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The Big Boss Falls in Love with the Little Maid

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: coco
  • Chapters: 10
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 107
  • 5.0
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It presents a heart-stirring love story between an influential corporate magnate and a humble maid. The story unfolds as the powerful CEO, who is known for his cold demeanor and commanding presence, surprisingly falls for the innocent charms of a modest maid working in his mansion. As the juxtaposition of their world's clash, the tale brings out endearing episodes of their encounter, struggle, and blossoming romance. Against the odds, their relationship develops, shaping a narrative filled with deep emotions, conflict, passion, and a testament to the adage that love knows no bounds. This novel is a worthwhile journey for those who value romance narratives with depth, character growth, and a fair share of surprises.

Chapter 1

Standing in front of the big glass, Du Xiaowei carefully checked every place and missed nothing!

After satisfaction, she looked around the luxurious office behind her. Clean, tidy and bright were not only her requirements, but also the orders of the owner of the office.

Right, she was the personal manager of this extremely luxurious office. To put it nicely, she was the manager, and to put it bluntly, she was the cleaner!

Tired, he sat on the Persian carpet and threw his dirty rags on the tea table in front of him. Since the nitpicker wasn't around, she stretched out on the carpet.

So soft! It feels good to the touch! She rubbed her dirty paws hard on her white fur a few times. She knew how delicate this foreign carpet was. If that person who was difficult to please saw it, he would turn green with anger.

God knows how strange and difficult her boss is. He keeps a straight face all day, purses his lips, gets angry when he is unhappy, and loves to scold others! Nothing good except money.

She suspected that those female employees were blinded by his money. They yearned for a person who was not romantic, had super cleanliness, and was always dirty!

However, this was what made him so angry. Even if he was bad and hated, who asked him to be the high and mighty CEO? The wind gets the wind, the rain gets the rain! He was born a son of heaven, and those who were waiting to curry favor with him lined up! Move your little finger, and the people below will have to fight to do it!

As for himself? He had neither rich parents nor superior qualifications, nor did he have any academic qualifications or beauty. Even this cleaning job was won over by a group of Obamas. Therefore, it was not easy to find a job. Moreover, the treatment here was so good. Although it was only cleaning, he still enjoyed the company benefits. This was the only thing Du Xiaowei could praise his boss for! It was also the reason why she was willing to do it for so long!

Thinking of this, she still remembered that when she first arrived, she also had the same admiration for this boss as the female employees.

She exuded the bearing of a king from the inside out. She had a successful career and was tall and imposing. She had a status that moved all women. If she thought that she was also a woman, she naturally had no immunity to such a man.

However, after coming to work for the first time, the small fire that had just ignited was ruthlessly extinguished.

At that time, she didn't know how much he was obsessed with cleanliness. She felt that it was almost good, but that one time, she knew how picky he was. His face was cold and he shouted that he wanted to fire her. She was so scared that she could only tremble like a leaf. She lowered her head and her legs were soft. In the end, Secretary Wang helped her out.

By the way, he hates office romances, so his secretary and assistant are both men!

After pardoning him, he walked to the bathroom and tears of grievance flowed out. His ruthless roar echoed in his ears." If you can't even do this small thing well, the company won't raise rice worms. If you don't fulfill my requirements next time, get lost immediately!" The cold voice pulled Du Xiaowei into reality, no longer holding any dreams, only focusing on doing his job.

Later, Secretary Wang told her what to do to be clean. If he was not satisfied, his temper would be very bad. From then on, she would work hard every time she cleaned. Not only did she work hard, but she was also scared.

Just like today, it was already 7 pm. She suddenly received a call from Secretary Wang saying that the boss would be back tomorrow and asked her to clean up as soon as possible. Otherwise, she would be angry when she came back tomorrow morning and saw that the office was not clean! Therefore, she had to rush over regardless of everything!

