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Her Cold Mission

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A girl with an itch for a challenge. A guy with a haunted past. Life in Greenville for Alexis wasn't that bad. It was just boring. She saw the same faces each day and passed the same route. No adventure, no nothing. Until Matt Harper comes and rattles things up. A guy she couldn't help but seem attracted to. Despite his cold and hard surface, she was attracted to him like a moth to a fire. So only one thing is on her mind, break his cold stance and see what's truly underneath. It's like a mission for her. Easy right? Yeah that's what she thought. Join Alexis as she tries to make a cold, hostile Matt Harper, into a soft sweet guy. A book filled with suspense, adventure, and romance just to spice it up.

Chapter 1

Hi. My name is Alexis Dalton but people call me Alex. I'm just a young eighteen year old girl who is trying to live her life in the pitiful town of Greenville.

I didn't choose to be born here nor did I want to be born here. But what can I say? You get what you deserve.


I'm 5'5 inches tall or short? Whatever. You get what I mean.

Where was I?


I have round brown eyes with black long hair, pale skin, pointed nose, small lips and round shaped face.

Today is Monday, so I have school.


I seriously hate that word.

I attend a private school. Greenville private high.

Our school uniform consists of a white shirt tucked in a deep wine short flared skirt, white and wine socks with either white or black sneakers. There's a wine blazer that goes on top and finishes the dressing.

It's the same for the boys but only wine long trousers instead and ankle socks.

I take my bag and I head downstairs.

I enter the kitchen to see my dad making toast, and my brother looking down at his phone.

"Morning peeps." I say and both heads turn to me.

"Morning Kiddo." My dad greets me back.

"Hey d*ckh**d." I call my brother and he glares at me but I just smile.

"That's not how you treat a twin early Monday morning." My dad scolds me.

Did I mention we are twins?

"Pickle face." My brother, Alec, replies me. He looks just like me, but takes my father's eyes.


My dad has brown hair, green eyes, a round nose and a sharp jaw. Even in his early forties, he still looks dashing.

I live with my dad and brother. My mom died when I was thirteen due to lung cancer and my dad hasn't been himself since then.

Although he smiles here and there, I still see the pain in his eyes.

"You heard him right?" I say to my dad.

"What did he do now?" He asks as he serves me Toast.

"He just called me a pickle face." I pout.

"Well kiddo, he's the pickle face." He says and I laugh.

"C'mon eat up and let's get you to school." My dad speaks up when my laughter dies down.

When he says get you to school, he actually means we have to get ourselves to school.

We are rich. Like really rich. Dad works for an oil company and we have our own cars to drive ourselves.

Minutes later, Alec and I were ready so we left the house and started walking to school.

Our school, Greenville high, is like a fifteen minute walk from our home. That's if we pass the shortcuts.

Alec and I both do have cars that we can drive, but sometimes we just like to walk.

But as you all know, the shortcuts are always the dangerous paths.

As we are walking, I meet my friend Mia Creed, a bright girl with blond short hair, hazel eyes and glowing skin.

She's beautiful, but also the crazy type.

"Hey Alex." She hugs me and looks at my brother when she pulls away. "Alec." He just nods at her and walks off.

She has this huge crush on him and I honestly don't know what she sees in him.

"So have you heard?" She begins as we walk.

Whenever Mia asks that question, it's always something juicy.


"There's a new kid in town."

"There's always a new kid in town Mia."

"No no no. This is different. Rumors say he's weird and has a strange behavior." "What doesn't the rumor say?" I ask as I roll my eyes.

"C'mon Alex, I'm serious. He has this cold look that could ice you on the spot. He has no friends or whatsoever."

"You've met him?" I ask her and she nods.

"Yes. And I felt the shivers." I shake my head.

"C'mon now Mia. Don't exaggerate." "I'm not!" She whines.

"Sure you aren't." I smile and she changes the subject as we near the school.


It's been a week and I haven't seen this new mysterious kid. Maybe Mia was just exaggerating.

Today being Saturday, I'm at work.

It's nearly six, when I clock out and I couldn't be more excited.

Sometimes, the house bore me. So I did the best I could do.

Got myself a job.

No offense, I do love my job and they pay okay, but hours of standing is not what I bargained for.

Suddenly, the air gets chilly. Funny, because it was sunny outside. I didn't know why, but something didn't feel right.

I felt a presence in front of me, so I shrugged the feeling off and looked up.

"Hi. What can I-" The words get stuck in my throat as I look at the figure in front of me.

A boy who looked just around my age but slightly more mature stood in front of me. He had blue eyes that were piercing through my brown ones and I could feel him looking into my soul. His eyes were cold alright but they looked like they had been once warm.

His face held no emotion, so I couldn't know what he was thinking. His lips in a grim line and he had a frown on his face.

"I'd like a cup of black coffee to go."


His voice was rough and thick. Hearing his voice made me shiver and I didn't know why.

He noticed it too because his frown deepened.

"Do I have to repeat myself?" He asks and I snap out of my daze.

"I'm sorry. Just black coffee?" "Yes." I frown a little.

"No milk, no sugar?"


"Who drinks black coffee like that?" I raise an eyebrow.

"Would you like me to answer that?" He moves closer and his voice gets deeper.

Quickly I turn around to get this coffee ready without saying a word.

I place his coffee on the counter, and he just places a five dollar bill and walks out.

Just as he walked out, I felt myself breathing again.

Although he has a very hostile character, I feel oddly attracted to him.

"Who was that?" Lisa, one of my coworkers, asks me. She's three years older and is like a big sister to me.

"I think the person who's going to end me."

Chapter 2

My mom always told me I was a curious chicken. I was always curious about everything and everyone. I find a new thing, I become curious.

I guess she was right because ever since my encounter with the 'new kid in town', I couldn't stop thinking about him.

There was something I couldn't quite lay my hands on which made me want to see him again and know him more.

I didn't know what it was or is, but I really wanted to know more about him.

I've been restless since Saturday, so I woke up extra early today.

I got ready in 30 minutes and I was good to go. I'm dressed in a black crop top, black cargo pants and blue sneakers.

I rushed downstairs and I grabbed a quick bite from my dad's bacon and eggs when he stopped me.

"Easy there tiger. Where are you off to this early morning?" "School." I say in a duh tone.

"It's just 7:20."He looks at his watch.

"Like you


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