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Only Knocked up by a Prince

Only Knocked up by a Prince

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Zain, a struggling actress forgotten by her family, entangles herself with a possessive man after a fateful encounter. From a roommate to tenant then the love of her life. Falling in love with a total stranger,she finds herself in immense happiness. However she finds herself in the hospital ,and everyone tells her he was nothing but a figment of her imagination. If so , how come she is ten days pregnant? " I object. '' Zain basically screams as she walks up to the altar in a skin tight black dress flaunting her baby bump. The crowd of prominent people in the society gasp in shock " Father, I object to this marriage. He can't marry her " she proudly said stroking her large tummy in a grin.

Chapter 1

Chapter one



Upon getting off the phone,Zain found her way to her medium size bean bag to rest when she heard a husky voice ask.

" You've truly not kissed before "

She rolled her eyes, was he seriously bringing this burnt bread back on the table.As if it wasn't embarrassing enough, it felt like her room was closing in on her.

Staring at the stranger with his espresso-brown hair with red roots which appeared in a dishevelled manner because it was still wet, she bopped into confirmation.

His neck tilted, staring at her red full lips, they were inviting him in.

He was shocked by the girl in front of him.

How could still be innocent, like she had a special beauty that mere words could not be worthy enough to describe.

Then how could she be innocent, a virgin.

This was impossible with all the promiscuity out there, one would assume finding a virgin is equal to searching for a needle in a haystack.

She wore a black vest which made her nipples visible a bit, and her tanned pierced belly button gave off a certain charm, in fact she was glorious and it could make a lesser man cry.

Zain could not comprehend why he would ask her a question and then only stare, the room was too small for the night to die off in utter uneasiness. All hope was not lost for he finally suggested in an unsure tone.

" Do you want to do something about it? "

Playing the dumbcard, Zain inquired " Something-- like "

In a casual voice, he retorted " I can take your innocence "

Why did the words just roll off his tongue,is this a normal situation for him, offering to take a girl innocence?

" Choose your words correctly, I am not losing my innocence- kiss a mere kis--"

" First " interrupted the guy in a blue shirt.

She rolled her eyes to his comment, accepting unwillingly " Yes! My first kiss. You could just put the newspaper front page"

Lowering his voice, he explained " You are a good girl Zain,be fvcking proud of it "

To make things clear, Zain has an audition tomorrow for the role of the lead character in an adaptation for a book with the most smut scenes. The author herself will take a picture with the artists who will help bring her characters to life.

To qualify,the director wants a perfect female lead as the malelead had been chosen, furthermore to see if they had chemistry they needed to get into an intense kissing scene on the bed, the very first kissing scene for the main characters. This was an important milestone in her career,after the bustling the city where she could get only adverts but this was a main role in a movie,but what if she got rejected because of her inability to kiss. Something she had never done and only watched on tv. As the say seeing is not doing.


The story follows individuals who find themselves the only left on a train with a mysterious driver they never get to see till the end of the book, the revelation is the part which made the book so popular.

" It is better to offer me your first than a stranger" he butted in smugly.

" You are a stranger " she replied coyly rubbing her hands together.

" Yes the type who sleeps in your bed and shares the same bathroom "

Zain fought the urge to Palm her face after a while of thinking she asked bashfully.

" Do I go . Are you sure you want to push through? "

They were only a foot apart. Why stopped now, Zain bit her lips shyly.

" I am ready "

The stranger patted her head like a dog who did a trick right " Good girl "

"Should I sit, or are we going to stand "

Ignoring her questions,he sent his hand through her hair at the back getting a better view of her flushed face.

" My first kiss was not good but I will make you love this "

Slowly,the handsome stranger crossed his arms behind his back. Zain noticed his actions and asked by raising a brow.

" I am holding back! "

" Don't " she curtly replied in obsessive crave.

" Mmm " he took possession of her face with her permission this time, slowly placing his lips between her lower lips he pulled and sucked. He released her lips staring to watch her facial expression,the rapid increase in her heartbeat scared him.

She was fine,with her eyes shut.

Again he moved timidly as if afraid he would break her.

He pulled and sucked on her upper lips softly caressing her hair in the process. Tilting his head he got a better angle to taste her more,the taste he seemed to get addicted to at each passing moment.

This time he sent his tongue to tangle with hers ravishing every spot of her mouth, claiming her, exploring.

As the kiss got hotter,Zain took a step backwards until she found herself on the bed with him on top of her without them parting lips, she could feel her heartbeat palpitating she would be out of breath if he continued,every touch of his hand on her skin made her moan into his mouth shamelessly.

What was happening to her?

She was kissing a stranger in her with no shame or fear of being caught.

He kissed her till her lips became sore pulling away to a breathless Zain.

" How was it ? "

Breathlessly she replied " Am-azing "

He smiled at the fact that she liked it. " That was only a teaser"

He began walking to his seat, letting her finally get her breath back

Zain inquired " When do I get the full movie? "

He chuckled softly, " If only you deserve it "

" Is that it?Are you just going to leave me hanging? "

" What did you expect? "

" You should teach me how to kiss like you did "

" Next time," he said in a mutter.

He was not going to teach her to kiss as it was case where she would kiss another guy .

It was just practice to kiss the male lead in her new movie.

No way!

She would kiss another guy.

Chapter 2

* Chapter 2 *


Days before!

Not far away from the carnival. A multi-colored van of about seventy seats of students drives and parked by the red huge gate opens the Vernice annual festival which takes place every spring.

There are many sheds of rigged games and people making merry.

As a group students go down the bus in a disordered manner.

One woman from a shed behind, wearing a conical cap and short cape.

She had one stoned eye and carried around do carry around a big crystal ball.

" One dollar, one future reading " she shouted.

One brunette nudged her companion's elbow " Go get your future ready. Maybe you will end up a billionaire.

The brown-skinned girl next to the brunette sighed, she gaped at the middle-aged woman carrying the crystal ball.

"She is way over her head. Look at her, if he could see the future she might have seen that awful fash


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