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Sold Once, Married Twice

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Choice denied, hope gone, dreams lost, not even a happy ever after had a spot for Ryan. Being sold to the most feared and cruel Alpha wasn't exactly thrilling. She needs to bear him an heir for her freedom but once again, fate throws her another blow. Running away is her only option. Five years later, with her company at the verge of bankruptcy, the biggest company in New York suddenly offered to help under the condition she gets married to the CEO. But there's a catch, the CEO is her nemesis come back to life, who's intent on revenge

Dedicated to the girls who endured parental divorce

Episode 1Ryan"I'm already 19, I will soon be given a mate, why can't I just wait till then? why must I be sold out, Mum?" I cried angrily, they hated me, of course they did.My step father's business was about to go down the drain and the only thing that could come into his mind was to sell me out to the most dangerous and wicked Alpha of our time as his wife, in the name of arranged marriage."We have never asked you to do anything, nothing!" Mum folded her arms, staring at me like I had just committed the greatest crime of all. "Since your father rejected me, Marcus has been here, now all he needs from your ungrateful ass is for you to get married and he can regain stamina in his company.”“I understand but I am not a toy anyone can just sell or do as they please” I could feel my wolf snarling angrily, I had no say in it, I know I didn’t.“Go and pack your belongings you are leaving tomorrow morning, the deal is done and signed.” She gave a low hiss and walked away from the room“I hate you, all of you” I screamed as loud as I could so she’d hear it and it will stick to her headSometimes, I feel adopted, or maybe she just hates me because I remind her of her lover that rejected her.‘It can’t be that bad Ryan’ my wolf, Sky echoed in my thoughts, that was our own way of communication, she was the only friend I had in this fucked up world.“Of course it is that bad, haven’t you heard of the terrible things the alpha king has done?, he massacred an entire village because their chief said no to him, he is a monster, only God knows what will happen to me now.”‘I’ll protect you’ Sky said boldly and I couldn’t help but smile, it wasn’t possible, no one could protect me, at least not from the Alpha, not even the moon goddessStaring at the big mansion in front of me, I couldn’t help but gulp, it was 7 times my step father’s house, at least mom was right about one thing, The alpha was bastardly rich.“I’ll carry your luggage to your room and inform the maids to dress you.” the Middle aged man that drove me from my house to this place said, his eyes scanning throughout my worn out denim trousers and red checkers shirt as he imphasised the last words, like I was some dirt bag from San Francisco.“Thank you” I forced a smile, since I’ll be living here for now, I might as well make Allies.A woman who looked like she was in her early 20s bowed to me at the entrance of the mansion after the driver had gone, she gestured her hand toward the entrance and I followed suit as she started walking inside, after minutes of passing different doors which felt like hours, we finally got to a room where she fumbled a key and opened the door, I stepped inside and was genuinely wowed.It was big, as big as 4 rooms combined, my box was already inside and my bed had been done.“This is your room, Miss.” the woman finally spoke up, “I am your personal maid, I’ll attend to whatever needs you have.” “I don’t want to be here” I said, tears filling up my eyes, the ones I’ve been holding in since I heard that I was going to be sold out.“Oh, dear.” The woman gave a pleading eye and helped me sit on the bed, she rubbed my back slowly.“Will he kill me? the Alpha.” I asked slowly, I still had my entire life ahead of me, it was too early to die, I still had to find my mate.“Of course not!” She blurted. “You wouldn’t even need to see him, Alpha Aiden is rarely home”Aiden. his name sounds wicked.“I am glad.” I let out a sigh of relief “All you need to do is bear him a son and you are free to run away, he wouldn’t mind and I would even help you.” she chuckled and I couldn’t help but smile back.All I have to do is bear him an heir and I’ll be free, I would find my mate and live happily ever after.“Thank you for everything...” I looked up to her as she opened the door to exit the room “Anessa.” she nodded before exiting I went around the room to inspect it, I had everything I needed, I had no reason to leave here even in the next two weeks, they already had new clothes hanged perfectly in the wardrobe, how did they know my size?I sighed and sat back on the bed, in as much as I hated to say it, I missed home.***“The wedding starts in 3 hours, is she properly dressed?” I heard someone scream from outside the room, probably in the passage that contained so many doors.What wedding were they talking about?