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Foster Brother Crazy Love

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This love is driving me crazy! I am a love doctor who always helps people in love affairs. One day, my friend Hana asked me to help her get the love of my adoptive brother, Erwin, I agreed. At first it went well, until one day I felt something was wrong with my brother. He r*p*d me on his birthday in exchange for my asking him to date Hana. I'm crazy for playing with love.

Chapter 1 : The Begining

"Erwin... why? Why you did you r*p* me? Aren't we brother-sister?"I am not your brother, Lisa!"...Lisa's POVEver heard of the word friendship? Have you ever? Must have, right? How could it not? If not, then immediately go on a picnic and enjoy the beauty of God's work! Sorry if you don't feel welcome. I will be happy if you guys throw money at me. Don't throw stones at me, believe me, I can't stand it.Everyone who forms a very close friendship, understands each other, understands each other even though it sometimes feels difficult to explain, knows things that don't need to be known, understands more than 120% of their friends, is always there in all moods. Difficult, happy, sad, ideals are always together. Holding hands, pulling when you need help, encouraging enthusiasm when you're down, and holding each other tightly when problems whack.Yes, that's the friendship that I believe in.A true friend of course. Making friendship between two people of the same s*x, ah I mean both of the same gender, like a girl with a girl, or a boy with a boy is a normal thing. But, how to establish friendship between girls and boys?There are those who will indicate it as a friendship that will grow mushrooms of love. Gender differences will indeed be identified with that.I've often heard it from many of my friends at school. In fact, in TV soap operas, movies, even comic-style shojo romance stories, it's usually like that. Friends become love. Again, friendship overgrown with mushrooms of love!Wait a minute, love mushroom? Which dictionary do these strange words come from? Don't be surprised, it comes from my homemade love dictionary!I am a person who dedicates my life in the way of love. I believe in love because love is very beautiful. Back to the topic of conversation about love between friendships. Even though I am a person who really believes in love, it's just that, for me, a friendship that grows mushrooms of love is a bit strange.Am I anti to such a relationship? Not really. I just have my own thoughts on this. So what? Just imagine if that friendship has existed since childhood, where they were born together, kindergarten together, elementary school together, middle school together, high school are still together.Coincidence or destiny?It feels like being with our own family because we are also always brought together at the same school. Class too? Yes, that is so.My best friend and I always meet in the same class. Isn't that boring? I should, but I'm thankful that I can always be with him. I don't need to experience a lot of trouble when faced with a new classroom atmosphere.One thing that makes me quite tired of him. I'm tired of looking at his handsome face! Where did that handsome thought come from? He says according to all kids in school, from kindergarten to high school, my best friend is above normal handsome, I mean very handsome compared to other boys.Making a heart attack, making nervous, enchanting, romantically shot, isn't that too much? Come on.. Here I speak, of course seen from my point of view. I would definitely argue about his good looks.What's handsome? Yes indeed I admit, he is a level above his peers. Good skin, pale white, rich, and a smart brain, correct, genius! Ah I guess more than a genius. Wonder, what is his brain made of? God loves him so much.Perfect? A thought I can draw as my conclusion on the opinions of the kids in my school. They always judge that whatever is in my best friend is perfect. But in my opinion, it's normal! I admit that everything is good in him, but I consider it normal and of course normal.How can I not feel normal, me and him meet every day, argue about unimportant issues every day, fight every day, eat ice cream every day, joke together, go to school together, smile together, laugh together, in class, on the bench. Same house too! Isn't that great?I live with my best friend. It's only natural that I feel normal, right? Always together and love each other. There is no love that leads to romance, we share more than that. The bond we make is a family bond.We grew up together with a protective family love.Then what is the interesting thing that my best friend adores so much even though I myself consider it normal? It doesn't taste like anything.Am I covering up the facts? He is boring, especially when his congenital disease recurs. Guaranteed, he who is known to be very polite, loved by teachers, ideal son-in-law, fugitive-in-law, will turn into a super cold human with red eyes as red as blood! Ready to eat whatever is in front of him.He will be a cold human being as cold as the north pole, talk less, show a poker face, and will be more silent. Just like everyone else. I've seen it, at least twice.Maybe, I hope I did not miscalculate. And I can't seem to remember it. It's terrible, really!He... ah, that's it. I'm lazy to remember. The point is he's weird, like he has two personalities. Ah, he's indeed strange even without having those two personalities. Moreover, his hair style is rare. Isn't the strange one rare?His hairstyle looks like a chicken's tail and has failed her hair!Hoho, congratulations, congratulations, I managed to say it without being censored. Luckily he didn't hear it. If he listened, I'm sure he would throw me from the second floor of this house.Luckily