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Mr Billionaire's Heart

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It is a Beautiful Love story of Eternity Granger and Aaron Knight. Meet Aaron Knight, a hardworking CEO of Knight Industries ,one of the biggest and most successful youngest Billionaire , but he thinks that life is just a business arrangement. He is a very arrogant and dominating man. Things he entirely loves is his success and Knight Industry . Now meet sunshine, who can brighten your day just by her positive nature. Eternity Granger is a very lively and bubbly innocent but highly Virtuous girl but with tormented past. He is a Burning Sun.She is a running river. Come, let us see will Eternity ever cause Aaron recognize the value of love? Love is the most beautiful part in this billionaire realm.


Eternity pov

Slowly and reluctantly, I uncover my face. I blink, close my eyes, and blink again. Streaks of sunlight penetrate the window and blind me. I sit up, drag my feet off the bed, and rub my knuckles into my eyes. I stretch my arms above my head and yawn.

I live in my apartment in New York of course I am 21 years old I didn’t live with my parents

The size of my bedroom is small out of the living room of my apartment, but I can still fit everything I need into it. I have a bed right in the middle of my squarish room, which takes up quite a bit of space, but I like it that way. You may find me laying there reading a book in the natural light coming through my window, which is my main source of light. The storage is great because it is hidden away above my wardrobe, which is built into the wall, although most of my stuff goes under the bed. There is a big black shoebox beside my bed which fits all my shoes in it. There is a mirror hanging on my off-white walls above a small table. Next to them, I have tall, white draws bulging with clothes. I have a white bedside table with an alarm clock, a rose-red touch lamp, and a blue Bluetooth speaker.

I scrolled through my social media with no notifications to see this much boring my existence, even so, I believe that one day your life will diminish from your Passion and Hard Work.

I go towards the bathroom to do my morning business, then after taking a shower; I put on my sweatshirt and shorts.

After that, I move towards the kitchen for Breakfast I was about to open the fridge for packed food

The sound of a door swinging open caused me to jump.

“Surprise Eter,” I heard my best friend Olivia’s voice

“Olli b*tch you are back," I pressed my fist to my mouth and pinching my lips between the thumb and index finger

She is in London for her business trip from her workplace Olivia and I are best friends since childhood elementary school we are partners in Crime

“Yeah, I wish to surprise my hag,” Olivia said, and the next moment I felt my breath chocking, as she wrapped her arms around me

“Wow, so how is your trip to London, b*tch,” as my neck tipped back

“Ughh Eter seriously, I was completely headache, especially when you have to go for work and that *ssh*l* manager of our branch, I stopped myself to give him peace of mind,” as spittle building up in the corners of her mouth

“Seriously, spare that poor fellow he will be in hospital if he had bad side of yours,” I spoke as I paced around the kitchen to find butter

“Yeah yeah pray he doesn’t see my bad side,” Olivia answered as her face is getting flushed with her hands getting into fist

“Okay, leave it what about that dress which we saw last time in window shopping,” I quickly changed the topic because

Warning, be careful, my best friend has very weird and toxic anger issues

“Oh, I got something,” she added and picked out an exquisite photo frame where mine and her childhood image are there

“Wowee Oli, this is amazing b*tch,” Slowly I release a deep breath while observing beautiful photo Frame

“Indeed, it is true. I bought this from London two, one is for you, another is for me, this is yours,” she answered and placed it in the living room of my apartment.

“So what would you go for to eat shag,” I demanded while reaching out bread and milk from the fridge

“Nothing hag, Come let us go to Starbucks I am dying for cold Vanilla Bean of Starbucks,” Olivia said while

Grabbing the sides of her head and then sliding fingers down the cheeks

“Okay let’s go I am in,” I wrapped my arms around myself and lead towards my bedroom and picked up a white sweatshirt and black jeans and my favorite white sneakers pulled my dark brown hair into one French braid I only put on Baby Lips lip balm, I prefer my face makeup-free it doesn’t need any makeup

I grabbed my backpack and place my credit into it and reaches out to the living room

Olivia is lying on one of the couches of the living room watching a random movie while munching chips she is in blue jeans with a yellow tank top and a denim jacket over it her black hair is in a ponytail

“Ready,” I asked while locking the door of my bedroom

Olivia lifted her eyes at me and grinned

"You looks like sh*t," she said while wiggling her eyebrows

"I know, w*nk*r," I rolled my eyes at her but my friend looking at her

My and Olivia friendship is like this, we always call each other by names, like Witch, B*tch, w*nk*r, wh*r*, hag as they are ways to express our love for each other, not the love of Romeo and Juliet but the love of BFF means Best friends forever, Olivia she is as dearer like a real sister to me.

“Yeah, let’s go,” she said, standing up and waving her arms

We made away from my apartment building and Get into Olivia’s car

She drops her car into Starbucks cafe; we come there, and I was welcomed with the delicious aroma of coffee making

rats in my tummy dancing

“You remain here. I will return our orders,” she said while taking out her credit card.. Even.

“Okay, please come fast, I am starving,” I smiled sheepishly and lead to meet at one of the tables

After spending a very wonderful time with Olivia, we were getting away from Starbucks

Suddenly Olivia’s phone buzzed

“Hello,” she answered and frowned upon hearing another person inline

“Okay, I am coming,” she pouted then looked at me as rubbing her hands together

“It’s an emergency call from work comes. I will drop you at your apartment,” she said, pouting and looking down.

“Hey, it’s okay, don’t feel bad, you go, girl, I prefer to go bicycle today,” I said

When Olivia has gone, I hire a bicycle from a website on my phone


After some moment, a boy shows up with a bicycle he showed me, bicycle and keys, and here I leave to experience riding

I love biking. I admire it all year round. That spirit of the proposition, the acceleration and the rise and fall of the path, the chance to go over grass, mud, or road... It is a freedom I will always crave. That sort of liberty is a gift, is it not? A privilege of movement, to build the self strong whilst having such fun. And so, as I pass the cars that pollute, the passengers cow-like in the seats.

While riding a bicycle,

I saw Lexus LC Easily one of the best luxury sports

My unhealthy obsession with cars

I have been busy watching that wonderful car

I was about to crash against the gigantic wall when I noticed about the accident which is about to happen to me my mouth is falling open, making my upper lip curl back, I tighten my clutch around the handle of a bicycle while closing my eyes so tight

Someone’s hands folded aro


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