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The Alpha's Pregnant Mate

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"I can't deal with your games anymore. Tell me the truth about Caroline," I asked. To my surprise, Aiden's reaction was nothing like I expected. His face contorted with a cold, bitter laugh. "Oh, please. You think you're worth my time? You're just a nobody, and I'm not going to make our thing public. You're just a convenient little toy for me to use," I took a deep breath, mustering all the strength I had left, and decided to play it cool. I needed to catch him off guard and show him that I was not going to be just another pawn in his twisted games. "Is that how you see me, Aiden? Just a d*mn toy? Well, I've had enough of your games," Aiden looked taken aback, clearly not expecting this reaction from me. I could see the anger and frustration in his eyes, but I refused to back down. "I reject you as my mate, Aiden," I continued, my voice firm and resolute. *** In a world of werewolves and secrets, Leah conceals her pregnancy from everyone, even her mate, the popular and handsome Aiden. When she discovers her true mate is Ian, the heir to the powerful Silver Pack, their lives entwine in unexpected ways. Aiden's betrayal, Clara's support, and a three-year absence shape Leah's strength as a single mother. As Ian reenters her life, can he prove himself worthy of her love, and will their bond survive the challenges of pack politics and lingering secrets?


Kerry Davis

Review after half of the novel

So far from what I’ve read I’m actually really enjoying this novel after ever chapter it’s making me more intrigued to read more, you get so into it that you also all most forget that it’s just a novel and not real life. I’m not even half way through and I can not wait to read more and I’m also looking forward to reading more novels from this app, definitely one to read if you like a romance novel

December 30, 2023

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