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Second Time Around

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WARNING: R-18| MATURE CONTENT READ AT YOUR OWN RISK Milan learned that her husband, Enver, cheated on her so she decided to leave their house without even saying goodbye. After five years, they met each other again and she became the secretary of her ex-husband whom she misses so much but she had to act as if she was already moving on and keep everything between them professionally because she already learned her lesson. But will she be able to avoid him now that Enver is willing to do everything to claim her back? Will their love be sweeter the second time around?

Chapter 1

"You're drunk," I said shaking my head when I greeted Enver as soon as he entered our home. “Again.”

This was not his first drunkenness, so even though I was in a bad mood, I didn't say anything and just let him in.

I directed him to our room because he couldn't stand up on his own anymore and when I laid him down I removed his shoes and socks one by one.

I went down to the kitchen for a while and got a small plantain with only warm water and then went back to the room.

I placed it on the side table as I began to take off all of Enver's clothes.

"En, stop resisting," I said annoyed because he was still fighting with me for his clothes. "I'll just wipe you."

"I can manage," he said. But he doesn't stand up so I'm still struggling to remove his clothes.

And I let out a deep breath when I completely undressed him after he was naughty.

Well, I'm used to it because for almost six months we have been doing this every night he comes home drunk.

I sat on the edge of the bed and started wiping her face down her body.

"You already told me that you will stop drinking too much alcohol," I said softly. "You just recovered from the illness last time and here you are again."

He didn't answer so I just sighed and continued to wipe him.

Enver and I were once schoolmates when we were in college. We don't have the same course but we often meet in the library where we review when there is an examination.

We always shared a table and often talked about a certain topic in the books that we were reading back then.

That's where our friendship started. And as often happens to a woman and a man who are always together, we both fell for each other.

He courted me and I said yes to him within just a month.

As for me, if he loves me, he will always court me even if we are gone.

And he did.

He showed me how much he loves and cares for me. Not a day goes by that he doesn't tell me how much he loves me. And that hasn't gone away even after a few years.

He was three years older than me so he finished his studies earlier. But that doesn't change anything in our relationship even though we started to rarely see each other because we are not in the same school anymore.

Until he asked me to marry him right after I graduated from college when I was 20 years old. And I didn't think twice and accepted him because I know that he will take care of me for the rest of our lives.

And I am willing to do the same for him.

But since he was still busy with his work, we rarely saw each other even when we got married.

I lived in the house that he provided for us. While he mostly stayed at the hotel where his work called him.

And I understand that because he's just starting to manage their family business so he needs to be on-site all the time to make sure everything goes well.

Besides, he never lacked in making time for me.

He calls as soon as he wakes up and we talk while having breakfast together. It's the same at noon, happy lunch break, and even at our dinner. And before going to sleep.

I see all his efforts, so who am I to want more when he gives me the attention I need as his wife?

And when he was finally able to study everything about their company, two years after our marriage he finally came home to me.

It was the happiest day of my life because I could finally share the same roof with my husband.

That was the moment we realized how much we love each other. And how we take care of each other even though we both have jobs.

We never lacked and went above and beyond in taking care of each other as the day went by.


I sighed again as I kissed him after I wiped his whole body. I also put aside the basin with only water in the bathroom and stared at Enver who was now fast asleep.

Six months have passed since his nightly drinking began.

At first, I think it was normal because he hasn't been with his friends for a long time. That's why I didn't give any meaning and I just understood.

But with each passing day, his attitude began to change.

His head is always hot even when I just call his cell phone. And he doesn't let me know every time he leaves to go to work or he and his friends go out.

And when I talk to him about his changes, he always says that I'm just thinking too much.

He insisted that maybe I am just overthinking again on things.

But I know something is going on.

And I can't even do anything to find what might be the reason behind all of these changes in him.

I just shook my head and lay down next to him.

I can't do anything with this thought so it's better to just rest because I still have work tomorrow.

I had just closed my eyes when Enver suddenly faced me followed by his tight hug.

And because of his hug, I gradually lost my mind about the changes happening in him in the past.

So I hugged him too.

But just a few moments later, he started kissing my neck while his hand wandered to different parts of my body.

I thought this man was asleep.

Chapter 2

"Oh my!" I couldn't hold back my low moans because of what my husband was doing to my body all this time.

I thought he was fast asleep, but as soon as I lay down next to him, he immediately hugged me.

This was followed by his hand running over every part of my body while giving small kisses to my neck.

I was actually about to say no because I know that he has been tired of his work and he is also drunk. But I'm getting weak with every caress and kiss that's why I give in willingly.

Also, it's been a long time since we last did it and my body is longing for it.

He got up slightly and raised his elbow to reach my face and when I faced him he immediately met my lips.

I was obliged to kiss him back as he started to massage my breast while pinching my nipple.

"You like that, wife?" he softly whispered to me after releasing my lips. "You love that, huh?"

I nodded. "Yes, hubby," I an


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