvey spat out, as he stared at his wrist watch impatiently.

"Darling, it would soon be over. Doctor Greg, told us it might take up to twenty four hours, but he promised to make it 15hrs. So one more hour, and we would be done here." Mrs Sophie passed across to her husband, her hands caressing his chest slo


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