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Shield Nazo Philips

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About me

I'm Shield Nazo Philips, a prolific writer! Loves writing so much as it's the easiest way to get people into some parts of my thoughts. I love reading, acting and singing as well. I'm a fan of thriller stories, romance, sci-fi, mystery and fantasy. I like trying new things to see the outcome of it! Check out my books on this platform and don't forget to add them in your library! Much love!


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Daisy, a pretty lady finishes college and starts her search for a job. As she thought, it was going to be a matter of few weeks and she'll get a wonderful job that her mother would be proud of and she will be able to take care of her younger siblings who still had to pursue their education. Unfortunately for her, the weeks turned to months and months to years and there was nothing to show for it. Her good degree couldn't secure her the job of her choice. She worked in a restaurant, but was forced to stop by the influence of her mother. She be became so frustrated and was almost at the verge of giving up, when she received a slot to apply for a job as the secretary to the CEO of a renowned company on a three months contract. She applies for the job and was lucky to get selected as she was the first person to apply. She starts the job only to realize that what she had been hearing about the strange CEO and his wickedly attitude were all true. She got frustrated in the first few weeks of her working with the CEO. She resolves in her mind that she was not going to let it go well with the billionaire CEO and plots a little mischief on her strict sadist boss. On the process, she finds a dangerous information that no one was supposed to get to know about. She digs deeper and gets into serious trouble. With the information she got, she decides she was going to renew her contract after the three months expires. Would she come out alive from the dangerous situation she just signed into, or would she be swallowed by what she is yet to find?


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