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Claire and Miriena are both friends and roommates, studying in the same university. Claire gets caught up and falls Inlove with a doctor. She finds out that the doctor has a wife abroad and she gets mad with rage! She decides she was going to get her revenge on her lover and anyone that might try to stop her. At the process, Miriena falls into her trap and gets entangled with a guy named Eric, and falls Inlove. Eric finds out a huge secret and decides to use it against his enemy. It becomes a crucial fight, but one must win! Love triggered could expose a lot, one might not understand and one might wonder what's real and what's not. This is a story about love, trust, betrayal and revenge! Join me in the journey as we unfolds which actually wins! ENJOY.

Chapter 1

Mireina walked home from class that Friday afternoon feeling so tired, thirsty and at the same time, very famished. If there was any other way to describe how tired she was, I guess that would be exhausted, tiresome and fatigued. The sun that fateful afternoon was so hot and scorching that it could make even the cold water to get boiled. She looked down, touching her clothes gently, she felt some drops of sweat tickle down from her body and slightly wetting her dress. She quickly released the dress to avoid causing more damage to the dress, atleast before she gets home.

She still had few more steps to go before she could get to the hostel, where she lived. She cursed silently under her breathe, because it looked like the more distance she walked towards home, the farther it became.

Luckily, within ten minutes, she was standing infront of the gate of the hostel. She pushed the gate open forcefully only to find out that the gate was locked from within, so she knocked desperately, hoping the gate keeper was nearby to attend to her. The sun was very hot and she was starting to feel so dizzy.

Fortunately for her, the gatekeeper opened up as soon as she knocked, just as she wished, he was nearby. She greeted him casually and walked briskly towards the house. She sighed deeply, as she climbed up the stairs that led to her room.

"So happy it's weekend already, I can't afford going for another lectures tomorrow, it is really tiring. Today being the worse of it all. I can't imagine I stood under the sun for up to three hours. Three bloody hours under this, this tough weather condition. Gosh! Glad I got what I wanted anyway. I wish I could get a good body massage and a nice food." She lamented to herself, still walking up to her room.

Getting to her room, she tried to open the door but then, she noticed that it was locked. So Claire wasn't back from class? She wondered. Taking the key from her bag, she placed it inside the key hole and unlocked the door. She pushed the door open and walked inside the room, banging the door behind her, not minding the loud noise that came after.

She dropped her bag on the table and fell flat on the bed. She stayed there for sometime trying to regain her strength. She still had to prepare dinner, since it was her turn to so and she returned earlier from class as well. The thought of that weakened her and she wished she could skip it, but that was far from it.

She touched her cloth and that was when it occured to her that she has been lying on the bed with her wet clothes still on. Thinking about that, she rose up quickly from the bed and undressed. Then, she went to the bathroom at the other side of the room to take her bath and refreshen herself. The sun had really dealt cruelly with her even without an atom of mercy. She really had her skin cooked by the ruthless rays from the sun, so she claimed.

After bathing, she oiled her skin with her soft body lotion till her whole body was moisturised. Then, she took a light cloth from her cloth hanger and put it on.

Just as she was putting on the clothes, she got a beep on her phone. She took the phone from her bag where it had been and checked it out. It was a text message from Claire, and she read it out loudly, though to no one in particular, since she was the only one in the room.

"Hi Mireina, I think I will be home late. I had an urgent emergency that I needed to attend to in the hospital, as I was asked to assist. Though I'm not sure how long it might take, maybe a while. I Just thought I should tell you so you don't worry about me. I will see you later."

"Ohhh, another emergency huh. I just hope you do not kill yourself with a lot of hospital work Clair." She sighs lightly. "Anyway, that's a little relief for me, I don't need to hurry my cooking now. I will just have something light to eat, so I could get more strength to cook." She said to herself, after she was done reading the text she got. She tossed the phone on the bed.

Relieved that Claire wasn't coming home anytime soon, she prepared some cereal mixture in condesed milk and started eating it. She would rest a little while after that before cooking. She was stressed out after a long day in the lecture hall. She wished she could order for food just as other rich girls and guys in the other apartments by the side would do when they can't cook. Unfortunately, she didn't have that kind of money. She only had cash for strictly school expenses.

She let the thought and idea of ordering for food out of her mind since that would cost her some money which she might not get to retrieve when she is in real need of it.

"Well, when I start making more money, then I can order for a lot or soup and stew with assorted meat and fish in it. For now, I will cook what I have." She said, in a way to comfort herself so she doesn't feel bad about it.

With that, she took the plate she used in taking her cereals to the kitchen and washed them. Which after she was done, she started preparing dinner, without wasting more time.

She decided to prepare soup and stew that evening, since it was Friday. She would be busy with some other things the next day. She decided that it was best she cooked both that evening to make everything very easyfor her the next day.

That decision was a very tough one, especially for the fact that she was really tired. Yeah, it was, but there was no ought for regrets.

Chapter 2

It took Mireina about three to four hours to be done with all that had to cook and she was so tired after all of that.

She decided to have her bath again as she was sweaty already. By the time she was done bathing and came out of the bathroom, she checked the time and saw that it was just few minutes to 9 PM. She sighed heavily and went on to dish her food.

By this time, Claire, her roommate and friend as well wasn't back from the hospital as she claimed she was and it was getting late out there.

After dishing her food, she took it to their study table as it was a student room and there was no dinning room. So, the study table subsequently served as their dinning table.

She started eating as soon as she dropped the food on the table and sat down. The food was really tasty, she savoured all without thinking twice. She was a very good cook and as a matter of fact, she was awarded the best cook in the cooking competition she went about some year


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