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If I can mend my heart

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Impact
  • Chapters: 35
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 11.1K
  • 7.5
  • 💬 23


Elena grew up under the strict instructions of her father. After her examination, she decides to leave her father's house to live with Aunt in other to have peace of mind. She returns home because her results were released. She faces Challenges when she discovers that she fails her examination again. She gets admitted into the university, Falls in love with someone's fiancee ( unknowingly). This leads to a broken heart( which changes her perspective about the male gender), she finds it difficult to mend her heart. Will she mend her heart to start another relationship when she meets Ethan? Or will she remain in her brokenness?

Chapter 1

Elena opened one of her social media platforms, What! she screamed. She burst into uncontrollable tears.

Elena opened one of her social media platforms, What! she screamed. She burst into uncontrollable tears.Elena opened one of her social media platforms, What! she screamed. She burst into uncontrollable tears.

I knew all this while!

I played a fool!!

I can't believe this is happening to me!!!

Elena! what did you do?

She couldn't keep calm, he grabbed her pillow and held it tightly to her chest, before the next thirty minutes it was soaked with tears.

She heard a knock on the door, she stood up to check who the person was.


No... she screamed as she jumped up from her bed.

Elena has been dreaming. She has newly been admitted into the university. She now lived alone in her one-room apartment; she didn't come out often to discuss with other students that were in the lodge.

The only time she came out of her house was whether she was going to class or the market or church activities and frequently to the market.

This dream has just been re-occurring for the past month. It's hard to believe, Davis? No! he won't.

Elena got up from her bed and went to take a shower, she was full of sweat and breathe heavily.  Coming out of the bathroom; she headed to her wardrobe gazing into space as if she was deliberating on what to put on for her Lectures that day.

"The pink gown won't do. It's too sharp! 

I need something cool, I think the weather will be sunny today, and I think I will put on the blue sleeveless top with a red skirt. 

so what footwear am I putting on? red or black, Elena asked herself.

She hurriedly put on her clothes, carried her bag and went outside to shut the door, she got distracted as her phone rang.

who could the caller be? Mr. Davis? But he doesn't call this early. 

Hello, my angel, the one who brightens my day. How are you doing beautiful Elena?

I'm fine sir. She replied in a very lovely time.

How was your night?

it was cool

Hope you slept well? 

Yes, I did. how about you?

Yes, I did but I wasn't comfortable throughout the night.

Why? what happened, Elena asked

I was so cold, there was nobody to hold unto, no pampering, no kisses, and no... You can complete that Elena.

O! that? Sir, I don't like using that word, I don't even like talking about it.

Please I don't want to have any argument with you this morning " I don't even like talking about it" mummy's daughter. He commented.

Hope you're coming for classes today?

Yes, sir, I am. I'm about to be on my way immediately after I end this call.

okay, my dear.


Elena rushed into the campus heading straight for the lecture hall, the class they were having is a general one, and if she doesn't go early. She won't have a good seat to sit on.

After her lecture that day, she proceeded to see Mr. Davis in his office because he had asked her to do so the previous day.

He has been acting funny for the past few weeks; Elena already perceived what he wanted from her: A RELATIONSHIP. But she doesn't want that, what will people say if they find out they're dating besides that, she isn't ready for one as she had just recovered from a heartbreak.

She tapped the door twice and she was asked to enter the office.

Elena; please you'll wait for 30 minutes so that I'll finish up with my work and then we'll proceed to the reason I called you here. Is that okay with you?

Yes, sir, it's fine by me. Elena murmured inside of her " you should be fast because I have somewhere to go and I also want us to come out of this place so that we can talk, I hate being behind closed doors with a male when having a face-to-face discussion.

What does he even want to say? Of all the beautiful girls in this campus, it's me you want? your plans will not even work because I will not permit you to have anything to do with me. I'm here to learn not to have a relationship with a Lecturer, not even a student. I Know Where I'm coming from, so I won't dare do anything stupid with anyone here in campus. And you better hurry up with whatever you're doing"

And so Elena, let's begin our discussion, but first I want to appreciate you for the time you spent waiting for me. I'm not sure anyone can have this kind of patience if they don't love someone. Thank you for waiting for me and thank you for loving me.

Elena was confused, how come "love" is the introduction of the discussion? she asked herself. Thank you, sir, she managed to say.

So the main reason I called you here is that... Mr. Davis turned around to check if anyone was passing by but couldn't find any.

