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My Little Brother

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Irena never expected that Yohan, her foster brother, would harbor love for her. Yohan's unexpected words were beyond Irena's expectations. On the other hand, Yohan must undergo treatment for the trauma he has suffered since childhood because his parents committed suicide in front of his eyes. In addition, Irena already has a lover who is none other than her own boss at the office. However, one day Irena discovers that her boyfriend is having an affair with her own best friend! Will Irena accept Yohan's love or reject it? Follow the story of the two of them who have a sweet and complicated journey.

Chapter 1

Irena felt her body being gently shaken and made her force her eyes open heavily. Soon he could see the blurry shadows starting to clear up. A young man was sitting on the edge of his bed. He looked at her while she was still lying lazily on the bed. The young man smiled. A gentle smile. The sunlight from the window blind made the brown hair shimmer.

"You don't want to be late for work, do you?"" said to the young man.

"I felt lazy this morning. You know I was late last night," complained to Irena with her pillow face. Then he managed to sit down. At that time a distinctive ringing sound sound sounded and this young man said.

"Our breakfast will be ready soon,"I'll be waiting at the table." She just woke up.Walked out of Irena's room. While the woman stretched her body. I can't be lazy! Irena reminded herself. Working and earning money is her responsibility in this house. So, even though he was heavy he pulled the blanket to clean himself in the bathroom.


Irena was ready in her formal suit. She stood in front of the standing mirror. Taking one more look at her appearance. Black stilettos enhanced her slender legs, a knee-length black skirt and a blue shirt with a white blazer completed Irena's appearance as an office worker this morning. She tied her straight brown hair together to make it look neat and not easily disheveled. The makeup on her face is also not too thick. Irena was satisfied with her style, so she grabbed her bag from the table and opened the bedroom door.

"Wow!" gushed Irena as she approached the dining table. "Everything looks delicious," she continued, seating herself on a chair while placing her handbag on the side chair. Irena's gaze did not leave the food on the table. There were waffles, bacon, and a variety of vegetable capcay. The young man made Irena's favorite meal.

"Would you like a latte or milk?" the young man asked. Irena smiled. "Latte only," she replied. Yohan was the young man's name. Five years younger than Irena. She had thought of him as a younger brother since the boy came to her house ten years ago. It was not a pleasant past for Yohan. Irena never spoke of it again after learning the story from her father.

Yohan returned from the kitchen, two glasses in his hand. One latte was placed for Irena, while he sat across from her with a glass of milk. "When will you graduate?" asked Irena before popping a piece of vegetable into her mouth. "I'll make sure I finish my final project this year," Yohan replied.

"How much is your graduation fee, let me see the cost breakdown," Irena asked. Yohan got up, walked to the table in the living room. He returned with his cell phone. He opened the file and searched for a file before showing it to Irena.

Irena carefully read the financial journal on Yohan's phone screen. Yohan was in the final semester of college this year. He would definitely be spending more money. Irena had to organize the finances to pay it all off. "You don't have to worry. Make sure you graduate this year," Irena said as she placed the phone next to the young man's glass.

She didn't actually want him to go to college. The reason was simple. Yohan didn't want to burden Irena's parents. However, Irena and her parents were determined to send him to university. Yohan had no choice but to accept. "After I graduate, you won't have to work anymore," Yohan said suddenly. His words sounded surprising to Irena. So she looked up from her gaze at the food. "Huh? Why can't I work?" Irena wondered.

"I know you're tired from working all day. I just don't want you to get tired. Let me support us both. You just need to relax at home and wait for me to come home," Yohan replied straightforwardly. There was no joke on Yohan's handsome face. Irena blinked twice. It was almost unbelievable to her. "Wow! Yohan... You've grown up, haven't you? I'm so touched!" Irena blinked with a face as if crying.

"I-I'm serious!" Yohan stammered. His white cheeks flushed. He was instantly embarrassed.

"You used to be so bitchy and stingy. But now you want to share your salary with me? Wow! It seems like I've missed a lot of things about you." Irena stated the facts. Her little Yohan was now all grown up. There was a sense of pride in Irena's mind as an older sibling, albeit not a biological one. But they had lived under the same roof.

"I want to make lunch first." Yohan was embarrassed by Irena's overreaction. So he chose to move away from her presence, and started making a lunch. Not for himself. But for Irena.


The atmosphere of the administrative division room was rather quiet when Irena arrived. The tables behind the cubicles still looked unoccupied. Irena pulled out her wheelchair and sat comfortably in front of the computer. While waiting for the screen to turn on, someone came to the next desk and sat there. "Hi, Irena!" the woman greeted cheerfully.

Irena turned her head. A woman in a yellow shirt was already at her desk. "Kayla!" she replied happily. "I thought you weren't here today," Irena said, reminding her of Kayla's absence the day before.

"Hehehe, I can't take off too long even if it's just for two days..." said Kayla, who has shoulder-length brown curls. Kayla's cheerful and pleasant face made her easy to like. The opposite of Irena, who looked bitchy when she was quiet - even though it was innate - which Irena herself often complained about, because it made other people stay away from her. They are friends but opposites. That's what made their friendship last since their college days. They have now spent seven years together.

"After a vacation to the beach, did you bring your boyfriend home?" Irena teased while playing with her mouse. She had seen Kayla's selfie on her Instagram feed yesterday with the beach in the background.

Kayla smiled wryly. "Boyfriend from where?" Then she tilted her body closer to Irena's side. "I just approached him, it turns out he has a wife!" Kayla whispered. Then she straightened her sitting position again. If she spoke out loud, it would be easily heard by anyone passing by. And that didn't rule out the possibility of becoming the topic of gossip for the employees around her by exaggerating the story.

While Irena grimaced at that. "Patience, yes. There are many other men in this world," Irena consoled him.

"Huh! How could I tell a story to someone who already has a boyfriend," Kayla said, pursing her lips.


Irena took her lunch box to the table. She wanted to eat at her desk during this break. Just then, an incoming message appeared on her phone screen.

'Happy lunch!' Accompanied by a cheerful emoticon. From the sender Yohan.

"Did you prepare that lunch yourself?" said Kayla, looking over. Noting the contents of Irena's lunchbox which looked healthy and complete.

"No, I didn't. Yohan always makes lunch for me," Irena replied matter-of-factly.

"Yohan? Your younger brother? Wow! He's so diligent! I never had a younger brother who was as attentive as Yohan. I envy you!" whined Kayla. A second later her attention was distracted by a phone call. She read the contact's name on the screen. "My mom called..." Then Kayla excused herself while carrying her cell phone.


Chapter 2


The message notification. The cell phone on the dressing table flickered. Irena stopped drying her hair with the hair dryer and reached for her smartphone. Reading one contact's name on the screen, Irena jumped with joy. She hurriedly opened an incoming message from a contact named Zen.

'What are you doing? I miss you!' That was the message from Zen. A man who had become her lover. Irena quickly typed a reply. Saying that she missed him too. Their long distance relationship had prevented them from seeing each other face to face for the past two months. For a moment Irena and Zen exchanged their words of longing in short message sentences.

Meanwhile in the kitchen, Yohan had just finished washing the dishes before turning to the oven. He wore thick gloves as he pulled out a baking sheet from the oven to move it to the table. Several snack cookies were lined up neatly on the surface of the baking sheet. They looked crispy and tantalizing. Then sh


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