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Just Love Forever

Just Love Forever

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Nan
  • Chapters: 1
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 16+
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"If you were a superstar , had a pretty girlfriend and a perfect life suddenly had to marry an older adult woman, whom you didn't love at all, would you expect to accept?" I know why evan refused to marry me, but at least that's what I think of pris's life. She was very young, twenty-five years old. Evan still has a long future ahead of him. But I also understand how her grandmother felt. Grandma planned my wedding with evan so perfectly. And, it makes me feel so guilty.It's just, I don't have a choice. If I accept this offer, then it means I broke evan's girlfriend's heart. But if I refuse, too many will be disappointed. Obviously, whatever my plans are, it's just as bad. Evan would still hate me.


Most people say that living in an orphanage brings children to misery; That whoever lives there has no future, is unwanted and full of misfortunes because has no parents to look after them like any other family out there. But is that really the case?

I myself do not know if life really exists, for I have never lived or even known my family-at least if it meant being related by blood. Oma rose, the owner of this orphanage, said that I was found on the terrace shivering, my body blue and dying. My body is tiny that word, wrapped in a dark-brown, jaric rag. I cried so hard, rivaling the rain. As a newborn child, I should not be treated as such but what can be said? Either my mother couldn't take care of me, or she never wanted me to be born. The fact is, not all parents are capable of raising their children. And unfortunately, it's true. I'm not alone. Many children suffer the same fate as me.

The orphanage where I lived the past twenty-six years has been housing and raising thousands of children along the way. And all of this was due to oma rose-a person who was now busy lining up the children in the backyard with her unfinished business all by herself. The rest of the home staff is on lebaran, they're not home for another week and that means there's only two of us here, responsible for ten teenagers, twenty-five children and five infants. It doesn't sound easy, but trust me, it's not all that depressing. Especially since older children were used to helping out with younger siblings. They're all reliable but I hope these kids won't find a home soon, a family who loves them and wants to raise them.

"I don't want them to be like me, to live in an orphanage until they grow up. But, it's not that I'm not enjoying my life, it's just having a family of my own in an orphanage it must be different, right, bar? Look at you now, thanks to your established new family, you can become a doctor and dream."

The long-nosed man who has been walking beside me has just smiled and displayed a strange scratch on his face. However, he pulled the ends of his lips up. It's all right in my eyes. "I wish I could've done something for you first, Diana."

"Don't think too much about it!" I clapped his shoulder soft but full of emphasis. "This is not your fault and your responsibility, akbar. All that matters is that you're a great man now. I'm proud that you have a good job. Hopefully with your appointment as a doctor, you can be more useful to others. But most importantly, don't forget we're here."

"How can I forget you, Diana!" Akbar chuckled. His smile was as bright as when I knew him. Almost fifteen years he left the orphanage but akbar always visited us regularly. Whenever he comes to the home, he will bring gifts for the children, such as this morning. He prepared plenty of food and gifts, holding both Thanks giving and twenty-seventh year's celebration.

"By the way, how are your parents?"

"They went to Beijing and didn't come back until next month," said akbar. "By the way, my mom promised to buy children new books and computers so that they could learn more effectively. It looks like it's coming next month. I talked to oma rose."

"Are you serious?"

"Of course."

"Oh, my god, bar! Your mama's so nice. It is incalculable how much kindness your family has shown to this facility."




Free. Get off. Indefinitely.

It's not a cigarette AD or anything, it's a motto that evan chose for his way of life. Not that I'm trying to tell you, but that's what he says on the set.

On the grand stage evan strummed the guitar, letting his voice become the main entertainment in the music chorus with the three young men. Looking at him, a woman his age with brown hair, waving her hand in the audience, occasionally leaning her head on evan's shoulder. How romantic. They're the most famous celeb couple of years. Who doesn't know evan wiyoko and aira handoko? From kids to adults, from music enthusiasts to youtube viewers, all know them. They were so matched, evan's handsome face making it one of Indonesia's most handsome icon while aira himself was the actress whose face lit up the popular screen and series. Almost every romance movie has made her the lead.

"He's getting more famous," akbar said as we wiped down the dishes to be used for lunch. "Every time I watch television - it's evan's face. From gossip reports to product sponsors, everything is inside evan and aira."

I turned back towards the television. "Didn't expect it, bar."

"Yes." Akbar nodded in agreement. "When she was just a crying child, she always insisted on going home."

"For fear of ucup," my garden reminisces. We laughed together afterward, laughing as though we were remembering it all before our eyes for the umpteenth time in years. Well, I can still remember that day, when little evan was first taken by his mother to visit the orphanage. She had big, round cheeks, red like a ripe apple. "If I'm not mistaken, he's afraid of Mang Ucup because ....."

"Long-lasting mang ucup beard! "Shaking her head, shaking her head, holding back laughter.

"Turns out we're old, bar."


"Yes, evan was that big." I put the dry plate back on the other side of the table, and repeated it with the other wet dishes. "That means we're both getting old huh?"

"Not old, Diana."

"So what?"


"You don't want to be called old? "My joke.

Akbar put on a broad smile with wide-eyed eyes, and then tapped my shoulder sufficiently. Once again, it was able to break both our laughter. A good laugh always interests me. Well, we're still the same after all. He's my best friend and I'm his best friend. Before long, oma rose entered the room and quickly turned off the television without saying a word. His face was red, holding back anger. Appalling.

Me and Akbar looked at each other, throwing a question through the eye code before finally tapping the forehead together. - blimey! How could we forget something so important here? The rule is unwritten but very important, at least for the next few months.


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