Like what I wanted to say; he continued. I called you here because I can no longer hide the way I feel towards you. Anytime I'm having a class with you or anytime I set my eyes on you, there's a fire that burns in my heart. and it's a "fire of love". Elena, I know this is somehow strange to you but I must confess it here and now, I love you. I am already losing my focus on everything that I am doing just because of you.

Elena bowed her head " what kind of problem is this?" where on Earth did this man come from? how come did he fall from me? what does he even see in me? She thought silently.

Have you fallen in love before? he asked her.

No sir, she replied.

That's a lie Elena, how can you say you haven't fallen in love before. By the way, how old are you?

I'm 20 years of age.

You're 20? and haven't fallen in love? that's a lie, Elena. you can just tell me that you don't want me to know about it and then I'll just forget about the issue.

I'm ain't telling lies sir, Elena cut him short.

Okay, if you haven't fallen in love before, has anyone asked you out or should I say: have you had a crush on someone before.

Elena smiled, no one has asked me out before but I have had a crush on someone.

Wahoo! can you tell me about it?

I hate this Elena thought, okay sir. The guy I had a crush on was so caring and he was just too nice because words will fail me to describe him. And most importantly; he was well built, I mean physically built-up. And I love the way his chest was so wide, to crown it all he is so handsome.

Did you tell him how you felt?

no, I didn't.

To cut the long story short, I want to ask you a question. Elena looks into my eyes and tells me nothing but the truth.

Elena raised her head and look at her lecturer's face, she couldn't withstand looking straight into his eyes.

The big question landed: Are you in any relationship?

Elena nodded her head as if saying no. I am not in a relationship sir.

Then I can have my way, I am not in any relationship either, let's start a relationship. Elena, I understand how this sounds to you but I can no longer keep myself, I'm dying inside of me and if I don't let you know about my feelings, I don't know what will become of me.

Elena heaved a sigh of relief. She didn't know what to say or even where to start. " I will think about it sir" she responded.

it's okay if you say so.


She got home that evening with mixed feelings. should I be happy that a lecturer wants me? or should I be sad?.

I haven't seen this kind before but even if it's trending, I won't be among those that are in the long queue waiting to be dated by a Lecturer.

Elena tried all she could to avoid Mr. Davis but her efforts proved abortive. She stood on the ground that she won't allow anything to happen between them. She just opted for a mere friendship that lasted for some months. 

The preparation for her first-year exams was fast approaching, Mr. Davis volunteered to prepare Elena for the exams but she refused.

" Elena I have to start preparing you for your forthcoming exams Mr. Davis had told her that afternoon

wao! she exclaimed. That will be so nice of you sir. When are we starting the revision class and where is it holding? She asked almost there immediately.

We can start it right now if you want us to start it now, then we'll hold it in my office.

Your office? why your office? the lecture halls are vacant. Why don't we use the...

Go, Elena! Mr. Davis interrupted her. This revision is between us and I don't want others to join. So please let's go to my office so that we can start immediately.

No sir, I'm already prepared for the examination. she replied.

Does that mean you're not coming?

No sir. Thank you so much for your concern, I truly appreciate you, sir.

There's no problem Elena, you're always welcome.

The exams kicked off the following week, Elena who had fully prepared for the exams didn't find the questions difficult, she followed all instructions as required.

Lovely, her coursemate walked up to her on the final day of the examination.

Hey Babe, she called Elena from behind.

What's up Lovely?

I'm ain't good. I didn't do well in the last course we wrote, I met other senior students and I was asked to come back later for an instruction that will be given to me.

Hmmm, that's serious. Does it mean you're returning here in the evening?

Yes, Elena.

it's okay dear lovely, I wish you the very best of luck.

Thanks, Elena.

Yeah dear, I'll be leaving for home early tomorrow morning.

So quick?

Yes, dear. 

it's alright, we'll see when school resumes.

They had a light hug and then they parted.

Who might this caller be? Elena asked as she checked to see who the caller was this time. Daniel, do you believe this is the 23rd call I'm receiving today?

You don't mean it, Elena.

I'm serious Dan, I haven't been able to keep this phone in my bag for an hour, each call at twenty-five to forty-five minutes intervals.

Daniel burst into laughter. Elena doesn't tell me that you've been taking records of who calls you and how many times you've received calls today.

She smiled, yeah sure Daniel. I have, I'm even planning on getting a notebook that I'll record the names of those who call me.

Oh my Goodness! Daniel exclaimed. Don't tell me you don't have what you're doing with your time.

Mr. Motivation, I have what I'm using my time for, I'm only kidding.

