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Loveless Marriage Contract

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Serena in no way desired to get married, but what can she do when her dad is geared up to sell her to make a name, Serena is a lovely girl born into a wealthy family, she is 20 years still in college, very humble and reserved additionally would not worry about her rich background, she has dreamt of having her personal dream man. But she suddenly woke up to her own nightmare of getting married. But to whom? Chester Holloway, the son of one of the richest conglomerate in the country, very reserved and strict, a business oriented man however with manly charms, he can make any lady drool at simply flinging his hair, he is 25 yrs old, also about to take over of one of his father's company. What form of struggle do you think would bloom between the two families?? What occurs when life dealt with her in her loveless contract marriage? Do you think matters will work out properly for them? Do you assume she can soften the heart of the strict business man??

Serena's pain

SERENA'S BEDROOM - EARLY MORNINGSerena, a beautiful 20-year-old girl, paces back and forth in her messy bedroom. She was dressed up for college, her face filled with anger and frustration. Her mother, MRS. ANDERSON, enters the room, looking worn out."I can't believe you couldn't change his mind, Mom! How could Dad agree to this marriage while I'm still in college?" She stated angrily,"Serena , please calm down. We've discussed this before. Your father believes it's the right time for you to marry, and he wants what's best for you." Mrs Anderson said, Serena slams her hands on the table, causing some books and papers to fly off."No, no, no! It's not fair! I've worked so hard to get to where I am. I deserve to finish my education before getting married!" Serena said with tears at the verge of her eyes."I understand your frustration, Serena, but your dad's decision is final. Marrying into the influential Holloway family will benefit us in many ways. You'll still have the opportunity to study while being married." Her mother said softly,"That's not what I envisioned for myself, Mom. I want to build a career, not just be a trophy wife! It's my life, and I should have a say in it!" She yelled angrily,"I know it's hard for you to accept right now, but maybe you'll change your mind once you meet Chester. He's a kind young man, and he would genuinely care for you." Her mother said again,Serena wipes away her tears, trying to compose herself. She takes a deep breath and nods reluctantly."Alright, Mom. I'll give it a chance, but I'm not promising anything. Now, I need to head to college. I can't be late on my first day back." She said and rushed out of the house. STARNESS COLLEGE Serena walks through the lively college campus, her two best friends, Louella and Rowan, spot her and rush to greet her. They share warm hugs, excited to be reunited."Serena! You're finally back! How was your summer break?" Louella said grinning widely,"Tell us everything, Serena. Did you have any wild adventures without us?" Rowan said smiling too,"Well, I wish I could say it was wild, but it was mostly filled with arguments and family drama." Serena said with a slight smile."Oh no, what happened?" Louella asked,Serena fills them in on the conversation she had with her mother, explaining her father's decision and the impending marriage.Serena, that's insane! How could they make such a big decision without your consent? Rowan said,"I know, right? But I guess they believe they know what's best for me. They think I can still pursue my dreams while being married. We'll see about that." She said nodding"Well, we'll be right here, supporting you every step of the way. You deserve to have your voice heard, Serena. Don't let anyone take that away from you." Louella assured her.Serena smiles, grateful for her friends' unwavering support. As they walk towards their first class, determined to make the most of Serena's college years. ANDERSON LIVING ROOMA lavish living room, adorned with elegant furniture and beautiful paintings. MRS. Anderson, in her late 40s, sits tensely on the couch. MR. Anderson, a well-dressed but stern man in his early 50s, paces back and forth, clutching a file in his hand. Tension fills the air."Marcus, please reconsider this marriage for Serena. It's not fair to force her into this contract. She deserves to be happy, not trapped in an arrangement for the sake of your business." Mrs Anderson begged,MR. Anderson stops his pacing, sighs, and turns to face his wife."Venita, when will you understand? This contract marriage is a golden opportunity for our business. It'll bring stability, alliances, and financial growth that we desperately need. Serena should be grateful for this opportunity." Marcus said harshly,Mrs. Anderson's eyes well up with tears, her voice quivering."But Marcus, Serena's happiness should be our priority. It's her future we're playing with, not just our business. We should let her live her own life, make her own choices." Venita said"I've made my decision, Venita! Our business is more important than any temporary happiness Serena may find. She will thank us in the long run when she inherits a thriving empire." Marcus stated angrily,"But at what cost, Marcus? Can't you see how much we're hurting her? She deserves love, not a loveless contract marriage. Please, for once, put our daughter's well-being before your business."Venita said