Wow, this carpet is so comfortable, I want to sleep on it! No, no, no, no! I can't sleep here. I'm pinching my face. It hurts! Shaking his head to wake himself up, he saw a bucket beside the door and remembered that there was still a bucket of dirty water left. If he left like this, wouldn't he be criticized tomorrow?

Just as she got up, she suddenly felt a strong abdominal pain, making her unable to straighten her waist. Oh no! Do you have diarrhea? Ouch! Another sharp pain. It was too late. Holding his stomach, he ran to the boss's bathroom. Anyway, he was not there. He felt the feeling of a high-class bathroom. He heard that it was all from Germany and expensive! Every time only cleaning, finally have the opportunity to experience, although this opportunity is not good, also can not miss!

What's with the sudden diarrhea? At dinner, Liu Mei's boyfriend had just taken a sip of soup when he brought her two seafood dishes. Liu Mei was trying to lose weight, so she didn't eat them. She didn't stand on ceremony either. It was rare for someone to treat her to hairy crabs and stir-fried crayfish. She swallowed them all. Could it be that the seafood wasn't fresh and was now poisoned? Oh, my God! I don't want to die, ah! This d*mn bald guy can't be so stingy even if he gets his girlfriend! Killed me, and I had to pay for medicine. Alas! Bad luck! Du Xiaowei was sitting on the high-class toilet at the moment, regretting her pain.

It was better to be rich. She didn't have to worry about three meals. The luxurious jacuzzi alone was beyond her reach. It's just an office. Is it necessary to be so extravagant? There was no justice. Even if she had money, she could not waste it like this. She was indignant.

Just as Du Xiaowei enjoyed the impact of the luxurious bathroom, she completely forgot about the bucket of dirty water placed outside the door of the general manager's room. Of course, she had no idea what was going to happen next!

Originally, Ye Rongtian was going to go home to rest after getting off the plane, but he remembered that there was an urgent document waiting for his approval tomorrow in his office, so he ordered the driver to drive the car back to the company. He doesn't like people touching his things, so he asks his secretary to wait for him below.

When he was taking the elevator to the office, Du Xiaowei sat on the high-class toilet in pain!

The footsteps were exceptionally loud in the silent corridor!

And the bucket of water lay behind the door, waiting for fate!

Ta! Ta! He stopped at the office door, turned the doorknob, pushed open the door, and kicked it out.

Bang! Right on target! Boom! He was shocked. He never thought that there would be an unknown object at the door of his office.

The overturned sewage snaked black streams across the polished marble floor, stopping at his favorite Persian carpet, which made him even angrier, as if he had never drunk water in eight lives and had s*ck*d it clean.

Turning back his gaze, his face became even uglier. His trouser legs were completely immersed in the water. He stepped on them and toot bubbles appeared.

With a gloomy face, he held back his anger and took out his phone. He dialed Secretary Wang and turned around to leave. He wanted to know how his exclusive cleaning was done!

As soon as he left, Du Xiaowei came out from inside. He rubbed his stomach and groaned!

When she raised her head, the situation in front of her stunned her. She was speechless for a long time!

This situation was too strange. She had only gone in for a while, but why did the world change when she came out?

Rubbing his eyes, he wondered if he was seeing things! Open your eyes again, and it's still the same!

There was water all over the floor and a bucket rolling around!

The door was also moving. Following the opening and closing of the door, a clear footprint continued to extend outward!

Could it be, could it be that there were ghosts here?

This realization immediately made her eyes stare, her limbs stiffen, and cold sweat poured out from her back!

The originally empty office was now so eerie and terrifying!

Can't stand the torture of fear anymore, with a pig-like voice while running and howling: "Mom!" There's a ghost! Help!"

Outside, Ye Rongtian was also shocked by the scream and wanted to go back and take a look.

Who knew that he had just turned half of his body when he was knocked down by someone who was running over. Stabilize your body and push away the person in your arms!