“No, I thought you said he wouldn’t be here till next month, you said the wedding will be next month.” Anessa’s voice echoed back.“ Well, he is on his way here already, get her ready, nothing must go wrong today.” the male voice came through again before there was a knock on my door and before I could say a word, Aneesa barged in.“Good morning, Miss Ryan, I’m sorry for barging in but the news came so soon.” she blurted all at once, trying to catch her breath.“What’s going on?” I said standing up fully from the bed, I was awake already but had to check some messages on my phone.“Mr Aiden is on his way here, for your wedding.”“Wedding?” My mouth bursted open. “I just arrived yesterday, it’s to soon” “I’m sorry, I thought he wouldn’t be back till next month, you have to dress now.” she finished but didn’t let me say anything as she clapped her hands two times and 6 young women came into the room with different cleaning agents and surrounded me.‘What does this mean?, what about our mate?’ Sky’s worried voice filled my head“I’ll go and handle things outside” Aneesa said in a rush as she jolted out of the room leaving the 6 maids and I, I closed my eyes and let them do their thing. ***I stood at the alter they had made for the small wedding, they were no strangers in the wedding, I could see my mom and step dad with their 12 years old bitchy daughter sitting in the front roll, some women sat beside them too and they were all snaring at me like I had stolen the love of their lives.Like as though I asked for all these, it would all be over soon, once I give birth to a son, it will be over. I held onto the white wedding gown and the flower Anessa had forced into my hands and waited, the woman who was supposed to bless the wedding was also standing in front of me, we were all waiting for the Alpha.“Is Mr Aiden ready?” I heard someone wisper behind me“He said he has some thing to do and won’t be able to make it, I would stand in for him.” the thick male voice completed and I wanted to turn fully to see him but he was beside me in seconds.How rude, the maids had dressed me up so early in the morning for this godforsaken wedding, just for the groom to say he was too busy to attend?The woman in front of me gave a questioning look to the guy that stood next to me and who was clearly not the Alpha, but he nodded for her to continue and she did.After minutes of blabbering, she finally said “I crown you and Alpha Aiden, husband and wife.”***I paced around my room angrily, how dare he! alpha or no alpha, he had no right to disgrace me the way he did.I smiled as an idea came into my head, all I was here for was to give birth to an heir anyways, so I might as well just make my stay short, I was going to visit his room tonight.“Aneesa.” I called out loud ***“Are you sure you want to do this?” Aneesa sighed looking at me for any sign that I wanted to back down and head back to my room.“No, I’ll go in.” I smiled at her looking at the door before me. “the earlier I bear him an heir, the earlier I get to go home.”She nodded and walked away, I took in a deep breath and tried to knock but the door flew open and my entire body went to a halt.I was looking at the most handsome guy I have ever seen in my entire life, sharp defined jawline, muscles that I could see through his red shirt and Ofcourse, those eyebrows that looked furious, his lips were moving but I heard nothing.“Are you deaf?” He growled this time, “What do you want?” I inhaled and finally spoke up “I am your wife and today is our honeymoon.”He twitched his eyebrow in surprise but then held the door wide and gestured for me to come in.I did, I was still standing by the door but he went to the big bed and sat down, I stared at him nervously, his room was bigger than mine, in seconds, he pulled off his red shirt and I could see the scar beside his breast and his well defined abs.“Wha… what are you doing?” I stammered unable to look at his face.“You said tonight was our honeymoon, did you not?”“Yes, but I …”He stood up from the bed and folded his arms, his entire focus now on me.“Undress.” his voice was thick and commanding.

To the girls who painted villains with love

Episode 2 Ryan “Undress.” his voice was thick and commanding, he walked closer to me and placed his hand on the wall above me, I tried so hard to focus on his face and not on his abs that were popping from his body.“Excuse me?” I had to find my voice again after staring at him for what seemed like hours, i slipped from under his arms that were above my head. Okay, that is wrong, I tried to, but before I could completely move away, he placed his other hand and trapped me in.“What on earth do you think you are doing?” I glared hard at him, trying to hide my fear.He twisted his head to a corner as if observing me.“I asked you to do something, why are you still fully clothed?” His voice was surprisingly calm but I could sense deep down the amount of power it held.My wolf felt completely helpless with him like that, I understood her, he was the alpha afterall.“You didn’t come to the wedding, why?” I


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