Good for you Elena. Please answer your call.

Hello Elena

Good afternoon sir, she greeted.

How're you doing? This is Mr. Gabriel. 

I'm fine sir. How's the family sir?

We're fine, Thank you. I called to remind you of the visit we're paying to Mr. Davis.

Oh! yeah. Where is our meeting point?

The school gate

Okay, sir. When are we going to his residence?

We can now if you're chanced.

it's okay sir. I'm done with my exams, so I'm chanced.

Okay, Elena. I'll be going there now.

Okay, sir, I'm on my way there already.

We'll talk later Dan, 

it's alright Ena, I'll miss you so much, dear.

Me too. Elena moved close to Daniel and gave him a tight hug after which she headed for the school gate.

By the time she got there, Mr. Gabriel was already waiting for her with his car parked by the side of the gate. He had only waited for 10 minutes before the arrival of Elena.

At the sight of Elena, Mr. Gabriel ended his conversation with the security man and went into his car.

Good afternoon sir, Elena greeted as she entered the car.

How have been your exams? Mr. Gabriel,

it has been going well, sir.

That's good.

There was silence in the car till they got to Mr. Davis.

Mr. Davis gave them a warm welcome, while the conversation between both men was on, Elena focused her attention on the movie that was showing on the television.

As the conversation went on, Mr. Gabriel's phone rang, 

What! he exclaimed as he answered the caller. please just hold on, don't move an inch from where you are right now. I'm on my way.

Please, Mr. Davis, I'll come to see you later.

it's alright sir but hope all is well. Mr. Davis asked in return.

Donald worries I'll get back to you.

Okay, sir. Take care of yourself then.

Mr. Gabriel hurriedly Left the house and what Elena heard next was the sound of his car engine.

She sat down for a few minutes and Informed Mr. Davis that she was about to leave.

so soon?

Yes, sir, I'll be traveling back home very early tomorrow morning so I want to put some things in place before I leave.

But you haven't asked me how I'm feeling, we haven't talked about anything. it has just been me and Mr Gabriel.

But sir? 

Go, Elena! sit down let's talk, 


But what? Mr. Davis cut in. Elena, I have been sick for the past few weeks, all you did was just call, I was admitted to the hospital for some special attention for four days but you didn't even come to see me. Now you're here, and you don't even want to stay with me.

What kind of love do you have for me now? You told me that you love me yesterday, isn't it? But now I'm not seeing the love you're showing me. You know what Elena? I won't force you to stay with me, if you want to go, the door is opened for you to leave.

After he said this, he got up and walked into his room.

By now, Elena felt bad. But I called him, isn't that enough for him? I don't know why he is always making me feel bad.

Mr. Davis noticed that Elena was still in the sitting room, so he called out to her.

Yes sir she replied.

please come,


yes, Elena. I'm here in my room. 

But sir?

What's your problem Elena? he asked in a frustrating tone. I just wanted you to shut the door to my room.

Okay, sir.

Elena stood up and walked in the direction of Mr. Davis's room.

So you want to leave me right now Elena? he asked as he saw Elena holding the handle of the door.

I'm not leaving you, sir, it's just that I want to prepare for my journey tomorrow.

Does that mean you can't spend just 30 minutes with me?

Elena heaved a sigh. Okay, sir, I'll spend just 30 minutes with you.

Then if you will do, come in.

To your room?

What's wrong with it? are we doing anything?

She walked in reluctantly and sat on the edge of the bed.

Mr. Davis slowly rolled to where she was sitting and held her hands tightly.

How was the examination? he asked as he found his way to her chest.

It was fine, she replied.

He rose from the bed and started to  unbutton his shirt

Chapter 2

Elena rushed to the house, she was breathing heavily as if someone has been after her. She hurriedly unlock the gate and ran into the house, shutting the door tightly behind her.

Thereafter she tip-to-toe, to her window, and peeped through to check if the man was still coming.

Oh! she exclaimed. I have to leave this house first thing tomorrow morning, he would have caught me again today. 

She entered the bathroom to take her bath and then she jumped on her bed to get some rest, as she tried to close her eyes to sleep, she heard a knock on the door.

Elena became afraid, who could that be? is it him or is it, Kate?

The person Walked. the side of her window and whispered "Elena please come to and. open the door, it's me, Kate".

Elena quietly walked outside and opened the door for her to come in.

Oh my gosh! she exclaimed. 

Elena keeps quiet, the man is after me.

She used her right hand to cover her mouth and both girl


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