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Heiress's child: Mom is so cool

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【Cute baby + Strong woman + Spoiling wife】Before someone becomes a father. Fu Tinghao's fury shook the heavens and the earth: I want to see her alive, or see her dead, I want to make her wish she were dead. Later, Fu Tinghao's expression was dangerous: Be good, don't resist me. And then, "Wife, the keyboard is down, when will you return to the room?" A earth-shattering event occurred in Beijing. The ruthless Fu Boss unexpectedly became a father, and it was even five at once. D*mn, amazing! Moreover, the big boss also married the child's mother, making everyone both regretful and envious. They thought that relying on the child to rise to power, they would soon be driven out of the Fu family. But as one after another online users revealed, their impoverished language only prompted disbelief!"

Chapter 1

"Where is that wench? Why can't I find her? Mr. Li is already waiting at the hotel. If she doesn't send him over, it won't work."

These words were spoken by Zhang Hong, her face distorted with anger.

Jian Yunhu's face was dark, "Keep looking. She has already drunk that glass of water, and there is no way for her to escape."

It was not easy to deceive her into coming to the grand hotel together on her birthday. But then, carelessly, she managed to slip away.

"Dad, this has to work, otherwise..." Jian Yanhui thought about Mr. Li's methods, and the 200,000 debt he owed. His body inexplicably trembled, "Mr. Li will have my head."

Zhang Hong spoke sternly, "Hurry and find her. I don't believe she can vanish into thin air."

"Yes, let's find her quickly." Jian Yanhui hurriedly nodded in agreement. If they didn't get her to Mr. Li's bed today, the 200,000 would be lost. The three of them rushed to find her.

At this moment, Jian Yinxia walked out from the corner, her eyes filled with deep resentment.

So that's how it is. No wonder she had been feeling unwell. It was them, all of them...

Just then, she bumped into someone.

"Why is it you?" Mrs. Han's eyes flashed with a hint of disgust. "Are you following me here?"

Considering her physical condition and the sounds from the Jian family that seemed to be getting closer, she grew increasingly desperate.

Biting her lip, she appealed, "I need to talk to you about something. Let's go outside."

She instinctively didn't mention her situation with traditional Chinese medicine.

Right now, it was crucial to leave with this person's help.

Upon hearing this, Mrs. Han sneered at her request and looked at her with disdain, "Jian Yinxia, I've told you before. Since you've lived in the Jian family for so many years and they've brought you up, you shouldn't be thinking about going back to the Han family. You can't forget about gratitude and loyalty."

Want to return to the Han family? Well, that would depend on her consent.

Upon hearing these words, Jian Yinxia's heart sank. She sneered inwardly. It seemed that the medicine had truly affected her mind, for her to seek help from this woman.

Ever since she found out about her background three months ago, she had gone to the Han family, but they had refused to acknowledge her.

Now, she was actually hoping that this woman would have some humanity... extend a helping hand.

She bit the tip of her tongue, the pain clearing her muddled mind momentarily.

Without further delay, she turned to leave.

However, before she could take a step, the woman grabbed her arm.

"Where are you going?" Mrs. Han looked at her with a sullen expression.

Sharp-eyed as she was, she could clearly see that something was amiss, so she naturally wouldn't let her go so easily.

Jian Yinxia turned abruptly, "Let go."

"No, I have to hand you over to the Jian family. Otherwise... How can I explain this later?"

Although she had no desire to meet the Jian family couple.

But... looking at the girl in front of her, a faint cold smile appeared on her face.

Some people could only stay obedient in the mire, and not dream of turning over a new leaf.

Jian Yinxia sank further into despair. She was getting anxious.

She bit the woman's hand hard...


Taking advantage's pain, Jian Yinxia immediately broke free and ran.

The Jian family of three also rushed to the scene upon hearing the scream.

Upon seeing Mrs. Han, they were surprised.

But more than that, they felt guilty.

It was Zhang Hong who remained calm, "Mrs. Han, have you seen our Yinxia?"

Mrs. Han's face darkened, "I don't know what's wrong with her. After biting me, she ran off in that direction."

Zhang Hong quickly apologized, "I'm sorry, that girl is not in her right mind at the moment. Please forgive her, Mrs. Han. Once I find her, I will definitely educate her properly."

The family of three immediately went to chase after her.

Mrs. Han watched their retreating figures, sneering, and then her expression turned into that of a noblewoman.

However, she felt that she should go to the hospital to get a rabies vaccine at the moment. Who knows if the person raised in the slum might be carrying some disease...


Jian Yinxia stumbled into a room by accident.

"Who's there?" A cold voice sounded in the room.

But to Jian Yinxia's ears at that moment, it was unusually enticing. She looked in the direction of the voice and saw a dark figure lying on the bed.

Perhaps the figure on the bed also realized something was off. His voice was colder than before, with a hint of hostility, "Go away."

Jian Yinxia naturally sensed the hostility in his voice, but she wasn't afraid at all. On the contrary, she felt that this voice had a deadly attraction for her.

Her heart trembled, and she found herself involuntarily moving towards the source of the voice, her last strand of sanity snapped.

"I'm sorry!"

Jian Yinxia pounced like an octopus. The icy temperature was something she really liked. At this moment, all she could think about was self-preservation. After all, she was still so young and had never truly experienced a good life. She wanted to live well...

In the darkness, the man's dark eyes filled with murderous intent, "Get lost..."

With the last shred of sanity gone, Jian Yinx the man's furious murderous intent. To her mind, death was death. Sooner or later. It made no difference.

Instead, it didn't matter. It would not be in vain for her to have made the journey in this world.

With a determined heart, she took action...

Although his face, chiseled like a piece of art, was as pale as death at this moment, he still exuded a thick murderous aura. He wished to tear this woman to pieces.

If not for his illness flaring up today, leaving him powerless, how could this woman have managed to climb onto him and humiliate him?

To think that the leader of the Fu family would encounter such a situation, especially when his illness had left him unable to move a muscle.

He had even sent Gao Zhou and the others away.

But what about the bodyguards outside? How could they have let this woman in?

Or... was today's scenario deliberately arranged by someone?

At this thought, the anger and hostility in his eyes intensified. He wanted to kill this woman.

Without further thought, even if he could think. He thought he would be disgusted. However, when the woman kissed him, his senses were instinctively overwhelmed...

Chapter 2

"The eastern sky turns white, Jian Yinxian wakes up in deep pain.

As she turned her head, she almost touched the perfect and handsome face so close to her, with its deep-carved features, truly exquisite.

Those thick, black eyebrows, high-bridged nose, and the lips exuding a strong sense of ruthlessness, made her involuntarily swallow.

Because all the memories from last night had come back, the taste of those lips... she remembered it clearly, it was annoyingly sweet.

The man was really too good-looking, she felt no regrets, she had given her first time to such a handsome man.

But... she felt a little sorry for him.

Thinking about this, she felt guilty.

She didn't realize she was so bold.

No, she had to leave.

Ignoring the soreness in her body, she carefully got up, trying not to disturb the man sleeping beside her.

She bent down to pick out her clothes from the mess on the floor and got dressed clumsily.



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