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  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Lana
  • Chapters: 44
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 486
  • 7.5
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The story follows the journey of Isadora Alencar, a brave young woman who leaves her hometown in Goiás to try for a better life in Brasília. However, she soon discovers that the difficulties are greater than she imagined. After several jobs, Isadora meets Madeleine, a client at the boutique where she works, and receives a job offer that drastically changes her life. She decides to become a luxury call girl, embarking on a completely different world than what she had planned for her life. By accepting this new job, Isadora sees the opportunity to provide a better life for her family and fulfill her dreams and future plans. However, everything changes again when she receives a tempting proposal to work in Europe, causing her plans and life perspectives to suddenly transform. Follow Isadora's journey as she faces the trials and tests that life presents her, seeking to fulfill her dreams, but also facing dilemmas and the consequences of her choices.

Chapter 1

Isadora was getting ready for another night of work. The 19-year-old young woman came from the countryside to the big city in search of her dreams and ended up leaving the physiotherapy school for the nightclub where she worked every night. Isa, as her friend Carolina called her. He used to live in Anápolis, a city in the interior of Goiás, and months ago, he went looking for work in Brasília, where he met Carolina in one of his temporary jobs. After going through several places in a few months, the young women ended up receiving a proposal that would change their lives.

Madeleine, or Maddy, as you liked to be called, met the two on a visit to a store in the mall where the friends worked, and an invitation was enough to change their lives. Isa and Carol were invited to work at the La Mour nightclub, where the most beautiful and polite girls worked.

“Isa, you go alone. I told Maddy that I can't work. She asked me to stay home and you can go.

Isa went to her friend and noticed that she had a fever, went to the kitchen and filled the pitcher with water, took the cold pills and took them to Carolina.

— Carol, take this medicine, rest, in a little while I'm going to ask Dona Rosa to bring you something to eat — Rosa was a retired lady who lived alone in the apartment next to the girls.

- Okay friend. I hope that tonight you serve a special client, and who knows, maybe you won't find your executive prince.

“Girl, the fever is getting to your mind. Go rest and I'll try not to arrive at dawn.

Isa took her small suitcase with her night clothes and went to wait for Luiz, the Uber friend of the girls.


Felipe listened to his friend Eduardo telling about his last investment, where he had bought a bankrupt company that he would recover soon. Felipe and Eduardo were childhood friends, raised together from the cradle, and children of best friends Helena and Ana.

"What do you say we go to a nice place to relax?"

Eduardo was a convinced bachelor and didn't think about marriage, while Felipe, at 30 years old, was still looking for someone to love.

- What place? — Felipe took the car keys and checked the look for the last time in his apartment.

“A place to relax, which you already know, where we're going to have fun for a while.


Madeleine and Isadora were talking about Carol, the nightclub owner was fighting with Isa for not taking her friend to the emergency room. Madeleine was a 50-year-old French lady who came to Brazil at the age of 20 after losing everything in France and ended up falling into the unglamorous world of prostitution. But by bad luck, or who knows luck, she met a man who took her out of this world and 10 years later, widowed and rich, she ended up returning to her origins. The ex-prostitute, as she called herself, was different from all pimps. She treated the girls well, if they wanted to party that's fine, if they just wanted to dance that's fine too.

The nightclub was frequented by men and women of high society. The rich lesbians didn't mix with the men in the salon and were served by the girls in a separate part.

— Maddy, I'm going to the salon and I intend to serve a maximum of 3 clients. I arranged with Seu Luiz to pick me up before 3 am. Dona Rosa has already brought Carol dinner and she is sleeping.

— Okay daughter, I hope you earn well today and don't tell anyone, but today's profit will be yours alone. I spoke to your mother last week, and she asked me how you were at the hotel.

For Isa's family, the young woman was a receptionist at a luxury hotel, since her parents and younger sister lived in the interior of Goiás and the young woman, in a few months, managed to save good money and, with Maddy's help, bought the house without her parents knowing that she was the owner.

Isa looked at herself in the office mirror and liked what she saw. That night she wore a short dress with almost transparent straps, which left her full breasts practically exposed. The hazel hair cascaded down her bare back and the not too much makeup gave her an innocent yet sensual look.

She kissed her boss and friend and went to the salon.


Felipe and Eduardo had been in that place for almost half an hour and the businessman already wanted to leave. None of the girls available there interested him and even Eduardo was discouraged.

— I think tonight is not going to be very lively — Eduardo said without noticing his friend mesmerized by the young woman in the black dress and curly hazel hair who was walking towards the bar.

—Eduardo, if you want to go, call Ernesto to pick you up. I'll stay here a little longer.

The businessman went to Carlos, the man who managed the salon, and said something. The manager motioned for him to go to one of the exclusive rooms that he would let the girl know.


Isa ordered an orange juice, but didn't even have time to finish the order when she noticed Carlos approaching her.

— Little one, we have a client, and this is one of those who rarely comes here, but when he does, he opens his hand to the girls. Show your best and he'll reward you - Carlos slapped the young woman's back, who kissed the old man and replied that he would try his best that night.

He went to the room where he served customers. Upon entering, he saw a man of almost 1.90 m with his back to the window looking at the landscape outside. With light brown hair and haughty posture. He wore a white shirt and black slacks.

- Goodnight! - Isa said as she locked the bedroom door and checked that all the items she used were in the drawer. He checked the condoms, lube and some toys that some clients liked to use to spice up during s*x, s*x toys made most clients more excited with the urge to innovate and let the perversion of their minds run wild.

The customer turned around and Isa saw how much prettier he was from the front and, looking at her, a smile appeared on his lips. That was the reaction of most clients when looking at her and her body, as if Isa were the very incarnation of the S*x Goddess.

Chapter 2

Isadora started her nightly speech and asked him to sit on the bed as she explained that she didn't do anal. Otherwise there was no problem.

Felipe just looked at the young woman who caught his attention as soon as he laid eyes on her. In a way, she unsettled him and he was ready to dive into her tonight.

The girl knelt down in front of him and helped him take off his shoe and sock. Felipe noticed how fast she was in what she did, without thinking twice, she was direct and without preambles.

— You're very straightforward — Felipe said as soon as Isadora sat on his lap and started unbuttoning his shirt. The way she pressed her ass into his lap started to make him horny, crazy and with insane thoughts of what he was going to do with her that night.

“Perhaps because time is money. If you called me in here it's because you want sex and that's what I do in this room.

As she spoke, she stripped off his shirt, throwing it into a corner of t


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