The accidents that kept happening shocked both of them!

Ye Rongtian looked at her in surprise. He didn't know how to react for a moment!

Du Xiaowei is too frightened, stared in horror, doing the instinct!

"Ah, ah, ah!" Scream! Scream! Scream again! as if scream was that only way to soothe her fear!

Even if he was as calm as he was, he couldn't stand such a demonic sound! Is really a headache, held out his hand that howl to mouth a strong! Just stop the noise.

He this wall does not matter, this side Du Xiaowei frighten but turn pale!

Oh, my god, what's going on?

Don't meet a ghost, but a thief?

It must be a thief. He was also shocked by her, but he didn't expect someone to rush out from inside!

Oh, my God! Is really stupid, can't wait a minute to come out again, now he saw me, will not destroy the bodies! Abnormal condition also has a lot of now, will kill after r*p* first!

What should he do? What should he do? Don't panic! Don't panic! Du Xiaowei comfort myself, head and turn quickly, don't be nervous this time only to stay calm, static in the move, to winning.

She was wondering how to escape, didn't pay attention to in front of people, turns out to be his own big boss, her boss!

It seems that the thief is also a novice, or how also frighten deadpan, it seems in addition to cover her mouth, he didn't dare to do! Look at the way he was at loggerheads, but not a novice or a rookie, Du Xiaowei ignited bold ideas in my mind.

Hey, hey, hey! The opportunity came, see this girl how to teach you! Aiming at the wu in the mouth of the hand, fast malicious quasi fierce fork down.

Indeed as expected, let go, don't let the other side have a reaction, fiercely is a punch, face to face and then a leg, strong kick on his calf.

Yeah, yeah! All in! She was cheering for himself.

At present is not happy, or flee for life important!

See the stairs is just around the corner, get the joy of life and victory, let her brain just excited, give up the elevator and the stairs. Apart from the two legs, stumbled ran down.

Ye Rongtian looked at all of this in disbelief.

Here is 20 floor! So run down? He stare.

"President!" Just come up to the king of the secretary was in front of the scene, stunned a little stutter.

A room full of confusion over by her, and his great eyes, President of incredibly faint bruises, this, what happened? Even though he was curious, he didn't dare to ask the president because of his angry face.

"How long have you been here?" Voice with anger!

"This, this, this." How was he going to answer that? Normal do elevator up! He couldn't find a reason to do this for a long time. He could only wait for the president to get angry!

After waiting for a long time, the President's calm voice came through."I remember that before boarding the plane, you called my exclusive manager, right?"

"Well," he said. He didn't expect the CEO to suddenly ask about this. However, looking at the stains on the ground, he understood what the CEO was going to say! But still have to the respectful answer:


Ye Rongtian finally guessed who the culprit was today!

The house cleaning tools says it all.

Oh! Secretary wang sigh in your mind. Du Xiaowei, what happened to you, the office become like this, this is who also won't save you!

A sigh of relief ran down from the twenty-second floor, almost didn't want Du Xiaowei life! Ran home again, too tired to straight out like a dog! She admired her physical strength!

However, can pick up to life, by the way, to the social scum lesson, is also worth celebrating! Spirit to relax, the pain also followed! Enfolding her tummy and rushed to the toilet!

Die arch eyebrows, also don't come back, and I don't know where to go crazy! Stomach pain again, sitting in a small toilet, Du Xiaowei exclamation before and after the gap is too big, look at the somebody else that toilet, too look at yourself, the in the mind acid water flooding.

Suppressed full of words, want to talk to good sisters, especially escaped today, the most let her proud!

Reward him a punch is polite, should catch his face, let him small people!

When it comes to face, that face is familiar, like a person! Who is it? She grabbed the head of the man is just around the corner how is can't remember!

Faint Du Xiaowei coming out of the bathroom, arch eyebrows also just opened the door into the house.

"Liu Mei, you can come back!" Jumped Du Xiaowei.

