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I signed a contract whit my paralyzed husband

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Isabella Brown has signed a contract with the father she has never met. Her task: to impersonate her twin sister in order to marry an unknown man. Rumor has it that this powerful, millionaire man, whose face no one knows, is handicapped and too ugly, which is why he hides from the rest of the world. However, that man in a wheelchair is the most beautiful man Isabella has ever seen. Elijah Morgan is a cold and distrustful man, with a painful past that is still a mystery, and who has been condemned for life to be in a wheelchair. In need of a wife to obtain his inheritance and determined to unearth the secrets of his painful past, he has taken an imposter as his wife and discovered her in the midst of his lie. A new contract has been signed, two vendettas are in the air and two people are willing to do anything to get what is owed to them. Jealousy, pain and betrayal will be part of the thorny road Isabella and Elijah will have to travel. A false wife, a contract marriage, the same winding road and a thousand tears that are about to be shed. Will love emerge in the midst of the storm? Or will it succumb to the cruelty of betrayal? Join me to discover what fate has in store for an eternally broken and wounded man and woman.

Chapter 1

The cloudy sky made him feel even more misery than he felt. The raindrops began to fall one by one until they covered the entire roadway where her tired steps were hurrying to reach those offices where, once again, she would have a job interview. The gray clouds foreshadowed a storm, from which, perhaps, Isabella Brown could not escape.

Arriving at the place, she sat on one of those uncomfortable sofas while she watched the number of women aspiring for the same position. Trying not to get discouraged, she eagerly waited with the rest of the girls in that small room waiting her turn for her new job interview while praying that this time she would get the job she needed in a hurry. It was a small town, not too urbanized and, of course, without many opportunities, far from the big city where she intended to live someday. Hopeful, she watched as one by one the girls passed by while she stroked her hands with real anxiety praying that this time she would be right in her choice and get the job. Finally her turn came, and steeling herself with all the courage she had, she hoped that this time she would get it.

The interview had been too uncomfortable, and almost from the moment she walked in to talk to the woman, she knew she would not get the job because of the nasty attitude of the woman who kept looking at her in a derogatory way because of the shabby clothes she was wearing, however, because of her situation, she could not afford anything else. Her spirits were again falling to the ground. It was the fifth time she had failed, that she had not "made the grade" in a job interview. Of course, she had not yet finished her university studies and was not wearing expensive clothes, but she really needed to find a job urgently. His mother, his beloved mother, was getting sicker and sicker and he didn't have many options to help her.

Her cell phone rang almost at the same time she was asked to leave the office. Rushing to answer, she heard the voice of the nurse she already knew, and who was the one who almost always attended to her beloved mother.

"Miss Brown, excuse me, I know you are busy, but your mother has collapsed again, she has fainted, please, we need you to come immediately."

That brief call put her on alert, it was the third time that week that her mother suffered a fainting spell, which could only mean that her delicate state of health was worsening terribly day by day without her being able to do anything to avoid it since she did not have the money to continue paying for the treatment. Throughout his life, it had only been his mother and her, that woman who was his adoration, he had sacrificed everything for her, and losing her was not an option, he had to find a job before it was too late. Tears escaped from her beautiful hazel eyes, her blonde hair tousled in the wind that blew through the open window of the bus, the rain wet her cheeks a little, hiding the frustrated cry she couldn't help but let out, her situation was desperate, and she prayed to God that somehow that would change soon.

Arriving at the hospital, he hurried to look for the usual familiar nurse. Wandering the endless corridors that he already knew perfectly, he was surprised not to find his mother in the usual area. Finally, he caught a glimpse of the nurse who had called to see him.

"Miss Claire, thank goodness, could you tell me where my mother is?" asked Isabella in anguish at not seeing her mother in the usual patient rooms.

The nurse smiled kindly at her.

"Don't be distressed Miss Brown, your mother is already feeling better, she has been administered the treatment correctly, right now she is resting in the VIP area, you can stop by to see her if you like to do so" replied the young woman calmly.

