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Still With You

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Bluey
  • Chapters: 1
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 66
  • 3.0
  • 💬 1


STILL WITH YOU BLURB Crown prince Lee Soobin of Joseon.... Lived a quiet life in Songju village right from his childhood with his eunuch and court lady... Crown prince who lived half of his life trained in becoming the next ruler of the kingdom but was raised outside the palace no one knows his one has ever seen his face the people only know that there's a prince. Only few officials know how he looks like but no one know where he is....he only co,Es to the palace for important occasions but on a mask. He comes in discreetly and leaves discreetly.... But a young lady catches his attention...she's a very pretty maiden but from a lower class... Han - Byul Unaware of his identity...falls in love with Soobin...they planned on spending their entire lives with each other... Soobin was summoned to the palace for to take over his princely duties and start his life... He promised his beloved he would come back for her .. He and his entourage were ambushed... He was found unconscious....he was returned to the palace... Lost his memory having no memories of his past nor his beloved...found himself as King with a Queen. So many questions left unanswered... Who ambushed Soobin ? What happened to Byul ? Did they cross paths ? Did she move on with her life? Did Soobin regain his memory? Will their love prevail against all odds despite having a Queen ? FIND OUT IN STILL WITH YOU .......

Chapter 1





A couple could be seen on a rock hill looking at perfect view of the ocean holding hands, the male was dressed in a nobles clothing while the lady in a noble ladylike hanbok...

" It's so beautiful, I feel so relaxed coming here..I feel like all the burden in my heart has been lifted. "

Byul said looking at him. 

" I'll engrave this scene in my heart, so I can remember it and keep myself alive if you leave. "

She said in a low tone. 

" Stop acting like am going to leave you forever Byul..."

Soobin said caressing her cheeks, he held her hands and said.....

"I promise you when it's spring,We'll go see the flowers together, we'll pick hazelnuts together in autumn and I'll build the most prettiest snowman for you, get drenched in rain with you. 

So would you smile for me now ? " 

" Hmm... I love this dress you got me..."

She said touching her skirt. 

" Let's go. "

He said ignoring what she said,holding her hands. 

" Where else do you want to take me Soobin ? "

She whined. 

" I promised to spend the whole day with you before I leave don't complain about anything. "

He said to her, as they held hands walking down the hill. 

They were both walking down the alley, when they come acrossed two trees that were intertwined together. 

" This is strange, I never seen or come across something like this. How on earth would two trees be intertwined together but they have different root. How's this possible? "

Byul asked with amusement. 

" No one knows...but I know that...with my view it shows that no matter what root you're from you'll be with whomever your destined to be with no matter what. "

He said with a smile. 

" Hmmm... Strange thou. Let's go then. "

She was about taking a step...

" Hold on... I'm not done talking.. Do you know legend has it that ;

" When two lovers pass under this tree together, they'll live happily ever after... Together forever " 

" Jinjja ? "

(Really? )

" How do you know so much Soobin ? When you've lived in this village or all your life ?" She asked with curiosity. 

" It happens... I happen to listen to moonlight story and history, and I studied on my own. " 

He shrugged. 

" You're so full of yourself, you know that ? " 

She rolled her eyes. 

He chuckled in response. 

" If not for you Soobin, I wouldn't have known how to read and write, and you also get me beautiful silk materials that cost a lot of money. How may I repay you Soobin ? "

She cooed. 

" You can only repay me by staying by my side, everyday of my life and walking under this tree with me. " 

He said stretching his palm to her. 

She put her palm in his..and both of them walk under tree together, just like a couple would do...

" Oh Han - Byul I promise to love you forever no matter what happens and be with you forever, share your pain and sorrow, joy and laughter. " 

Tears brimmed in her eyes...she breathe in deeply...

" Lee Soobin, i promise to always love and care for you and be the woman you'll never be ashamed of and be the mother of your kids and stay by your side no matter what ...promise you'll never leave me ? "

She muttered in a shaky voice. 

" I promise I will never leave you Byul.. "

Soobin promised. 

" I love you Soobin.. "

She whispered. 

" I love you so much more than you could ever imagine. "

He leaned towards and places his lips on hers which she responded to...holding the hems of his cloth and his hands on her waist. 


it was night time, they were in a cottage with a table of food in front of them...Byul just stared at the food in front of her. 

" Why aren't you eating? "

He asked her. 

" I made it's your favorite, and you don't resist food, why don't you have this ? "

He said taking a piece of meat between the chopsticks and urged her to have a taste. 

" I mean worried about the fact you'll leave for a long time, what if those capital girls steal you away from me ? "

She pouted her lips. 

He looked at her weirdly, and started laughing.. 

" Am I joke to you ? " 

She asked in anger. 

" Am sorry but I can't help but laugh my love..."

He said admist laughter. 

" Really ? " 

She scoffed. She stood up in anger and was heading towards the door. 

He stood up and hugged her from behind with his hands around her shoulders...

" Mi ane... 

I'm sorry...I didn't mean to make fun of you. "

He cooed sweetly. 

" You're the type that can't resist pretty ladies, what if you might those who are prettier than me...and...

She said in a jealous tone. 

" Ssh... You are the prettiest lady I have ever seen in my life, no lady from the capital can ever feel the space you've in my heart or even catch my attention. Be rest assured..."

He said sweetly. 

You know you promised Soobin...please don't go back on your words. "

She muttered.     

" You know I love you so much Byul, so why are you doubting me ?" 

" You're not just going for're going for a long time...maybe half a year who knows." 

" matter what...I'll come back for you...and will love you and you always. "

He said kissing her earlobes. 

" The only woman that'll come between us is our daughter. " 

He said kissing her ear which made her blush. 

