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H.E.R (Her Exclusive Romance)

H.E.R (Her Exclusive Romance)

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He put his free arm around my waist, and in one smooth movement lifted me and set me down on my back in the grass and pine needles, half covered me with his body. He was obviously strong, probably a hundred eighty pounds, but he was also gentle. My arms were high and tight around his neck. He pulled me against him and I felt him, all if him, against my thigh. I didn't have any fears or doubts about this, none at all. That surprised me, shocked me, actually, but there it was out in the open. I wanted his mouth, and suddenly it was mine, as sweet and fresh as I could imagined. I was starving for this, the salty taste of him, the touch of his hands, the roughness of his day - old beard against my skin. I wanted Tyler so very much, more than I could have imagined.

Chapter 1

Death, betrayal — and Tyler Randall. "I told you he'd come" Zaniah Perkins watched the car pass from the camera's view, then looked down at Howell, working the security monitors. "Can I see him again?"

In a few moments, he had one monitor showing a replay of Tyler at the gate, even as the monitor next to it showed his car moving carefully along the road toward the house.


Tyler. She peered straight at him through her fringe as he leant against his black jeep and even without her spectacles on it was clear he might want to stay exactly this way. Eyes closed, the cigarettes glued languidly to his lower lip, the light warming the side of his face. He had the knack of looking perpetually posed for a photograph. Zaniah Perkins thought 'handsome' a silly, twentieth century word, but there really was no other word for it, except perhaps 'beautiful'. He had one of those face where you were aware of the bones beneath the skin, as if even his bare skull would be attractive. A fine nose, slightly shiny with grease, and dark skin beneath the eyes that looked almost bruised, a badge of honour from all the smoking and late nights spent deliberately losing a strip poker with girls from everywhere. There was something feline about him: eyebrows fine, mouth pouty in a self-conscious way, lips shade too dark and full, but dry and chapped now. Gratifying his hair was terrible, short at the back and sides, but with an awful little quiff at the front. Whatever gel he used had worn off, and now the quiff looked pert and fluffy, like a silly hat.

Still with his eyes closed, he exhaled smoke through his nose. Clearly he knew he was being looked at because he wasn't in quiet place and he knew that was what he wanted and he wanted that attention even if it'd cost him his privacy.

He tucked one hand beneath his armpit, brunching up his pectorals and biceps. Where did the muscles come from? Certainly not sporting activities, unless you counted skinny - dipping and playing pool. Probably it was just the kind of good health that was passed down in the family, along with the stocks and shares and the good furniture. Handsome then, or beautiful even, with his paisley pants pulled down to his hip bones...

"Woah, woah, woah. Get a hold of yourself, would you? Carole said pulling me out of my 'Tyler trans' as she'd always call it. "Why don't you just confess to him? I mean you're not that bad compare to those sluts he hangs around with. so just get over this"

"Of course I would if I had that bravery. Nothing hurts with just a look right?" I said, hoping we'd just stop talking about confession of any kind. "He's just hot but not really my style though... And again we don't talk, we've never talked and there's nothing promising that we will".

"Would you really want to?" Carole asked as she laughed me out of my sympathetic look." Well I hope you'll stop all this, Tyler's got the bad boy cute look but he's not as easy as it looks. You could get hurt so just...just stop it please".

"Let's stop talking about this" I begged even if I knew it was difficult to pull Carole away from stuffs like this — which in fact is her specialty. Just having to gossip all day, when I'm at home or in school. Carole never misses any new gossip and can never cease to share them to the only person she'd want to talk to.

"Wanna go for a drive? You should, you need to hang out Zaniah. You only live once remember. Who knows someone real might like you and you might get to have a real thing with a guy not that mirage you cling to hoping to have it with who knows who that won't happen"

"You need to wake up if you can't talk to him. You're totally different from him, he's the bad boy type and you're just too naive — innocent and you need to know what the world is all about."

"I know,I know." Even though Carole seem like the IDGF type, she totally seem to understand me. When I'm down or whatever, she just gets it and tires to get me off it. Though she can be a pain but she's my personal pain and I'll love to get hurt by her.....eewww

Chapter 2

Tyler's POV

Having a cute face doesn't really add up at all. I get lonely most times, well, only when I'm around my guys do I feel lightened up and all. Non of the chicks at any party got my attention at all except for one though: Zaniah Perkins.

Even with her innocent look I knew she wouldn't be that naive. She'd be one of those girls that have to open their heart to a guy before they show their most admirable talent. The one I long for.

"Having fun babe?" I asked the girl hovering around me, licking me like I was all she had ever wanted to have. Like there's no tomorrow. "Should we get a room? Or do you wanna do it another day?" I asked again hoping shed say no as I wasn't really in the mood for anything of such.

The only girl I wanted to have now was Zaniah. My list for her grew ever since I saw her at the club her friend usually party at. She knew me and I


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