"What's the matter?" "It was a good night. Liu Mei pushed away her octopus claw.

"Arch eyebrows, do you know what I encountered today? "I'll tell you what!" Du Xiaowei nervous.

"Ha! What can you encounter? "Don't do that!" She can know Du Xiaowei nerve article big.

"I tell you, I met you today."

Ring! Ring! Ring! Her phone rang in her pocket!

Interrupt Du Xiaowei froth flying, finger-wagging speech!

Take out a cellular phone, caller id with secretary wang.

Suddenly, she felt as if she had been struck by lightning. Her eyes were wide open, her mouth was open, and her throat felt as if it had been stuffed with an egg!

Because she suddenly remembered who the face that she had beaten up looked like today!

"Ah ~~~ !" The phone was thrown out like a hot potato!

Liu Mei was so scared that she could only stare at her blankly.

After a long time, Du Xiaowei finally sat down on the ground, his eyes dull and he muttered to himself,"I'm finished, I'm finished."

Arch eyebrows pushing her,"what happened? "What do you mean?"

Gawk to turn your eyes. "Liu Mei, I'm really finished. I made a big mistake today. I took the boss as a thief and beat him!" Finished, what should I do?

Blare ~~." Say that finish wail aloud to weep aloud!

"What is it?" - What's that? Is not a thief? How did you get to be your boss for a long time?" Liu Mei was also very surprised! Think Du Xiaowei that oolong personality, impossible is also possible, arch eyebrows suppressed smile.

"Wow, you still have no conscience, people are scared to death, you still laugh!" Du Xiaowei cried and accused her of!

Holding back her laughter, Liu Mei patted her shoulder to comfort her."Don't think too much. Maybe your boss doesn't know that you did it?"

"Woo woo, how don't know, the phone call!" She gasped.

"You didn't answer the phone, just imagine that maybe nothing happened?" To tell the truth she had never met someone stupid to beat the boss when the thief, although the end is predictable, however, see good sisters sad appearance, dead heart have, she could not bear to fall!

"Arch eyebrows you don't know, how abnormal condition, the abnormal boss don't say is I hit him, is that he can see the office is not clean the typhoon, and now I have accounted for both, finished, I will be fired! "How can I be?" Thought of here she cried more sad!

"Your boss won't be so generous? "You didn't mean it."

"You're right, he's just a man without tolerance. You didn't see how he treated those who were disrespectful to him. I can even foresee how miserable my fate will be!"

Thinking about her since the childhood no good luck, parents divorce, remarry with his father, mother also remarry, she is like a ball, was kicking around on both sides, no one wants her, very not easy to get to graduate, you can feed yourself don't have to slavishly dependent, and emotionally cheated, this is her biggest pain, feelings not attached to the career is not good, many times of work is not being fired is fired, the work is done the longest, and she is very satisfied. Sadness, tears flowing down again!

Liu Mei also couldn't find any words to comfort her, so she could only watch her cry sympathetically.

Is really unprecedented! Incredibly to beat the boss? Arch eyebrows face deformation due to suppress smile.

Chapter 2

"Hey, Du Xiaowei, you've been resting at home for three months. When are you going to look for a job? If you stay any longer, I'll lose weight for nothing." Liu Mei rubbed her stomach and complained.

Ever since she was fired, she had been stuck at home all day, even though someone cleaned her room every day and there were all kinds of snacks. However, if this continued, she would soon become a little fat pig. She didn't know where she learned it from, but she always made tempting snacks. Sometimes, she would even bring back some high-end snacks from high-end restaurants. How could she resist this? Only by urging her to go to work could she stop this endless temptation.

"Hehe, let's wait for a while." Du Xiaowei laughed dryly and placed a plate of delicious snacks in front of Liu Mei.

Liu Mei couldn't resist the temptation of food. She immediately took a bite and asked," It'll be a while mor


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