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Sex Affairs

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Stella is thriving to become a popular pornstar. Ferguson is a s*x maniac who can't live a day without s*x. Then they crossed paths, what happened next is a mystery. _ - __ - __ - __ - __ - __ - __ - __ - __ - __ - __ - __ - __ - __ - __ - __ - _

Chapter 1

Stella’s point of view.

“Arghhhh” he groaned underneath me. “Fu*k this dî*k like it’s your last meal on earth!” he moaned, and spanked my a*s very hard as I bounced on his hard dî*k.

I placed my hand on his chest, then continued bouncing very fast, in fact, hundred percent faster than before, and rhythmically against him.

“Oh, fu*k, yeah” he grunted out. “That’s it, that’s it bit*h!” he spanked me again, before putting his hands behind his head and watched me fu*k him.

Another came in front of me, he held my head in place and shoved his fattened dî*k in my mouth, then spanked my erected breasts.

“Suck it”

I was about sucking him as he had ordered, but another came in front of me and inserted two fingers inside me, then began finger fu*king me as fast as he could which stopped all my performances, and my body started shaking as I felt a knot forming at the deepest part of my stomach.

I grabbed his shoulders, closed my eyes but opened my mouth, and released a scream as I came undone on his fingers.

“Fuc*ccck!” I screamed loudly.

But he didn’t stop finger fuçking me, rather he increased his pace but…

“CUT!” we heard an angry growl, and he quickly pulled his fingers out of me.

I quickly jumped off the guy I was riding, and someone threw a towel at me which I quickly wrapped around my chest.

“What in God’s fu*king name were you doing, Stella?!” he roared as he approached me.

I stared at him with a frown as I wondered what I’ve done wrong this time, this director has never been satisfied with my efforts.

“I said squirt for the camera, not cum for the camera!” he snapped. “Why did you cum?!”

“I’m sorry director, I was just… “

“You were just what?” he cut me off.

I wanted to explain myself, but he didn’t give the chance to explain.

“You’re auditioning for a spot in YUMMY KISS PRODUCTION HOUSE, Stella, not some quack production house” he emphasized on each of his words.

Yummy kiss production house is one of the best, no.. it’s the best production house in all of Canada, and they provide the best porn films so far, hence they have very high expectations during auditions.

And sadly, this is my fifteenth audition which I gave my all, but I think it still wasn’t good enough.

“Listen, Stella, let me tell you something real quick” the director placed his right hand on my shoulder. “I don’t think you’re cut out for this profession, because you’ve got little to no skills”

My eyebrows furrowed immediately he said those last words, like shît, I just gave my best performance.. ok, that wasn’t my best performance, but I tried.

“… I don’t think anyone would be turned on if they watched your video”


“Yes” he looked in my eyes. “You’ve got no skills, no feelings at all, one gets a place in yummy kiss production house with this sloppy skills of yours”

He turned away from me, and started talking to the guys that were auditioning with me.

He threw an arm around the guy that was shoving his dîck in my mouth, and smiled as he say something to him in a low voice.

Hold on a sec, what does this mean?

Where do I stand right now? Did I manage to secure a place here?

“Excuse me, director” I couldn’t help, but called for his attention once again.

“Yes?” he answered, and turned around with an offended frown on his face.

“Uh, so… what do you say? Did I…”

“No” he interrupted me. “Pack your stuff and see yourself out”

“Director, give me another chance… “

He raised his hand to stop my explanation.

“We’ve been giving you second chances until now, Stella, this is your fifteenth audition and it’s obviously time to say goodbye to you”

“But I… “

“The exit is that way” he pointed at the door, then turned away from me and continued talking with the guys.

I inhaled deeply, then dropped my head as I exhaled sharply, before heading towards the changing room to get change.


Third person’s point of view.

Ferguson watched as the slim, blonde hair girl twisted her flexible body around the pole, another girl poured some olive oil all over the blonde's body, while she continued twisting sexily, yet skillfully around the pole to the rhyme of the faint upbeat music playing in the background.

Her see through crop top clearly revealed her swollen breasts and pink nipples, while her exposed skin glittered attractively in the dim light kissing her skin.

