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Mission solved

Mission solved

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If anyone would have predicted the future to him,I bet he'll never believe. But how did it all end,all for love , betrayal and pain. So hard to say that the one you trust will be the one to stab you from behind. Benjamin was like a father to me,the father I never have,the only one I trust after losing my first love, Mary. How would I have known? Quotes: Catherine did you have a hand in Mary's death?. Quotes: And if I do ,are you going to hand me over to the police?" Benjamin once told me " stop fighting other people battle ". Quotes: I only said that to turn you on...I bet it works. Quotes: I'm not your sex toy ONE OF US IS LYING

Chapter 1 New Life

The sounds of the police van was all over the place with a red and blue light blinding one's eye.

David hands were soiled with blood from the victim body.everyone could easily believe that he had a hand in Mary's death. But how can he kill the one he loves.

The police approached him with hand cuffs and he quietly follow.

" David!!.. I've to ask you some questions". The investigator started. " You haven't been at this school for Long right?".

" No , almost four months,I used to attend San Esteban High school".

" The one that collapsed?".


He came back home that fateful day to meet a book on my bed '' To win over the locals,the construction company funded the scholarships to study here at Las Encinas".

" I was among the lucky ones "he said to the investigator.


First day at school was awesome.

Christian, David and Nadia get to meet each other again in the same school.

" It's like a paradise man! Can't you smell it " christian laugh softly.

" Let's walk around,okay!.."

The trio spent not more than 30mins walking over the school.

" Oh dude, they're looking at Us like we are Martin's"

" You'll get use to it ".

" Come on ,how about a selfie".

Nadia wonder if this guy talks for a living.

" You know you can't use phone in School,if you are caught, they'll confiscate it for a week ''.nadia point out.

" That's against the constitution ".

" You read the constitution?" David wondered because he really know christian never reads.

" No , am waiting for the movie " Christian smirks.

" When your name is Nadia shams, you'd better know what can get you expelled ".

They walked and talk, smiling and laughing. The scholarship trophy to study wide and far was really amazing that Nadia couldn't get her eye off it.

" Everything is fucking amazing,the pool,the bathroom, the baseball court......" Christian rants his mouth up and down as they made their way to the class.

******** *******

" You were in the same class?"

David nodded at the investigator question.

" Dave, you'd better be saving us alot of time and work if you answer a simple question.....why did you have blood on you?".

" I didn't kill her,I need a lawyer please".


" What else isn't allowed in this school?"

"Drinking, smoking on the ground, doing drugs..."

" So they don't allow anything cool" christian asked rushing into a group of guys Playing basketball,he took the ball, tapped and made his way as they cheered him .

" Depending on what you think is cool" Nadia keep up with her lecture to him.

"Here is the class room,wait for the teacher and after classes,I'll assign you lockers" the principal said and left.

" Are you the new kids?"

" Yes!"

" Good luck then, you're gonna be needing it".

The cute girl entered the class which was also David and his friends class.

" Hey guys,am Christian " Chris bash into the class.

" Who's this guy" Alex scoff"

" Hi there.."

" Good morning class,how's everyone doing, please sit!." The teacher Mr Martin walks in.

" Okay ,as we all know,we have three new student with us today, let's meet them."

"Hi everyone,am Christian valerian " he sat back while everyone laugh at his short bio.

"Ohh okay please next".

" Thank you Mr teacher".

"Hahahaha......" Another round of laughter rolled.

" Hello,am Nadia Shana,am 17,my family are from Palestine but I was born here in Spain, and I'd like to be a professional diploma I'm united nations". Nadia introduce and sit back.

" Wow, impressive" the whole class gave out a round of applause.

" You know, every year we chose the best student and the trophy is rather ugly,but it allow you to study in the next year at any .....who can tell me where?"

All hands were up." Yes you, Catherine go ahead".

" At the school in Florida, which gives you access to an ivy league university" Cathy explained smiling.

" How can you win?". Nadia asked with a curiosity of winning.

"Excelling in all activities,both curricular and extra curricular, photography, Chinese..... check out the list". Mr Martin assured.

" If I were you, I'd watch out for her, she'll take no prisoners."Alex whispered to lucy.

"Ohh! Ridiculous!". Lucy smirked.

" Am David Gracia,I've got the feeling anything I say will be used against me,so I'll remain silent ". David said sitting as he noticed Mary eye on him.

"Oh darling " Lucy tensed.

"So class,let's continue with what we left yesterday ".

Chapter 2 Patrick return

David sat by the stream besides the school devouring his Apple.

" Of all the people there,you had to mess with my brother" Mary approach him , tapping his shoulder gently.

" Oh that was your brother?".

" Yeah ,they say the rich don't suffer, in case nobody told you,it's cool having you in class".

" Thanks".

" Hey guys " Alex and Paul greet in union approaching the two. " Can we stay with you two".

" We are only trying to be friends " Paul offered a handshake.

" Do you like my sister? She's a fan of lost causes...."

"Alex go to hell!". Mary cursed ." Leave him alone please ".

" Let's have him a bit ,we want to get to know him". Paul requested " or are you afraid of us " they both laughed at David .

Mary walks away angry at her brother's attitude towards David.



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