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Revenge of the Night

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: GEEGEE
  • Chapters: 98
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 36
  • 7.5
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“Y….you….just what are you?” the young woman staggered back in fear as she yelled looking at the demoness in front of her. The silver-haired woman laughed so eerily that those that were around were struck by fear. This person was not human, how can anyone look so terrifying and emit such a scary aura? “I once told you that I am your worst nightmare but I guess your curiosity still got the best of you! Now my darling sister, how should we continue this game?” Someone once said that revenge is sweet and surely for her, it was indeed sweet. Her ignorance and her mother’s got them both killed. Even though it was already too late for her to amend and beg for forgiveness, she didn’t deserve the way she died.

Chapter 1: THE ENDING IS A B.E

“She cried silently as bloody tears streamed down her hollowed cheeks. To her being seen like this, was the greatest sin but there was nothing she could do to stop it.

How did she wish her beloved was by her side when she was still beautiful, recognizable and her beauty was making heads turn?

But it was already too late to have any type of wishful thinking. At least he was there by her side at the moment when her life was about to end.

She knew that she didn’t have much time anymore, so she tried her best to smile even though she couldn’t see the one person she desperately wanted to see as her eyes had been dug out by that ****.

‘If there is a next life, I wish that we never meet again. In this miserable life of mine, I have loved only one person and that person is you. You never gave me a glance or a chance to profess my love to you or prove to you that I can be the one suitable for you.

There were many times that I wanted to see you, many birthdays I wished you were there to just smile at me, give me a birthday present or just sing a song but my birthdays became a nightmare as I knew that on this day, you will be in her arms, happy with her,’ she tried her best to be strong but she was failing and she was getting weaker by the second.

‘Don’t say anything, the doctor will be here in a second,’ he tried to make her stop talking as he could see that it was toiling her a lot and she was getting weaker by the second.

He felt guilty as he looked at her, even when she was like this, he still couldn’t give his heart to her or give her what she wanted. maybe if he was resolute back then, things wouldn’t have been this way.

‘There is no need for me to see the doctor, I know my body very well. I am dying and there is no need for you to act like you care because I know that deep down in your heart you don’t.

I don’t have much time but I just want to let you know that after being captive for so many years and ending up in this state, I just wish you happiness and pray that……………………………….’ She didn’t get to finish talking as she had already taken her last breath.

The man looked at the cold body which was unrecognizable due to the bloody and horrendous torture to the woman. He didn’t want to show any emotions but he found himself shedding tears as he hugged her in his arms.

‘As you said, let’s not meet in our next lives. I hope that you will be born into a simple family and be happy. I wish you to be free of any emotional tangles, family drama ad scheming. Since I couldn’t love you in this life, I will at least give you a proper burial and let your soul rest in peace,’ the man vowed in a shaky voice as he looked at the dead woman.

By the time the doctor arrived, it was already too late. The place was quiet, no one said a word and just watch as their boss sat there on the hard bed with the woman he hated strongly in his arms.

How nice would it have been if things weren’t like this?” the voice of a young woman narrating the story was the only voice that could be heard in the room.

Inside the room where the young woman who was storytelling was seated, in a corner where the cameras couldn’t capture, a young girl around the age of seven was crying as she held her teddy bear in her arms.

The story was just so sad, she had been following this story for over a month now and today was the day when the ending was being told. So many people had been waiting for this day and she could imagine the horror, the hurt, and the chaos that was about to erupt once the storyteller mentions the two horrible words, ‘THE END.’

The young woman who was busy narrating smiled beneath the veil that covered her face, as only her eyes could be seen. She was greatly enjoying this, just imagine so many people crying while holding tissues and hankies in their hands, she was going to be in a lot of trouble.

After dropping such a sad and BE bomb on them, she was going to give herself a vacation while she thinks of another story to tell them to placate them for the sad moments, they went through with her for this past month.

“Some people wondered, will her life be different if she had not latched onto a man who didn’t look at her, loved her, or given her any hope? No one will ever know that answer, as the person in question was already cremated and her ashes spread in the unending ocean to let her wander and see the world,” she sighed emotionally as if she was troubled when she knows herself that she wasn’t, “this marks the end of the story everyone. For those who joined in the middle, you can revisit the uploaded videos. And thank you once more for your support, let us

meet again next week.”

She didn’t even bother to look at the barrage in her comments section as she was aware of what was happening there. Why should she let herself get roasted after delivering such a tragic ending?

The young woman tapped on her laptop and quickly she was logged out of the Livestream platform. With a smile on her face, she stood up on her feet and stretched her stiff body that had gone numb after sitting on the chair for three hours.

Since she had promised to end the story today, she wasn’t willing to continue the next day, this is how the two-hour live stream ended up being three. As a smile was still pasted on her face, her body went stiff this time for real as a pair of small arms wrapped around her tiny waist.

She was frozen for a few seconds before she calmed herself down. Because she had been entranced in storytelling, she had completely forgotten that there was a naughty child that loves listening to her stories all the time as long as there was no school the next day.

She held those small hands in hers and patted the young girl, “are you feeling sad?”

The young girl was stupefied by the question but who wouldn’t be feeling sad after this type of ending?

“You shouldn’t have killed her, at least she should have lived happily or carefree after everything that happened to her,” the little girl sniffed, anger and sadness traceable in her voice.

She knew that the woman in the story had done so many bad things but didn’t she receive her retribution already? Why did she have to suffer more like this in the end?

She didn’t even get to hear the words she wanted from the man she loved, wasn’t she pitiful?


The young woman chuckled before turning around so that she was face to face with the little kid, “darling, I love you dearly and so does your father and everyone else. But you have to remember that in life, not everyone can have a happy ending.

We need to understand that the wage of sin is death and we should be able to accept whatever consequences come our way when we do something bad. So dear, no matter what temptations you go through, remember to live well and be good to others. We wouldn’t want anything sad or bad happening to you.”

Anisha looked at her soon-to-be mom with her big and teary eyes that were red from all the crying and wondered how dull her life would have been if she had not met her and pestered her that time?

“I will be a good girl always, but what if someone bullies me?” she scrunched up her face as she asked that.

It wasn’t every day that one goes out to seek trouble, sometimes troubles just find you and if you don’t do anything, you wil


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