His grip on the whip in his hand tightened, a satisfied smirk tugged his lips and his eyes lit up mischievously -she’s a skilled pole dancer and he’s obviously enjoying her dance.

She flashed him a flirtatious smile as she stretched out one of her beautiful, long legs, and Ferguson smirked in anticipation of her next move, but sadly her white panty suddenly ripped open in the middle, and he angrily slammed the whip on the table.

“What the fu*k?!” Ferguson cursed loudly.

He reached for a remote control on the table, and angrily turned off the music.

Which made the blonde stopped her performance immediately, then jumped off the pole onto her feet, and bowed her head in fear.

“Rob!” He called.

“Yes, sir”

Someone answered from outside the door, and a man who seem to be Ferguson’s mate rushed in.

“Mr Alfonso” Rob informed Ferguson of his presence in the room.

“What did you tell me about this girls?”

Rob glanced at the girls with a very deep, dissatisfied frown and cleared his throat inaudibly.

“Matt said they passed the audition, sir” he answered.

There was silence in the room as Ferguson fixed his glaring eyes on the girls, who in turn bowed their heads, and dared not take a peek at his expression.

He released a sigh after a while.

“I’ve laid down the rules and qualifications for getting employed into yummy kiss production, I believe everyone is aware of them”

Rob nodded. “Yes, sir”

“Did watch their performance?”

“Yes, sir”

Ferguson paused, and glared at the trembling girls again.

“And from what you’ve watched, do you think they are good enough for my production house?”

Rob shook his head in disagreement

“No, sir” he answered.

“Call Matt immediately, and tell him he’s fired!”

“Yes, sir”

Rob faced the girls and signaled them to leave, they nodded and left quickly without grumbling or trying to beg for a second chance, because they know it’s useless, since Ferguson’s very strict when it comes to employing actresses into his production house.

“Has there been any auditions lately?” Ferguson asked.

“Yes” Rob turned back to him. “I heard Matt is holding another audition today, and from what I heard those candidates are very good”

Ferguson nodded slowly, he reached for his packet of cigarettes and pulled out a stick.

“Make sure I get their video first thing tomorrow morning”

“Yes, sir”

Ferguson stood up and walked towards his mini bar, while Rob quickly trailed along.

“Organize some girls, and make sure they’re better than me in bed”


Rob stopped on his tracks and tilted his head as a confused frown swallowed his face, he couldn’t help but wonder if anyone’s ever better than his boss in bed.

“Any problem?” Ferguson asked.

“Not at all, sir” he cleared his throat. “But you’re a pro and it’s gonna be very hard to find someone who’s better than you”

Ferguson frowned slightly.

“Have you seen me in bed before?”

Rob’s cheeks turned red as he coughed in embarrassment.

“I’ve heard your one nightstand talking about how good you are”

Rob coughed once more, and continued talking.

“Uh, there won’t be any need for arranging any girls, sir”

Ferguson raised his eyebrows at him (Rob) to elaborate his words.

“Mr Jonathan’s nightclub is opening tonight and he’s already sent you an invite, he said he’s got good girls waiting for you”

Ferguson smirked as he began imagining how good the girls would be, then he nodded, and poured himself a glass of wine.

“Then let’s go clubbing tonight!”

Chapter 2

Stella’s point of view.

“Megan, I’m home” I announced as I pushed the door to our apartment open, and lounged on the sofa nearest to me.

I lazily threw my bag on the foot of the sofa, then reached for a cushion and hugged it tightly. At once I was engulfed in a tight hug without a warning.

“Ella! Ella! Ella!” Megan sang my name joyously.

“I’mma gonna die in two minutes if you don’t let you” I said when I noticed she’s slightly choking me.

“You’re gonna die? What’s gonna kill you?”

I rolled my eyeballs at her question, she’s clearly oblivious of the fact that she’s choking me.

“You’re choking me, sweetheart” I tapped her arm around my neck.

“Oh, fuçk, I’m so sorry, darling” she apologized and quickly let go of me.

I puffed out some air as I turned around on the sofa, making sure I’m facing the ceiling above me.

“How was your audition, darling? Did you get a spot this time?” Megan asked anxiously.

Oh, here’s a quick int


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