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Love After Hate

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Smith Cecelia, a determined undergraduate at the University of London, eagerly applies for an internship at a prestigious business firm owned by one of the country’s top businessmen. Their first meeting turns disastrous, leading Mr. Frederick James, the CEO and founder of the company, to blacklist her and harbor instant animosity. This didn’t stop him from accepting her as an intern due to her excellent results and decided to keep her under close watch. Despite their initial hostility, as Cecelia immerses herself in the firm , circumstances begin to draw them closer, sparking unexpected feelings between them. However, complications arise with the return of an ex-lover, threatening to unravel their budding relationship. Will their newfound connection withstand the trials ahead, or will lingering hostilities tear them apart?

Chapter 1

The morning sun filtered through the curtains, painting streaks of gold across my cluttered desk, as if illuminating the path to my dreams. With a mix of anticipation and nerves, I meticulously smoothed out the creases in my resume, each fold a reminder of the journey that had led me to this pivotal moment. Today marked the day of my internship interview at Empire Enterprises, and the weight of my aspirations hung heavy in the air like a tangible presence.

Beth, my ever-enthusiastic roommate, perched on the edge of the bed, engrossed in a glossy magazine. "This company is amazing, Ceecee," she exclaimed, her voice brimming with unwavering confidence. "Empire Enterprises thrives on innovation and creativity. That's where you shine."

I offered a tight-lipped smile, trying to mask my annoyance at her incessant chatter about Mr. Frederick Mr Frederick , the company's enigmatic CEO. "I remember," I replied, my patience wearing thin at her persistent gushing over his charm and intellect.

"Did you know he hasn't been with anyone since his ex-girlfriend, Matilda?" Beth Continued, her voice trailing off as she delved deeper into the magazine.

I resisted the urge to roll my eyes, wondering if Bethwas more invested in my internship at Empire Enterprises than I was, or if it was merely a fascination with the elusive Mr. Mr Frederick.

Pushing aside Beth's distractions, I focused on preparing for the interview, running through potential questions and rehearsing my responses. The sound of her voice faded into the background, replaced by the steady rhythm of my own heartbeat, a reminder of the resilience that had carried me from the sun-drenched streets of California to the bustling city of London.

As the minutes ticked by, doubt gnawed at the edges of my confidence, threatening to engulf me in its shadow. What if I faltered under pressure? What if I failed to meet the high expectations of Empire Enterprises?

But amidst the turmoil of my thoughts, a steely determination emerged, fueled by the countless obstacles I had overcome to reach this pivotal moment.

Suddenly, the door creaked open, shattering the silence like a thunderclap.

Beth stood in the doorway, her eyes gleaming with excitement. "It's time to shine, Ceecee," she declared, her voice charged with anticipation. "Go show them what you're made of."

With a deep breath, I rose to my feet, the pounding of my heart drowning out all other noise. This was my moment, my chance to seize the future I had worked so hard to achieve.

As I stepped into the hallway, the echo of my footsteps reverberated through the empty apartment, a symphony of determination and resolve.

Outside, the vibrant energy of the city enveloped me, a reminder of the endless possibilities that awaited.

With one last glance back at Beth, who stood in the doorway with a proud smile, I set off towards my internship interview.

As the yellow cab screeched to a halt, I hastily climbed inside, my heart pounding with anticipation. "Empire Enterprises, please," I instructed the cab driver, trying to keep the excitement out of my voice.

"Right-o, miss," the cab driver replied in a thick British accent, his words clipped and precise.

The streets of London blurred past the windows as we raced towards my destination. With each passing moment, the anticipation grew, urging me forward like a force of nature.

As we arrived at Empire Enterprises, I glanced at my watch, my eyes widening in panic. I was running late. Without a moment's hesitation, I flung open the cab door and bolted towards the imposing building.

But in my haste, I failed to notice the man walking towards me, a steaming cup of coffee in hand. Before I could react, our paths collided, sending his coffee flying through the air.

"Oh, I'm so sorry!" I exclaimed, my voice filled with genuine remorse as I reached out to help him.

But he recoiled from my touch, his face contorted in disgust. "Watch where you're going, you clumsy oaf!" he snapped, his British accent dripping with disdain.

My cheeks flushed with embarrassment and anger at his harsh words. "I said I'm sorry," I retorted, my voice tinged with irritation. "And you should watch where you're going too."

He scoffed at my response, his eyes narrowing with disdain. "I don't need lessons from the likes of you," he sneered, his words like a slap in the face.