" So we indirectly just got married didn't we ? "

She asked facing him putting her arms around his neck. 

" Yes my love....when I get back, whatever way you want us to have our wedding that we shall do my love. "

He said caressing her face. 


She wriggled her nose against his.. 

" Stop whatever thought you have in your head dear husband, let's eat. "

She pulled him to the table. 

" I can't help look so irresistible tonight. "

He said and she blushes heavily. 

" I've got a pervert for a husband. 

She grinned. 

Let's eat Soobin.....I'm starving. " 

She said already eating. 

" What if am hungry for something else ? " 

He winked at her. 

" Stop it ! She blushed. " 

" When I was hungry for real food were all moody but now am hungry for something else. You're refusing's not right of you dear wife. "

He pouted.

" When did you get all naughty ? "

She asked with a raised brow. 

" I've been saving it for tonight......

Now tell me how many kids you want us to have ? "

He said dropping his chopsticks and stared at her which made her choke on her food. 

" Have water. "

He said 

" A girl and a boy would do. "

She said with a smile. 

" No.. I want two boys and girls. "

He said eating. 

" Eish... We could discuss how many children we want to have Soobin, when you come back. "

" Don't tell me you're shy. "

He teased. 

" Stop it Soobin. "

She said looking away. 

" Tell me how much you love me. "

" Byul...look at the sky..." 

" What about it ? "

She asked looking out the the window. 

" Can you count the stars ? " 

" Of course not. "

" That's how much I love you. You're the star in my bring light to my life. You're my Light, My Star. 

I love you from here to the moon and back. "


It was the early hours of the was dawn already...both Soobin and Byul could be wrapped around each other arms naked under the bedsheets...he was awake, he was stroking her hair as her head was on his chest, she was very fast asleep, she snuggled closer to him snoring softly. 

He kissed her lips and forehead and removed her hand from his body and stood up and changed his clothes. 

He was dressed in silk material and his hat has beads and a peacock feather at the edge as sign of respect. 

He walked up to her and kissed her on the lips...

" I love you Byul...

I promise I would come back for you...."

He walked out of the cottage, walked further away... At least a mile, he got to his destination and few soldiers were waiting for him. 

Seja Jeoha ... 

" His Royal Majesty The crown prince "! 

One of the officers said : Officer Jang 

He bowed in did the soldiers. 

Soobin only nodded in respect and mounted on the black horse....was ready move on. 

" Your we take the first gate entrance or the..."

" The back gate would do Officer Jang, I don't want to create unnecessary awareness based on my return to the palace. "

He muttered. 

" Your majesty, we would be taking the woods but don't....

Officer Jang tried to protest..

" I've lived all my life in this woods officer Jang, and I say it's the fastest way to get to the capital. I hope I've made myself clear. "

" Clearly understood Jeoha ! We'll start our journey at your command. "

Officer Jang. 


Hiyah ! He started the horse .....


There was silence amongst the men, Soobin looked lost in thoughts...thinking about his beloved....

" I hope she's okay ?

What will happen if she finds out about my identity ? " 

So many questions ran thru in his mind...suddenly there was a rustling of trees...

Did you hear that ?

" What was that ? Soobin asked. "

I don't know your majesty, I'll go see it right away. One of the officers said and mounted off the immediately he got arrow from nowhere hit him right in the shoulders. 

" We're under attack ! "

" Get his majesty to safety! "

Officer Jang commanded. 

Men in black and their faces covered came out from the woods...they started firing arrows and clashing of swords could be heard. 

Soobin drew out his sword and started fighting with them...

" Your majesty come with me ...the men would take of this....lets get you to safety. "

Officer Jang said. 

He nodded in response...both of them were on a horse which was running through the woods, three of the men in black followed them...

Firing arrows at them ...

" They must not get away. "

One of the masked man said. 

One fired an arrow and it met Soobin in the arm,...

" Your highness! "

Officer Jang screamed. 

" I'm fine..."

He groaned in pain. ...

They got to a very bushy side...the men were still looking for them..But they hid behind the bushes....

Soobin's arm was bleeding so bad...

" Your highness you're bleeding..."

Officer Jang said worriedly. 

" Do you expect me not to ? "

Soobin retorted sharply. 

" Am sorry your highness... " 

" Let's go...we can't wait all day for them to leave... "

Soobin said. 

" Your highness...why don't I go first to distract them from you? "

Officer Jang suggested. 

" Good idea....go'll lead you to the river...I'll meet you at the other side of the river. "

Soobin explained. 

" That's the Samsara river your highness! "

" Yes it if we get there...we'll simply take a canoe and it'll drop us at the palace port...then we go in thru the back of the palace gate. "

" Clearly understood... First of all...we have to get this out of you...Your highness. "

He said referring to the arrow. 

" Aargh ! "

He growled in officer Jang tore out of his cloth and tied the injury. 

" You're bleeding pretty bad Officer Jang ... " 

He said referring to the wound on his arm. 

" It's's part of my Job...your highness. "

Both men parted ways.... Soobin was walking when he heard footsteps...he turned back it was nothing...

He continued almost immediately...a man in black attacked him from behind but he managed to dodge it...

The clashing of swords could be heard as he was fighting against two...he cut of them in the thighs...he was stabbed in the arm again...

They was sl*t by the throat and another in the belly. 

He was breathing heavily...he continued his journey..he was close to the river side...

I'm almost home...he said leaning on the tree. 

Almost immediately...three arrows were fired at him...

Two in his back, one on his leg which made him drop down...on his knees ..

He turned back to see what was going...another met him in the chest and his legs...he rolled down the rocky road....

He finally fell down to the ground hitting his head on a rock...making his head ooze out more blood. 

Byul ...

he muttered before finally loosing consciousness. 



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