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Lycan King’s Nemesis

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“I know you are a werewolf and I know why you are here, but be rest assured I will never accept you as my fated mate and Luna queen. “I, Newton Ashton Montgomery, hereby reject you as my fated mate.” “No, I will never accept your rejection, King!” Gwendolyn Hills grew up having everything she always wanted in life. Right from when she was a pup, she merely had to snap her fingers and get whatever it is. Every girl either wanted to be her or be her friend. The one thing she always looked forward to was her eighteenth birthday when she will shift to her wolf and become mated to her childhood crush and best friend,Julian, the incoming Alpha. Then on that very day, not only was she unable to transform, her once-perfect life fell apart before her eyes. In the snap of a finger, she became nothing but the pack’s new freak. When she had an encounter with the cold-hearted King of Lycan, her life further plunged deeper into a bottomless pit and this time, plunged with her heart. How is she going to fix the missing puzzles of her life, mend her broken heart and find true happiness in the midst of trying to find herself? Let's journey together to find out.



Today was prom; the most anticipated day in the werewolf kingdom. Today, every werewolf of the mating age was supposed to assemble at the pack house at 10 pm and when it was midnight we are going to shift to our wolves after which we would scent out our mates, and together head out to prom.

To most people, meeting their wolves made it special for them, but to me, it was not just about meeting my other half, it was even more important because finally my best friend; Julian, and I get to scent out each other as mates and he would ask me to prom.


I jerked up from the bed I was lying on and threw the book I was reading to the side as I rushed to wear my slippers. "Yes, Mother!" I hurriedly left the room for the door.

"What are you doing? it's almost time,” She bickered, looking edgy as she gestured with her hands from the foot of the stairs.

"I just finished bathing, Mother. I was about to dress up," I lied through my teeth.

"Okay, hurry up so that your father can_"

"Uhm...that won't be necessary, Mother. Julian will soon be here to pick me up."

"What!" My sister stuck her head out of her room to ask, a mischievous smile on her face."I will go with you guys, Gwen."

I rolled my eyes. "I'm sorry, you have to go with Dad. This might be the last time I spend with him. I can't share." I crossed my hands on my chest defiantly.

She glared hard. "Very well, soothe yourself." she slammed her door in irritation.

"Hurry on, Gwen. I don't want any of you going late."

"Yes, mom," I said and went back into the room.

I hurried through my arrangements not caring about makeup because after all, by the time we shift, everything would be a waste. What's the point?

I ran down the stairs at the same time a car honked outside. I knew it was Julian.

"Bye, mom, dad! See you at the pack house,” I squealed, not waiting for any of them to catch up with me lest they give me one of their pitiful baby kisses and assurances.

"Hey.” I jumped into the open door, going to peck Julian on the cheek. I hesitated for a good three minutes to wash my eyes over his too-handsome features.

"What?" His sharp brown eyes crinkled in confusion at me.

I let him go. "Nothing," I sighed and relaxed back. "Are you nervous?"

"No," he said sharply. "Why should I be?"

I looked at him, still trying to look cool. But the truth was that I wasn't. I had always had a powerful crush on my incoming Alpha and best friend, Julian. I mean who wouldn't? This guy was more like a ticking bomb. Every girl in this pack probably jerked off looking at his dashingly hot pictures every night.

Unfortunately, I knew he might not feel that way towards me. To him, I was just Gwendolyn Hills, the Beta's first daughter. His best friend, train mate and confidant. Nothing more.

"Are you...are you anticipating the new change in our lives?" I dared to ask.

"Of course, Gwen. I've always been ready for this. You ask like you don't know this day has been drummed into my ears from the day I was born. So... I'm not freaked."

Yeah, maybe I am being selfish here. Today was not just about shifting and people like Julian, the responsibility of the pack would automatically fall on his shoulders whether he wanted it or not. I felt for him.

I wish I would be the one to stand by his side during this period. I obsessively hope so. Instinctively, I reached out and wrapped my hand around his forearm, and leaned into his warmth. "It's going to be fine, Jules. You have me with you all the way."

"Yeah, thanks." He whispered.

We didn't speak again until we got to the pack house and together walked into the big mansion where he resided.

We greeted the Alpha and Luna as they asked about my father, the Beta before Julian took me to me to his room to rest and wait for the other pups to arrive.

Then it was midnight. By now other pup had arrived and we were all congregated outside. Even our parents were here and everywhere was humming with pack members.

I was standing close to my parents with my sister watching the podium where the Alpha, his Luna, and Julian were standing and... waiting.

Julian was the first to shift to a giant grey wolf turned and howled to the moon.

Then the others began transforming close to me.

I was still watching in amazement when my sister fell on her knees beside me and began her transformation. That was when I became worried. I looked at my parents. "Dad, Mom, I'm not feeling anything," I said in an agitated hushed tone.

"Calm down, Princess," My Dad said in his usual soothing tone. "Don't think much about it, let yourself go."

I did what he said. I even closed my ears from being distracted by the numerous howling and cracking bones around me. Nothing.

My marrows chilled in nervousness, sweat starting to break out. "Dad, Mom, what's going on?" I looked at the moon. Nothing was happening.


"Dad!" I whisper-yelled, telling him with my eyes not to patronize me. I have a Beta blood running inside me, I am supposed to be among the first to transform after Julian. Even my sister had transformed and right now my mother wasn't even paying me any attention because she was running her fingers through the furs of my sister!

I looked at the moon, willing it not to retire because that would be the end. But the moon seemed to be going in, little by little.

I looked around, everyone had transformed. Even the parents had already transformed! Everyone, including Alpha Kai and Luna Bet. Only me and my parents were still standing.

Then the moon finally disappeared into the dark clouds, bringing an end to the shifting time, and at once, everyone started howling with their nozzles to the sky, in obeisance to the moon goddess.

But I couldn't. It finally dawned on me. I didn't transform. I was still human. I won't be considered the same without a wolf.

As these thoughts whirled through my head, I didn't notice my peers had started scenting out their mates and were going to them.

"Baby, it's going to be alright, maybe you are a late bloomer_"

"Don't say that, father! I am not a late bloomer! What is happening to me?!" I left without waiting for the answer. I had to see Julian. Only he could give me the assurance I desperately needed right now.

But I couldn't find him anywhere.

Where was Julian?



I scouted through the entire pack ground in search of the distinctive giant grey wolf among the crowd. But I didn't see him.

Where did Julian go? I knew I saw him on the podium with his parents and then in the snap of my eyes, he disappeared. There was no way he went inside.

Retreating back to where my parents were standing, I didn't see them too. By now, my panic was climbing, bitterness taking a large position in my chest.

I stood still, running my eyes about as some of my peer groups came out from dressing up and walked to their cars with their mates. I didn't have any. No wolf. No mate. I was the person that anticipated this day more, but now, I was the one without any. And my best friend is no where to be found.

Nor my family.

"Hey, freak!" I jumped and turned about, my eyes nearly falling out of their sockets when they fell on my three friends, Crayon, Barley and Dolly.

Did Crayon just call me a freak? I chose to ignore that a

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