The mention of 'the likes of you' stung, a reminder of the prejudice that still lingered in the world. "You're being racist," I shot back, my voice shaking with indignation. "And you're the one who bumped into me!"

Without waiting for his response, I turned on my heel and marched towards the entrance of Empire Enterprises, leaving him standing there in stunned silence.

As I stepped into the elevator, the doors closing behind me with a soft ding I took a deep breath, pushing aside the anger and frustration that still simmered beneath the surface. Today was too important to let one ignorant man ruin it for me.

I walked out of the elevator into a spacious room well decorated with classy furniture, my heart still racing from the encounter outside, I couldn't help but notice the line of candidates already waiting. Joining them, I took a seat beside a young woman with a warm smile, her eyes filled with nervous anticipation.

"Hi there," she greeted me, her voice tinged with excitement. "Nervous?"

I nodded, offering her a small smile in return. "A bit. How about you?"

"Terrified," she admitted with a nervous laugh. "But I guess that's normal, right?"

Before I could respond, the sound of my name being called startled me, making me jump in my seat. I quickly gathered my composure and stood up, my heart pounding in my chest as I made my way towards the interview room.

As I entered, I was shocked to see the same man who had berated me outside although he had changed his clothes from the white custom made shirt to a blue Armani one, his expression now softened into a smile. "Ah, you must be Cecelia," he said, his British accent smooth and polished. "Please, have a seat."

I hesitated for a moment, the memory of our earlier encounter still fresh in my mind. But with a deep breath, I pushed aside my apprehension and took the proffered seat, determined to show him what I was made of.

"Thank you," I replied, forcing a polite smile despite the turmoil churning inside me.

As I entered the interview room, my heart sank at the sight of the man who had berated me outside. His expression remained stern, his eyes narrowed with disapproval as I took the seat he indicated. "Let's get started, shall we?" he said curtly, his British accent sharp and cutting.

I braced myself for the onslaught of difficult questions, determined to prove myself despite his obvious disdain. But to my surprise, the questions he posed were not just difficult—they were borderline impossible, designed to trip me up at every turn.

Before I could even process his first question, one of the other interviewers leaned towards him, whispering something inaudible. "Perhaps those questions are a bit advanced," they suggested, their tone laced with concern.

But the man simply brushed off the comment, his gaze fixed firmly on me. "She's here to prove herself, isn't she?" he replied dismissively, his voice dripping with condescension.

I took a deep breath, my mind racing as I formulated my response to his challenging query about property valuation. Drawing on my knowledge and experience, I answered each question with confidence and precision, refusing to let his hostility deter me.

But with each passing question, his frustration seemed to grow, his attempts to stump me only fueling my determination to succeed. Despite his best efforts to undermine me, I held my own, proving myself to be more than capable of handling the challenges that lay ahead.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, the interview came to an end. As I gathered my belongings and prepared to leave, the man's voice cut through the silence. "We'll be in touch with the results by Monday," he said curtly, his tone leaving no room for argument.

With a nod of acknowledgment, I turned on my heel and made my way towards the exit, refusing to let his hostility dampen my spirits. Whatever the outcome, I had given it my all, and that was all I could ask of myself.

With a heavy sigh, I made my way towards the elevator, my steps slow and measured as I tried to push aside the memories of his piercing gaze and cutting remarks.

Stepping inside, I pressed the button for the ground floor, the gentle hum of the elevator providing a momentary respite from the turmoil swirling inside me.As the doors slid shut, I leaned back against the cool metal walls, my mind replaying the events of the interview over and over

Chapter 2

The elevator finally reached the ground floor, I stepped out into the bustling lobby, the sound of chatter and footsteps echoing around me. With a sense of determination, I made my way towards the exit, the cool evening air washing over me like a balm.

Outside, I hailed a cab, the yellow vehicle pulling up to the curb with a soft whoosh. Climbing inside, I gave the driver my address, my voice steady despite the whirlwind of emotions raging within me.

As the cab pulled away from the curb, I glanced out the window, the streets of London blurring past in a blur of lights and shadows. But no matter how fast we traveled, I couldn't escape the memory of the man's cold gaze, his words echoing in my mind like a haunting refrain.

With a heavy heart, I leaned back in my seat, the weight of his hostility pressing down on me like a leaden weight. Despite my best efforts to shake off the feeling, it clung to me like a stubborn shadow, refusing to be cast aside.


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