sobbing,Tears stream down Mrs. Anderson's face as Mr. Anderson's expression turns cold."You've always been blinded by emotions, Venita, and I won't allow it to jeopardize our future. I won't discuss this any further." Marcus said harshly.Venita sobs uncontrollably, her heart breaking, as Marcus storms out of the room without a backward glance. Left alone, Venita crumbles on the couch, and continued sobbing. "Serena, my darling, I'll keep fighting for you. I won't let your father's obsession with his business overshadow your happiness." Venita whispered softly to herself.She wipes away her tears, takes a deep breath, and strengthens her resolve to find a way out of this predicament, for the sake of her daughter.Serena's Bedroom, Late AfternoonSerena walks into her room, her face still red from frustration and anger. She swiftly closes the door behind her and collapses onto her bed, burying her face in her pillow. Louella and Rowan, her friends since high school, had joined her in the cafeteria after their chemistry class for their usual post-class gossip session. Today, the hot topic of discussion was the attractive boys in their class. It had lifted Serena's spirits momentarily, but now, the reality of her impending marriage contract weighs heavily on her mind.Serena (teary-eyed): Why does my life have to be predetermined like this? I don't want to marry some stranger chosen by my dad!She wipes away her tears and scrolls through her phone, searching for a distraction. However, every social media post that showcases friends living their lives freely only reminds her of the confined future awaiting her."I deserve a love story, not an arranged marriage. I want to fall in love naturally, on my own terms." She sobbed again,Suddenly, she hears voices outside her bedroom door. Curiosity gets the better of her, and she slowly creeps toward the door, pressing her ear against it." ...and the merger will be mutually beneficial for both our companies. However, we need to finalize the deal by the end of this year, including Serena's marriage contract." Marcus said"I understand the urgency, Mr Anderson. Rest assured, we will make sure Serena is well taken care of. Our families have a long-standing alliance, after all." The unknown voice said,The conversation sends waves of anger and frustration coursing through Serena's veins. She clenches her fists, her knuckles turning white." Taken care of? Is that all I am? A pawn in their business deal?" She asked angrily,Unable to contain her emotions any longer, Serena storms back into her room, slamming the door open and confronting her dad and the unknown man." What is this I hear about a marriage contract? Is this how little you think of me, Dad? Just a bargaining chip for a business deal?" She said again," Serena, I didn't expect you to be home so soon. We were just discussing a potential partnership with the Holloways, and a marriage contract is part of the agreement." Marcus said"Serena, I assure you, your happiness is a priority for both our families. I'm very sure my son will take care of you." The unknown man said,Serena's eyes dart between her dad and the unknown man. She takes a deep breath, trying to regain her composure." My happiness should not be determined by a business deal. I won't allow it. I have dreams and ambitions of my own, and I refuse to be trapped in a marriage I didn't choose." She explained,"Serena, I understand your concerns, but sometimes sacrifices have to be made for the greater good. This is a decision we believed was best for both you and our companies." Marcus said,Serena's frustration boils over, and she angrily storms past her father, heading toward her bed. She sits down at her desk, cradling her head in her hands."I deserve a chance to pursue my dreams, to fall in love on my own terms. Why does everything have to revolve around these business alliances?" She said sobbing quietly.Louella and Rowan, concerned for their friend, had followed Serena to her room unnoticed. They exchange concerned glances before joining her side."Serena, we're here for you. We'll help you fight for the future you truly desire. No matter what it takes." Louella said supportively," You deserve to be happy, Serena. We'll make sure you get your chance at love and fulfillment. You're not alone in this." Rowan added,Serena wipes away her tears, her face a mix of determination and gratitude." Thank you, guys. With you by my side, I know we can find a way to change my fate. I won't let this marriage contract define my future." She said with a Stern face.

The conference

MR HOLLOWAY'S LIVING ROOMThe room is elegantly decorated, with tasteful artwork adorning the walls. MR. Holloway, sits in a plush armchair, reading a newspaper. MRS. Holloway enters the room carrying a tray of tea.(settling the tray on the coffee table)"Darling, have you given any more thought to the marriage arrangements between Chester and Serena?" Mrs Holloway asked"Yes, my dear. I've engaged the Andersons' wedding planner, and they seem quite pleased with the choice. they have such refined taste; I'm confident she'll have a vision for the perfect wedding. Mr Holloway said looking up from his newspaper.The door opens, revealing Chester their son, dressed impeccably in a tailored tuxedo. His vibrant smile and confident demeanor light up the room."Good morning, Dad!" Chester greeted, "Chester, my boy! You look dashing and handsome in that tuxedo. Your mother and I


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