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They say, "we need to make our college life, as fun as possible", because it won't take too long. Before we know it, it has already ended. Afterward, we will face and deal, with the real world. Let's join Zachary and Celestine's college life with their friends. How fate makes their life turn upside down? One was craving warmth and love because of the things he experience. The other one was hoping that life can be just simple and wished for the things she still didn't experience. Two lonely hearts will meet. Will everything turn out how they wish and hope? Or is it just their wishful thinking?

Chapter 1

Chapter 01: Carmier

The radio of the car was playing some classic music. Giving a relaxing vibe. Celestine looked at her father who was humming. On the other hand, her mother was busy. Casually reviewed some documents and then took down some notes on her notepad.

She looked outside the car and saw the beautiful scenery.

“Waaah, it’s so pretty~”

Celestine was welcomed by the fresh air as soon as she opened the car’s window. A mesmerizing view of the vast rice field was in front of her. The grains look like a shimmering gold piece. In her mind, she’s thankful that she was able to see that kind of beauty.

Together with her parents, they were heading to Carmier City. The central place of Vera and the most developing one.

Amazed by how things turn differently. Celestine was too focused on her surroundings wherein from the vast rice fields and towering trees, the scenery was gradually replaced by different skyscraper buildings. It’s different from Moonves wherein the things you mostly see were rice fields and mountains.

It’s been a long time since she visited Carmier, that’s why the place is a bit unfamiliar to her.

“Sweetheart?” Amanda called.

“Yes, Mom?”

“Are you really sure about your decision? The new place you will be staying is far from our home.”

Celestine knows that her mother was just worried about her well-being, but… how can she know how the world works if she only set herself in her comfort zone?

It is much scarier staying in one place because if you feel too dependent on that thing… on that place… what are you going to do if someday it fades away.

“I know you are worried, Mom. But I wouldn’t change my decision. It’s final, a hundred and one percent!” Celestine confidently said and even wink at her mother at the end of her answer.

Feeling unfamiliar with the new things around her. It excites her even more because now is the time for her to be able to explore and experience new things on her own.

Anthony laughed at what her daughter did.

“Honey, you know you can’t change her mind. Once she sets her mind to something, she will really do it.”

“During this kind of time, I can say that she really had most of your personality, hmp!”

Looking at how her parents childishly argued with each other, Celestine could only shake her head. Sometimes, they really act like a teenager who is in their dating stage.

Most of the time, Celestine finds it cute because she knows that it’s their form of affection and bonding time with each other.

She looked outside. The car enters Maple Village. They passed some houses before the vehicle stopped in front of a villa.

[Cromwell Residence]

That was the name written on the gate.

"We're here," Amanda commented then glanced at Celestine through the rearview mirror.

Celestine looked at her phone. It’s already 11:37 in the morning. The trip took almost two hours, but she didn’t feel that it took them that long.

The gate opened and Anthony drove the car inside. The car stopped at the front door of the house. She stepped outside of the car and looked at her parents.

“Mom, Dad, you can go first. I will just take a look around the house and follow you in a short while.”

“Alright, sweetheart.”

After they went inside. Two people wearing maid outfits greeted her. “Welcome, Lady Celestine.”

She smiled and said, “Thank you, it was nice to see the both of you.”

“We are here to get your luggage.”

“Oh, I see. Then I will get going first.”

The maid curtsied before heading to the car, then a man followed the maids to help them.

After looking around for a while, she decided to go inside the house.

Celestine caught up with her mother, who is now talking to the housekeeper. When she got closer, Amanda turned to her and patted her shoulder. "Celestine, go to your room. You should take a rest first. I'll just call you when lunch is ready."

"Got it, Mom," she replied and then hugged Amanda. Her mother goes back to what she's doing.

At that moment, Anthony came out of the room, so she approached him. "I'll rest first, Dad."

"Go on. Rest well, kitten." he dotingly said.

‘Kitten again…’ Celestine shook her head as she walked towards the stairs. Until now, her father used to call her that nickname.


The room she was staying, it was located on the second floor. To the right near the balcony – where you can see the view of the garden. It’s the house where her mother grew up.

The room she was staying in was located on the second floor. To the right near the balcony – where you can see the view of the garden.

Celestine’s older brother, Castiel, used to live here during his college days. After he graduated, he returned to Moonves to help with their family business. He promised her that he would follow her soon to Carmier after his ongoing project was settled.

As soon as she reached her room, she saw a maid standing in front of it.

"Hello, Lady Celestine. I am Mira. I'm here to bring your luggage," Mira informed.

Celestine carefully opened the door and examined the room. It’s been 6 years but nothing seems to have changed.

“You can enter. Just put it beside the bed.” Mira entered the room as well and carefully put the things inside. Those were two suitcases - one big and one small. In addition to that, there’s a box whose contents were other personal things.

"Do you need any help?” Mira asked but Celestine shook her head. Refusing the offer.

“Thank you, I think I can manage alone.” She prefers arranging her things so that when she needs them, she knows where it is placed.

Mira nodded as a sign of agreement. "Well then, I will take my leave." She curtsied, then walked out of the room.

Back to what she was going to do.

Celestine closed the door and sat on the bed. She doesn't feel like resting at that time. She does some stretches. Then she starts unpacking her things.

‘Let’s organize everything first.’

One of her favorite things to do during her pastime was read books, therefore, she brought some books with her. Those books she brought were her top favorites, it was the books she kept on reading she didn't know how many times already. Luckily, she has a study table inside the room and there’s a shelf beside it.

She carries the books and arranges them on the shelf.

There were also some picture frames. She put it on top of the study table. There’s a family picture, a solo picture, and of course a picture with her brother. That photo was taken when they were kids and had a picnic near the lake.

Nowadays, everyone is busy. They have work to do. As for her, she needs to focus on her studies. But despite all of that, she’s happy that during meal time all of them are present. That they have time for their family.

She smiled as she looked again at the picture frame where she was with her brother. She suddenly misses that guy.

The oh-so-serious brother, wherein the only thing that is missing is for his eyebrow to stick together. And now that he’s working, it seems that he’s more serious and quiet than he was before. Still, his patience when she was with him was long enough to endure all her nagging.

Since there’s not much to organize. After putting the clothes in the closet, Celestine decided to change her clothes into a light dress. And although she was used to letting her long hair loose, with this kind of hot weather… she might have a heat stroke in no time. Thus, she looked for a scrunchie to tie her hair.

Celestine rested a bit and sat in front of the study table. She took a pen and notebook. It was a customized notebook wherein she spent time decorating with a watercolor painting.

As her usual habit, she wrote in that notebook about how her day went on. It’s just some random little things she wants to remember.

After writing, she picked a book and decided to read it while resting. Fortunately, her study table was near the window. She also opens it so that there's fresh air coming inside the room.

'What a relaxing way to read a book, isn’t it?’

Chapter 2

Chapter 02: Got in trouble

However, in Havenford Residence, things were not going well.

As soon as the car drives inside the villa, Zachary gets out of the car and makes his way inside the house. Behind, there's a middle-aged woman who followed him.

"Zachary! How many times do we have to tell you to stop your antics?"

‘Here we go again.’

The young man seemed to hear nothing and just kept walking into the house. Zachary was followed by his mother, who did not know what to do anymore with her child. He was involved in trouble again and it seems that he doesn't have any care for what happened.

Zachary stopped walking and faced his mother. "Mom, can you not make it as if it's a big deal?" he nonchalantly said. For him, it's not a big deal anymore. Almost every day he got caught up in trouble.

He goes straight to the kitchen and takes a glass of water.

Zachary's mother – Beatrice – cros


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