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Giving Birth to the Italian Billionaire's Baby

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Altezza Quirino, a young Italian-American billionaire, desired to have offspring. However, his girlfriend of the past six years consistently rejected his marriage proposals, providing various reasons that eventually led Altezza to give up and decide to part ways. Adaline Scott, a young woman facing difficulties due to her mother's ailing health, sought a loan from the company to save her mother's life. However, the loan offered was too substantial, leading her superior to propose an alternative: borrowing directly from the Chief Operating Officer, Altezza Quirino. Altezza agreed to assist Adaline, but with the condition that she must marry him and provide him with unlimited offspring. "I will help you by saving your mother's life, and in return, you will give me another life, a child for me." - Altezza Quirino

Part 1

"Oh God, Al..." Jovanka moaned as Altezza continued moving in and out with a rhythm he knew Jovanka loved. The woman held onto the dressing table while her lover moved faster. "Al..." Jovanka started going wild; she was almost reaching climax, and Altezza's movements became faster, as if he knew what she desired. And not long after...

"Arrggghh..." Altezza groaned simultaneously with the warm liquid coming out from him, contained by the rubbery wrapping that sometimes choked him.

Altezza removed the used condom and tossed it carelessly into the trash bin, while Jovanka had already put on her nightgown again. Altezza's body was still sweaty after their passionate lovemaking, but seeing Jovanka's appearance, he knew that the discussion he wanted to have would only reignite her anger.

"Mamma and Padre keep pushing me to get married. How long are we going to continue like this?" Altezza asked in frustration.

Jovanka approached Altezza, who was now lying on the bed, moved closer, and caressed Altezza's bare chest with a circular motion.

"I've told you I'm not ready to get married and certainly not ready to give you children, Darling," she whispered teasingly. "I still have a contract; appreciate my hard work," she said, showing a pleading expression.

"But until when?" Altezza held Jovanka's wrist and looked at her sharply. "Our relationship has been going on for five years. How much longer do I have to wait?"

Jovanka used her other hand to touch Altezza's face, caressing it in a seductive manner.

"At least another year. I promise," she whispered while gently touching Altezza's jaw and teasingly kissing the corner of his lips. "One more year, and I'll allow you to announce our marriage to the whole world. One more year, I, Jovanka Lawrence, will be your wife, the future mother of your children," she promised, wrapping her slender fingers around Altezza's neck and starting to seduce him, effectively diverting the conversation to passionate kisses, as usual when her lover hesitated to discuss unwanted matters.

*A Year Later*

"You made a promise, and I gave you the time you asked for, a whole year. Isn't that enough?" Altezza stood, leaning against the wall near the door of their room, dressed in a short-sleeved shirt and ankle-length denim pants.

Jovanka paused in her activities, her body half-turned to face Altezza. Once again, her face looked pleading. "I know, forgive me. But I can't refuse this one. Collaboration with a renowned director that I've dreamed of since my debut in the modeling world, and you know that." Jovanka pleaded with Altezza to grant her request.

If previously Altezza would give in and comply with her lover's request, not this time. Instead of agreeing, Altezza looked back at her with a challenging gaze. "So now, how long do I have to wait? Another year? Two years? Our relationship has lasted for six years. We've wasted a lot of time.

And if you forget, I'm not young anymore, Joe. And my parents won't stop demanding grandchildren. Remember, I'm their only child. They expect their lineage to continue while they're not getting any younger."

Jovanka sat in front of her dressing table, facing away from the mirror, looking at Altezza with her beautiful eyes that captivated him. "I know, I understand," she whispered. "But Al, please. Once again. I promise this is the last time." She pleaded with teary eyes.

Altezza approached, sitting on the edge of the bed, looking intensely at his lover. "I'm tired," he said, exhaling a long breath. "I love you. I've tolerated a lot of your dreams. We've been in a secret relationship as you wished, although what I wanted was to announce to the world that you, Jovanka Lawrence, are my girlfriend.

I've always supported you, allowed you to do whatever you want. I've never forced you to stop your career and become a housewife like a wife I've longed for all this time.

I've let you wander, become a model working across continents, although what I wanted was for you to always be there for me as I am for you. My request all along has been simple; I want you to bear a child for me. My descendant. A child who will welcome me with their warm smile when I return tired from work."

"I've tolerated a lot, Joe. Even when a year ago you asked for an extension because of a contract you couldn't terminate unilaterally—although I was willing to pay all the penalties—I still gave in. And now, without discussing it with me, you signed a new contract? Do you really think I'm at your disposal, huh?" He said with a harsh and cold tone.

Jovanka cried. In six years of being Altezza's girlfriend, this was the first time she cried because of him. And she cried not because she received violence from him but because she heard his cold voice. Yes, Altezza's cold voice sounded more painful than if he had shouted and scolded her.

Throughout their relationship, Altezza had never shown any rough attitude towards her. He never tried to control or be authoritative towards her. And that's what made Jovanka fall in love with the Italian-blooded man. Behind his tall and sturdy body, there hid a gentle demeanor that contrasted with his muscular frame.

Because of his kindness, Jovanka couldn't help but feel jealous. Many women out there tried to get his attention. Jovanka should have felt lucky because Altezza chose her. And the man never hesitated to say that he only loved her, Jovanka Lawrence. He even praised her when she was still nobody, just a lowly employee with big dreams.

Jovanka rose, walked closer, trying to reach her lover. Trying to persuade him, as she always did. But when her hand reached out to touch Altezza's jaw, he turned his face away. Altezza stood, bent down to align his eyes with his lover's eyes.

"My patience has been tested enough, Joe. If you still desire it, don't blame me if I choose a different path." Without kissing Jovanka's forehead as he usually did, the man left Jovanka standing there, her hands hanging weakly at her sides.

Part 2

Several hours later, at a club.

Altezza growled. He downed his drink again, unsure which glass it was. He hoped the hot and bitter taste flowing on his tongue and throat could somewhat ease the tightness in his chest due to the disappointment he got from Jovanka. Antony, his cousin from his father's side, whom he called just before entering the club, looked at him with a furrowed brow.

"Don't tell me you're getting drunk and asking me to be your driver, Cousin," he grumbled, shaking his drink without intending to sip it.

"I'm not forcing you to stay," Altezza replied flatly. "You're the one who keeps sticking to me," he continued with a speech that was no longer clear due to the effects of the alcohol he had consumed.

Antony smirked mockingly, glancing at Altezza while shaking his head. His cousin clearly looked messed up, so how could he let Altezza be alone and leave like


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