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I Stole the Billionaire's Heart

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"What if he is the one? But he is afraid to tell you?" Once upon One Night Stand in Milan, Italy- He snuck out in the morning before she woke up. And when she finally woke up, she couldn't remember who the stranger was she had a one night stand with. Years later, they still couldn't get over each other. He turned into a womanizer to forget her and she remained single, because she couldn't get the One Night Stand out of her head. They both break their heads to find each other. He is in search of the girl that stole his heart during a One Night Stand and she is for the guy that made her fall in love. But as the saying goes: "What's meant to be, will find its way back." Will it be that easy?


The alluring aroma of cinnamon swirls around the air, illuminating the hint of pencil-on-paper as I finish my latest project.

I looked up from my computer, that was hot from the many hours I was working on it, to only see my college friend and boss Ximena Vasilios standing in the doorway of my office. She shook her head lightly as she walked over towards me.

She was the definition of beauty and brains. With long tanned legs, shiny blonde hair, and light green eyes, she got tons of requests from modeling agencies when we were in college and even after we graduated.

They stopped sending her requests when they noticed that she was totally not interested in becoming a model, instead she chose the path of business.

"Is that cinnamon roll?" I asked, pointing at the brown paper bag that she was holding.

The smell of cinnamon was so strong that there's no doubt that it wasn't a cinnamon roll.

"Dammit, how did you know?" she asked defeated, handing me the brown paper bag and cup with coffee.

"Hot, black, and sweet?" I queried referring to the cup of coffee she just handed me.

"Hot, black, and sweet." she repeated with a chuckle, as she took a seat in front of me.

She knows me so well.

I opened the brown plastic bag and couldn't help but inhale the smell of fresh cinnamon.

It smelled so good, just like the good old times in Barcelona.

I shook my head.

Now is not the time to think about Barcelona. I let out a deep sigh.

"You don't need to overwork yourself, you know that right?" Ximena said, taking a bite of her doughnut, leaving trails of sugar behind on her upper lip.

"I'm just doing my job Ximmy." I replied with a smile, as I took a sip of my coffee.

Delicious and refreshing.

"I know, but you don't have to skip lunch time." She said, rolling her eyes at me.

"I don't skip lunch time."

"Well, I don't want you to eat in front of your computer. Go outside, get some fresh air, be healthy." she lectured. She reminded me of my Aunt Lydia. Aunt Lydia never like the idea of me being behind the computer for several hours to finish an assignment for school. But there wasn’t anything I could do. The only way I could get scholarships was if I was a straight A student.

"You sound like my aunt Lydia." I laughed.

"I don't care, bytheway how's your aunt Lydia doing?"

"She's doing really well."

"And what about Milan?" Ximena asked.

"Milan is turning six next month."

"Are you going to his birthday party?"

I nodded my head. "Yes, I don't have a choice; I missed his birthday for the past two years."

"Sweet, bytheway my brother is coming back in town today."

"Flynn?" I asked, even though I knew she only had one brother.

"Yes, I will ask him if I can borrow his yacht for the weekend, we will have so much fun!"

"Why was he out of town?" I asked curiously.

"Oh, because his girlfriend was pregnant and she gave birth a week ago. Strange that he's coming back so soon." Ximena noticed frowning. "But then again we haven't seen him since Christmas last year. I think he will just stay for a while and then go back to his wife and baby."

I shrugged; I didn't really care about her brother. He was bad news.

Flynn Vasilios, the CEO of Vasilios Global Real estate, a multi-billion company. He was known for as a womanizer, as well as the hottest CEO of America and Europe. With a perfect sculpted jawline, chiseled facial features, blonde hair, and piercing blue eyes, he was the dream man of every woman. I only saw him once. That was on the day me and Ximena graduated. I saw him from afar and he was handsome. God definitely took his time on him.

"I'm surprised that my brother is here." Ximena had said.

"Why?" I questioned.

"He's always so busy; I didn't think he would make time for this."


We were busy talking and finishing our lunch when someone just barged into my office.

Flynn Vasilios.

Speaking of the devil, he shall appear.

And he looked pretty nice too.

Dressed in a dark blue Armani suit, Jimmy Choo shoes, and a Rolex watch, he looked handsome and rich at the same time.

His hair was tousled, his lips were in a thin line, and he was glaring angrily at me. I frowned in confusion at him. He has no right to glare at me in my office.

"What the hell are you doing here?!" he barked, looking viciously at me.

I was taken-aback by his sudden outburst, that I accidentally spilled my coffee on my desk.

"F*ck!" I cursed as I look at the mess I made.

I opened the first drawer on my desk to grab some tissues.

"Flynn!" Ximena yelled, also infuriated by Flynn's sudden outburst.

"Don't talk to my employee like that!"

"She's your employee?" he asked bewildered, his eyes following the movements I made. I could feel his eyes burning holes in my skin. From close up he looked vaguely familiar, but I just can't remember where I saw him before except for that time at graduation. There I saw him from afar.

"Yes! And I don't tolerate you talking to my employee and friend like that!" Ximena stood up, tapping angrily with her heels on the white tiles, waiting for Flynn to apologize.

"I'm sorry." he apologized, crossing his arms tightly on his chest. His apology didn't sound sincere, but rather something than nothing.

"I thought you were someone else."

"You saw her on graduation, Flynn." Ximena reminded him with a heavy sigh.

"Really?" he asked surprised. "Sorry, can't remember."

I rolled my eyes at him. Of Course he can't. He only remembers models and actresses.

"How's the baby doing?" Ximena asked curiously. "Can I see a picture?"

Flynn's face became dreary when Ximena asked that question.

He let out a bitter laugh. "Baby?" he simpered. "There's no baby."

"W-what do you mean there's no baby? D-did something happen?" Ximena stuttered, staring at her brother with wide eyes. Even I looked at him agape. What did he mean?

"Don't look at me like that!" he huffed at the sight of his sister facial expression. "And you woman, what is your name again? Close your mouth."

I closed my mouth immediately and glared at him. "I'm just curious." I muttered resentful.

"Well, curiosity kills the cat, ever heard of that---"

Ximena interrupted her brother by clearing her throat loudly. "I want to know what happened to the baby, Flynn. Am I an aunt or not?" she asked, crossing her arms tightly over her chest, tilting one hip, and giving him a raised eyebrow.

"Of course," he said the irritation clear in his voice. "And no, you're not an aunt, because the baby was not mine to begin with!"

"What!" Ximena and I exclaimed at the same time, our eyes turning big that they almost fell out of our sockets.

Flynn didn't hear us anymore, because right after he told us the truth he walked out of my office.

"Oh Sh*t!" Ximena cursed, as she also stormed out of my office, going after her brother.

"Flynn!" I heard her yell from outside.


After I graduated from college I was supposed to go back to Barcelona, but things turned out differently. Ximena took over her mother's business.

YouNique Cosmetics.

They were in desperate need of a copywriter and Ximena practically begged me to fill in that position temporarily. As time passed by, I enjoyed being a copywriter for YouNique cosmetics. It was also a well-paid job with a lot of benefits.

So after my time to work there passed by, Ximena gave me two options. Working for YouNique cosmetics permanently or signing the resignation letter and go back to Barcelona.

I chose for the first one, because I wanted to give Milan and my aunt a good life and I don't know if I would be able to do that when I was in Barcelona. It was not guaranteed that I would have a job like this there.

Now, every month I sent half of my salary to Barcelona so my aunt can take care of herself and Milan.


"I can't believe you met the Flynn Vasilios!"



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