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Loving Gianna

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The unexpected is bound to happen and that was the definition of Nate and his ex girlfriend, Gianna's relationship. For years the Bythesea and The Hinsen's have been at war with each other. Nate was a Hinsen and Gianna was the best friend of the Bythesea who hated him so much. After being away for six years Nate is back with one goal in mind and that is to get his ex-girlfriend Gianna back. But there is one problem or one person standing in their way. They may be able to sneak around like six years ago but what happens when Nate wants more but her best friend is determined to make him get less?

Chapter 1

Gianna's pov

"Can you believe it?" Maria asked.

"What is it Maria? Would you tell me already?" I replied, almost annoyed.

She giggled. I wonder what she had to tell me, she never calls me out by this time at night except she had a fight with Alex which was a bit annoying seeing as they fought constantly but a friend has got to be a friend right?

She had told me about their fight already which was no surprise. Maria always said Alex was at fault which I was prone to believing at first but now I do wonder what if both parties were equally at fault. I mean Alex does try to keep up with someone like Maria even with all the baggage. You could see they clearly loved each other which brought a pang to my chest.I wanted a relationship like theirs too maybe even better. Someone I could tell everything and anything.

"You remember Nate right?"

"Nate? You mean Nate Hinsen? " I asked.

'It couldn't be him could it?' I thought to myself.

"Yes"she replied, taking a sip from her drink. "That b*st*rd is back. You should have seen him..."

Impossible! I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Nate was back? After all this time? No she's probably just joking with me it can't be, There's no way this is happening "...anna! Gianna!" Maria shouted bringing me back to reality "What are you thinking? Do you miss him?" She asked.

"What hell no!" I replied

She laughed "You were staring like he was your long lost lover"

'Well he is' I said to myself not that it was something I could tell Maria. She'd freak out if she found out Nate and I had tangled in the sheets in the past.

"Why would I even date that scumbag puff" I laughed while sipping my drink.

"You should have seen the way he drove in today

Almost like he owned the town. B*st*rd"

He probably drove in like every other person would but ... Let's just say the Hinsen and Bythesea has got history together and that history started with being friends for generations and becoming enemies all of a sudden for generations the story is not mine to tell.

"Maria!"Alex shouted walking up to us

"About time"I whispered picking up my coat

"Alex?"She asked "what are you doing here?"

I turned to the bartender "He'll pay for our drinks"

"Gianna you did not!"Maria screamed at me as I smiled. I loved her but seriously this feud between them has been going on for some days and even if she had cried her eyes out two nights prior, she still refuses to see him.

"Thanks for the drink Alex"I said as I left the bar while blowing Maria a kiss.

Maria is gonna kill me for calling Alex but oh well it's not like I could leave her there. With my hands in pokect I looked at the sky Nate was back. Should I be happy or sad? Because I feel like sh*t right now.

After going missing for almost seven years he had to return now just when I was starting to get over him. I do better get home the night is cold just like my mood.

As I walked closer to my apartment I could see someone seated at the front. Huh? I thought to myself a burglar? But if it's a burglar he should already be inside my house. Who was it? Why isn't he leaving?

After walking around for over an hour I finally got the courage to walk up to this person. "Uhm excuse me?" I asked

He raised he's head looking up at me "Hey" he whispered. I paused almost falling. I remember this! I remember this green eyes that stared at me like they haven't got a problem in the world. No it can't be. This was impossible and why is he looking at me like that almost like he was saying finally.


"Yes Gianna" He replied with a genuine smile. I had always thought what would be the first thing I would do if I ever see him again, maybe beat the crap out of him or telling to get out but the first thing I said was

"What are you doing here?"

"I'm here to see you obviously."

"Don't get sarcastic with me right now. You disappeared for six years seven months and thirteen days not that I was counting and you think you can just waltz into my life like the f*ck*ng Cinderella right now?"

"Gianna, I can explain."

"Yeah of course you can but do I look like I'm interested in hearing it?"

"Gianna, please just listen to me" he said.

I loved the way he said my name. It always made my heart skip a bit. The lovely bass of his voice. Seeing him here in front of my house brought back memories I was so desperate to forget. I hate him for making me feel like this. For making me still want nothing more than for him to kiss me at this moment but no my anger supersedes any other emotion right now.

"I don't want to see you Nate. Standing at the front of my house and having this conversation in itself will spark rumors and you know it. Get out Nate and don't come back."

"No wait I've got..." I closed the door in his face before he could finish whatever he was saying. I was sick of this, all this time I've been trying to forget about him and he just comes up here smiling like he didn't mean to do anything? I fell to the ground sobbing.

"Gianna" I heard someone whisper. I knew that voice too well because I heard it just a moment ago

"What?" I asked with disbelief. I stood up and put on the lights "How did you get in?"

"The windows were opened" he said, pointing at them. I forgot my ex was f*ck*ng Nate Hinsen. He do jump through any window to come find me or he used too.

"So? If it was open did it scream 'Nate if the door is locked I am the way' huh? Tell me!"

"Gianna listen to me would you"

"No!"I screamed, throwing my bag at him. "I don't want to!"


I threw the nearest item my hand could reach to him "Is it so hard to leave me!"


And the next one "wait? I should wait? Are you being serious right now? Don't you think I have waited enough?"

"No that's not what I mean"

"Right it's never what you mean!"

"Gianna listen to me please"He begged

"No!" I screamed "Nate please just leave me alone" I cried unable to bear it anymore "Haven't you done enough damage already"


"Please Nate"

He opened his mouth about saying something but just whispered "Goodnight" jumping out the window. I fell to the ground crying. I was sick of

Chapter 2

Gianna's pov


5! I ran through the hallway going as fast as I could 4!

"Would you stop counting?"I said to Nate in frustration. We were talking on the phone and I couldn't wait to see him. Vacation does that to you. I'm pretty sure any student seeing me right now would think I'm crazy. I was running through the hallway holding a phone next to my ear and smiling sheepishly.

"Not until you get here"he laughed"3!"

"Ugggh"I groaned climbing the stairs, I would have been there already if not for Maria.


How much longer before I get there? I asked myself and this shoes are so fucking uncomfortable

"1!" Bang! I opened the door "you're late" he replied

"No I'm not I opened the door immediately you said 1 '' I said walking up to him not forgetting to close the door since we did not want anybody to know about our rela


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