Isabella's face showed bewilderment, how was it possible that her mother was in the VIP area if she didn't even jokingly have the resources to pay for that area? For 5 years all the little they had, had gone to pay for her expensive treatments, and right now, she didn't even have the money to pay for the most basic medications she needed.

"But how is that possible? I didn't..."

"A generous gentleman has paid for her treatment and her stay in the VIP area, her mother is well taken care of, she has nothing to worry about" Interrupted the kind nurse trying to calm the young woman's upset nerves.

A man? Isabella wondered who could it be, for all those years, not a single family member or friend had helped them, they were alone, always alone, and she could not find anyone who would so generously reach out to help them, especially since the treatments for her mother's illness were really too expensive. Walking hesitantly towards the room where the nurse told her that her beloved mother was, she could see a tall man standing outside the room as if waiting for her. Looking at him suspiciously from where she stood, she could notice how he was elegantly dressed in a suit that was surely worth much more than the very humble house they were living in. Willing to find out who this man was, she approached him with distrust until they were face to face.

"At last you arrive Isabella, I was waiting for you" Said with a tinge of arrogance embodied in the voice that stranger.

"Excuse me, but who are you and why did you help us?" questioned Isabella with distrust.

That man drew a crooked and cynical smile, while he extended a sheet of paper to the young blonde.

"Distrustful, you are a worthy daughter. I am Henry Lloyd, and, my little Isabella, I am your father" Said with a chilling calmness that man. "On this sheet you will be able to see the genetic match, I know that you constantly donate blood to your mother and that has served to be able to perform the test."

Isabella felt her legs give out and threaten to knock her to the ground. Her father? Did she have a father? In reality, she and her mother never spoke about that man, and she only knew that he had supposedly died, although he was standing in front of her right now, looking at her with a contemptuous haughtiness that made her uncomfortable. The subject of her father had never been discussed, because it was never really necessary to do so. That sheet told the truth, that unknown man was her biological father.

"What? Why would he show up right now? What does he want?" questioned Isabella with a touch of aggressiveness and without finishing to assimilate what was happening.

"I like that you understand the situation, and that I would not come just to be a hero, you see Isabella, I come to propose you a deal, there is a man, a very feared and respected one, this man, is looking for a beautiful wife to share his life with her. He is an important man, owner of the largest and most valuable company in this nation, you can imagine, he is a millionaire tycoon, and you Isabella, will be the perfect wife for him" Said that guy who claimed to be her father, with a coldness that made Isabella shiver.

"Marry a stranger? Why on earth would I do such a thing?" questioned Isabella angrily.

That man smiled coldly.

"Because, little Isabella, I can pay for the full treatment to treat your mother's horrendous cancer, and, of course, you can refuse if you wish and let her die, but I know well that they have no money, that you haven't found a job and you haven't even finished your university studies, so, you decide, will you accept and help your mother? Or will you let her die in front of your eyes without being able to do anything about it? It's a man in a wheelchair that you will have to marry, but I think it's a small price to pay to help your mother" Henry questioned without looking away from Isabella's hazel eyes.

The young woman looked at that door of the room, behind her, her mother was resting, for those moments, there was no ailment that tormented her and she was sleeping peacefully. Clenching her fists, she understood the situation. With the treatment, her beloved mother would have a chance to continue living, and without it, she would die too soon. She was at a crossroads: Marry a handicapped stranger? Or lose the only person she loved in the world?

Chapter 2

The landscapes of those roads unknown to her, looked sad and cloudy, lately, her days were so gray and gloomy, that the sun did not seem to have the intention of coming out to crown the sky. Isabella meditated in the luxurious moving car, while her gaze, full of desolation and sadness, remained lost in nothingness, and the memories of the previous night filled her thoughts.

Just a few hours ago, the father she had thought dead all her life had appeared out of nowhere with a deal to offer her. He, would pay for the expensive treatment for her mother's illness, provided she agreed to marry a completely unknown man.

"You have to make a decision right now, the wedding is tomorrow and I don't have time to wait for your answer."

That coldness was palpable, Henry Lloyd was not there to help them out of good will, what he was asking in return was too high a price for her.

"Why is it that I would be perfect for that man?" she questioned w


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