he was in his room, probably busy playing online games on his smartphone. He's a game maniac. When you play the game, his face becomes very serious. Very focused. More serious than listening to Mr. Kean's explanation, the biology teacher in class. The older he got, the weirder it felt.Intrigued by my best friend? I will definitely cover it!Oh God, I forgot, I also have other male friends than the cocktail haired chick who failed to grow his hair. The nature is the opposite of the chicken tail hair that fails to grow.He is very warm, kind and not overbearing. But also strange, he likes to smile like a madman. I can't stand the memory, I want to laugh! Sorry Davin, maybe at home, you're sneezing right now because I'm talking about you.TOK. TOK. TOK. TOK.Someone was knocking on my door."LISA OPEN THE DOOR!"D*mn, I just told you that person have been screaming at my door. Long live him.All right, take a breath! I have to meet him on this very beautiful morning. I walked to open my bedroom door. I saw his annoyed face greet my cloudy morning, will today be darker than usual? Doesn't it look beautiful today with the sky so bright? Why am I alone feeling cloudy and gloomy?"WHAT?" I asked annoyed.How not to get annoyed, early in the morning he was screaming in front of my room. Makes my ears feel like they're about to burst. His voice is really annoying."WHAT? YOU ASK WHAT? WHAT TIME IS IT? YOU WANT TO MAKE US LATE?"Look at this my friend! The figure who was said to be very polite, smart with all his perfections was scolding me by raising his voice. I get a bright early morning greeting like this with an annoyed face. Just spoils the mood. I thought he was busy playing a game, but apparently he was in a neat uniform like me."Yeah, sorry, I woke up late." I said tired. I don't want to ruin my morning. I have to save my beautiful morning!"That's why don't sleep at night! You lazy one!"I don't want to be mad, but he's too much."What did you say? Hey Master, who made me unable to sleep fast, huh? It's you! You asked me to play online games all night long. Congratulations, you managed to make me sleep so soundly!""Thank you." He smirks at me.D*mn it! He always managed to test the limits of my patience. I'm really annoyed! I gave him that famous pout of mine."Ho, so you're p*ss*d off? It's just getting uglier.""ERWIN!"D*mn, d*mn, d*mn! He ran away after landing his ace on my head!"ERWIN, DON'T RUN AWAY! YOU!"Tch, annoying, this is he who I'm really forced to admit as my best friend. Erwin Sanders. A friend from birth who has a hobby of bothering me when I'm at home, but other times at school, he'll be very nice to me even though it irritates me more.So basically, I have two male friends. Erwin and Davin.Erwin who had hit my head earlier and Davin who was probably sleeping pretty at his house.Ah, almost forgot, I'll catch up with him. I must take revenge!END OF Lisa's POV***Lisa chased Erwin all the way to the dining table, she was protesting at Erwin for flicking her forehead. While Erwin looks relaxed while drinking his tomato juice."Can't you two just take a day off fighting?" Asked Mira, Erwin's mother."Mom, Erwin smacked my head." Answer Lisa. She had to complain to Mira, the treatment of her youngest child hurt her forehead."Erwin, is that true?" Ask Mira.Erwin just shrugged her shoulders."Erwin, don't be like that with Lisa! Poor Lisa if you are always like that to her. You guys just look like the real version of Tom and Jerry." Mira said."Not just Tom and Jerry, Mom. I think their bickering just makes them look even cuter. Kawaiii." Said Arga Sanders who was enjoying his favorite cabbage sub.Arga, the eldest son of the Sanders family, who is famous for his sweet, soothing smile."WE ARE NOT CUTE!" Lisa and Erwin denied at the same time. As usual, Arga will only reply with his deadly smile."Mother, I'm leaving!" Said Erwin who immediately left the dining room."Mother, Bro Arga, I'll go first. Erwin WAIT!" Lisa said goodbye behind Erwin."Lisa, you haven't had breakfast, Dear." Mira said."Later at school, Mom." Lisa replied, who had disappeared from the eyes of Mira and Arga."They are, really." Mira shook her head in response to Lisa and Erwin behavior."But if it weren't like that, our house would be so empty, Mom." Said Arga, who had almost finished his breakfast."You're right. But mom will still be lonely when you three go to school.""Tomorrow father will come home, mother. The house will be more crowded.""The house will be peaceful, honey. Your father will definitely scold Lisa and Erwin when they fight.""That's true. Yes, at least there are people they are afraid of. Alright, Mom, I'll go to college first.""Good bye honey."***"This is my morning with my family. I live happily living in this family. Meet Lisa Swan, 17 years old, a Enterprise International High School student. I am an adopted child in this Sanders family."

Chapter 2: Dr. Love

At school...Lisa and Erwin walked hand in hand towards their classroom, class XII-A.Lisa and Erwin are in class XII at Enterprise International High School or abbreviated as EIHS. Just started semester one in class XII, there is still a year ahead to graduate from EIHS.Lisa held her stomach when she had to walk fast to keep up with Erwin's steps. Her stomach hurts a lot. It really hurts."What happened to you?" Ask Erwin."Thanks for worrying about me!" Lisa replied curtly."I'm not worried about you! Just answer my questions, Lisa!" Erwin was more curt in his words."Use that genius brain of yours, Sir! Who do you think my stomach hurts from? Because of you! You made me oversleep, I didn't have breakfast! It makes my stomach uncomfortable, plus we're running for the last train!" grumbled Lisa.Erwin gave a black plastic bag to Lisa. "This...&qu


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