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The Billionaire's Affair with a Prostitute

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Tricia is a stunning young woman who, out of desperation, turns to prostitution to make ends meet. It's there that she meets Carlo, a wealthy married man with whom she begins an affair. In exchange for financial support, Tricia gives herself to Carlo, knowing full well the risks of being involved with a married man. As expected, secrets have a way of being uncovered. When word of their affair reaches Carlo's wife, she uses her connections and influence to have Tricia imprisoned. Facing her toughest challenge yet, Tricia receives unexpected help from someone just in the nick of time. Will Tricia be able to rise above her circumstances and find true love, or will she be forever trapped in a life of desperation and despair?


Tricia is a twenty-one year old girl who lives in an underdeveloped area with her sick father, Ronald, in Malate, Manila. Their house is small, made of wood and iron patchwork. They were simply fortunate that no powerful typhoons had struck their area thus far. Tricia only finished high school and was unable to attend college due to a lack of money. Sometimes, she found herself alone in her room, thinking about her life. Nothing hurts more when you're crying at night without making a noise and losing your breath with those silent screams of hurt.

Luckily, she is also supported by her handsome lover, Efron, who works as an elementary school teacher and always brings her food after work every day.

Tricia used to sell fish at the market, but it didn't work out, so she had to find another job. She applied to several fast-food restaurants and businesses, but they all required a college diploma.

The overwhelming rejection, failures, and discrimination made her depressed. When she got home, she was shocked to see Efron feeding her father and sitting next to him, and her face got an odd expression as she noticed he was still dressed in his uniform.

Tricia hustled and tapped on his shoulder. "Hey Efron, you should go home now. I've been abusing your kindness too much."

Efron swiveled his head around and put the food on the table before explaining. "I'm glad you're already here, Tricia. The door to your house was open, so I went in right away. I saw your father sitting here and he was looking at the food I brought, so I know he's hungry!"

Tricia put her pink handbag on the table and sat next to Efron, who noticed the sadness on her face. He took the plate and fed Tricia's father again. "How was your day? Do you already have a job?"

Tricia breathed heavily and fought back her tears. "Well, I failed the interview because they discovered I only had a high school diploma, and didn't waste any more time getting to know me better. How sad... this country is full of judgmental people!"

Efron just continued to feed Tricia's father while they talked. "Don't you want to be a call center agent? They accept high school graduates as well," he suggests. "With your educational background, you have a better chance of being hired in a call center, not to mention the salary, perks, and bonuses they offer if you get hired."

Tricia's scarlet lips turned down in a disapproving frown.

"Call center is not really my thing, Efron. My mind doesn't work at night; I doubt that my interviewer will only mock my English speaking skills," she replied with a long face.

Efron felt his mouth grimace but worked not to show his disappointment too strongly. "I have no single shred of doubt to you, Tricia. But it seems to me that you are picky in choosing work. You will starve to death if you do not change your perspective. Remember, your father depends on you as well."

"Well, maybe the companies I applied to were not meant for me," Tricia said as she opened her handbag and fixed her ruffled hair in the mirror. "I am so beautiful. What a shame, they should at least base the interview on my physical appearance. If only I could sell my body to them, I would have done it!"

Efron did not hold his tongue and spoke angrily.

"Tricia, find another way to earn money except for prostitution. Although it can give you instant money and gratification, it will do more harm than good in the long run, I swear!"

Tricia abruptly turned away from the mirror and grinned at his brilliant suggestion. "I guess, you're right, I shouldn't be too picky in choosing a job. I will apply again tomorrow, and I am hoping that tomorrow is my lucky day. Anyway, thank you, Efron, I owe you so much and even my soul is not enough to repay your kindness to me and my father."

Efron gave Tricia a solemn look after he finished feeding her father. "I understand your situation, Tricia; you don't have to repay my kindness, all I am asking is for you to be my girlfriend; you are so special to me and I am so obsessed with you," he said as he took his bag from his back, opened it, and handed Tricia a box of chocolate to proclaim his love for her. "I brought your favorite chocolate, I hope you like it!"

Tricia flinched in surprise. "Ferrero chocolate? Isn't it expensive?" .

Efron smiled rakishly. "Yes, I received my salary earlier today, and we still have a bonus to claim. There is an old saying that sharing your blessings with others will make you happy, and I am. Although, as much as I'd like to make it more romantic, I couldn't find any real flowers to pair with the chocolate!"

Tricia was utterly delighted by Efron's efforts to make her happy, although she couldn't deny her guilty feelings. "Thank you, Efron, but I wish you had saved your money instead of buying me expensive food."

Efron nodded in disagreement and tried to shove her unpleasant thoughts away. "Of course not, I am giving you something to express how much I desire you, Tricia, nothing more and nothing less!"

Tricia got to her feet and helped her father, Ronald, walk into his room. Efron saw that she was struggling, so he assisted her. They put Ronald on his bed, and Tricia pulled Efron by the arms and brought him into the living room.

"Look, I have a lot on my mind right now, so I am not yet ready to accept your love, Efron. You are handsome, kind, thoughtful, understanding, smart, and most importantly, you're an educated man. You deserve a better woman than me," she bluntly stated.

Efron's face reddened as his excitement turned to disappointment. "That's not true. Why are you underestimating yourself so much? Coz you are just a high school graduate? I'm not putting you down, am I? Tricia, educational attainment is not as important as attitude. Trust me, there is no other woman I want other than you. You are beautiful inside and out."

Tricia twisted her lips and spoke softly. "Pardon me, I did not intend to hurt your feelings, Efron. I am still processing the rejections I received today and I feel so down right now. That is why I could not hold back my tongue from degrading myself!"

Efron put his arms around her shoulder and looked directly into her eyes. "Rejection is a part of life. You did not lose them, Tricia, they lost you. Now rise up and be the person I know you can be. I have faith that you will get the job that you want, not too long from now!"

Tricia grinned at Efron's wonderful advice to her, and she felt motivated.

"I don't want to rush you, Tricia. I am patiently waiting for you to love me back... By the way, let us call it a day. I'll be heading home now, I've already put your dish for dinner in the fridge," Efron continued.

Before leaving, Efron gave Tricia a forehead kiss, and he walked through the door until he disappeared from her sight. Tricia nodded and admitted that she had no feelings for her handsome suitor but could not find the right words to say it. She put the chocolate in her fridge and thought about what Efron had said.


In Tricia's mind, she has no other choice but to sacrifice her dignity in case she can't get a decent job. Using her cellphone, she searched for possible nearby resto-bars hiring in their area, and discovered some of them were hiring female prostitutes. She chatted with a granny named Glenda, who was offering a huge tip to her employees based on the extra service they gave to the customer. They had a very long discussion before she decided to go to the resto-bar which is one ride away from her home.

The next day, Tricia brought her bio-data and wore her black dress, revealing her white legs and shoulders to impress Ms. Glenda. She also exerted an effort to make-up her face, put on red lipstick to match her outfit, and then bathed herself in cheap perfume. She carried her pink bag with a green pattern design that contained her coin purse, handkerchief, and cellphone. She folded her bio-data in half and put it in her bag. Before leaving, she fed her sick father and promised him


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