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Taming the Ruthless CEO

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The life of Cassidy Miles has been a series of unfortunate events from a young age, and it takes a turn for the worse after her mother's death. Estranged from her only family, Cassidy faces the harsh reality of fending for herself at just 20. In her pursuit of a better life, she lands a job application as a janitress at the Van der Bilt Corporation. However, what she believes to be a chance at stability turns out to be a grave mistake. Logan Van der Bilt, the heartless CEO, who becomes the catalyst for even greater turmoil in Cassidy's already challenging life. Little does she know, her encounter with Logan will open the door to a web of secrets, betrayals, and a revelation that could change everything-leaving Cassidy to question if the cost of survival is worth the sacrifice.

Chapter 1


I carried my mom's old luggage, the only inheritance she left me. As soon as I leave home, I decided I needed to find a job and prepare myself for not returning.

"Cassidy, this fifty bucks is all I can give you," Auntie said, puffing on her cigarette.

"Thank you, Auntie," I replied, taking the money that her husband quickly grabbed.

"What's this? Why are you giving this kid such a large amount of money?" Uncle scrutinized me, eyeing the fifty bucks he snatched from my hand.

I swallowed hard, realizing that the money wasn't meant for me. Now that Uncle had objected, it seemed unlikely it would come my way.

"Auntie, thanks but-"

"Just leave, Cassidy! You're just a burden here!" Uncle shouted at me.

Auntie looked at me with embarrassment and pity as I bowed my head. On a normal day, I would have retorted to Uncle. On a normal day, I could have stood up to him. But this wasn't a normal day. This was the day I will leave the home I grew up in, filled with memories of Mom and the bitter moments that I couldn't forget.

"Oh, Cassidy! I'm sorry, dear," Auntie tearfully apologized. "If only I could let you stay here-"

"Mama! Send Cassidy away! Auntie is now gone. Since knows how to work, you don't need to keep her here. She'll survive!" my cousin Janice yelled.

"Oh well, Auntie, thanks anyway-"

"Just go, Cassidy! You're better off gone!" Uncle yelled at me.

Auntie nodded, flicking her cigarette. "Take care, Cassidy," regret evident in her voice. I smiled, nodded, and turned away. I stepped onto the slightly muddy path we had. Since it rained earlier, the road was now muddy, and I could see the mud sticking to my worn-out shoes. I'd wash them as soon as I found a place to stay. For now, I had to make do with my meager savings of only a hundred bucks for job hunting and accommodation.

I hopped on a jeepney to visit a few job prospects. I saw some stores in the newspaper looking for various positions.

I knocked on an office door. According to the newspaper, they needed a secretary. Unfortunately, that was the only job I could apply for. With only a high school diploma and a background in computer-related subjects, being a secretary or even a saleslady in a ticketing office seemed fitting.

The security guard eyed me, noticing my muddy shoes and quickly fixing my wrinkled clothes. "What do you need, miss?" he grinned.

I showed him the newspaper. "I saw in this paper that you need-" I was cut off by a woman in a miniskirt and an ID from that ticketing office. She chewed her bubble gum, giving me a once-over.

"No hiring here, miss. Why not try the club instead?"

"But it says here-"

"Miss, I said no hiring here. We hired someone yesterday, so go to the club! Go, and our tiles won't get dirty here!"

The woman slammed the ticketing office door. I sighed and looked at myself. Maybe I should clean my shoes and change into more formal clothes.

I found a public restroom. I endured the stench to freshen up. I removed my T-shirt and changed into an uncomfortable but formal blouse. I also switched to cleaner pants without mud stains. If I couldn't find a job by 3 PM, I'd start looking for a place to stay for the night. But what if I couldn't find one? Should I sleep in a park? In the plaza? Where would I go?

I shook my head, thinking I still had a hundred dollars in my bag. I would find accommodation. Surely, someone would let me stay, an apartment or an inn for less than fifty bucks? I continued my job search, trying fast-food chains and large companies that caught my attention.

This was my third fast-food visit today. The manager always spoke to me, pointing at a distant building.

"We're not hiring here. It's better if you apply at Van der Bilt Corporation. They're having a mass hiring. There's even a job fair!" the manager said.

I stared at the rooftop of that enormous building from afar. It looked imposing, and I doubted I'd be accepted there.

"Will they accept a high school graduate?"

"Oh, miss, they're looking for a high school graduate!"

I winced at what the gay manager said. I didn't know if it was true or if he was just trying to get rid of me.

Nevertheless, I just nodded. I had no other choice.

"Thank you very much," I said, glancing at those enjoying crispy fried chicken.

I swallowed hard, realizing it was already noon, and I hadn't had breakfast or lunch yet. I looked at the menu of that fast-food chain to see how much people were spending on their meals.

In the end, I decided to leave. I bought some crackers from the vendor outside and started walking towards the building the managers mentioned earlier.

As I walked, I ate. Even though I was eating, my stomach was still empty. Come on, Cassidy! When I get a job later, I'll eat a lot! That's my promise to myself.

Before reaching that building, I quickly noticed another fast-food chain that also needed a crew. I took the paper posted on their door and went inside. The scent of fried chicken wafted through the air, making my stomach growl even more. I resisted looking at the plates of those eating and went straight inside.

"Is your Manager here?" I asked the annoyed-looking crew.

"He's inside," he said, pointing to a door with a sign: Authorized Personnel Only.

I entered through that door and immediately handed my resume. I observed the Manager on his cellphone.

"O... Okay. Got it!" the man said. He glanced at me twice, as if he had seen a ghost. He quickly lowered his cellphone.

"What can I do for you, miss?" he asked.

I presented the paper I saw on their door earlier. "I found this outside." He took my resume. "Well... this is my fourth fast-food chain. I already have experience in the fast-food industry-"

"No hiring here," he said, after glancing at my resume.

"What? But it's posted outside!"

He snatched the paper I was holding and tore it in front of me. "Nothing here. Just go. You can try VBC!"

I nodded. "Okay."

I turned away, but I couldn't help but roll my eyes. It was evident they needed a crew. Suddenly, no hiring? I really am unlucky today! It's already 2 PM, and I promised myself that by 3 PM, I would start looking for a place to stay. This VBC is my last shot. If I don't find anything, I'll try again tomorrow.

I looked up at the massive building in front of me. There was a big sign advertising a Job Fair on the first floor. There were a lot of people, and I felt like this was where I could find a job!

Chapter 2

My long hair exploded due to the strong gust of wind. I released my luggage to fix my hair before walking into the building. The security guard checked my bag, but I couldn't be at ease due to the jobs waiting for me inside.

"Here's your ID, miss. Are you here for the job fair?" the guard asked.


"Oh no! Why are you here just now? They might have run out of jobs by now?"

I paled at the guard's words. He might be right. I observed people leaving happily, probably having secured jobs.

"Oh my God! We're officemates!" exclaimed a girl in a mini skirt and corporate attire.

"Yes! I can't believe this! This is my dream job," echoed the girl in corporate attire.

I swallowed hard and looked towards the door where the job fair was taking place. I could see each cubicle where interviews were happening.

I felt out of place in this setting. I assessed myself. Perhaps the job meant for me is a janitorial position? I didn't know, but for now, I


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