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Forbidden Lust

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What are you doing?" she asked him with gritted teeth, she can't bear it anymore, not to mention she is always aroused whenever she saw the man but the man wasn't making it easier for her too, she can feel his body heat as they sat down and it was intoxicating, she felt that she was about to loss all her sense of reasoning, "What are you talking about?" Cillian asked, his baritone voice reverberated on Emma's body and she gulped hard, her body shuddered slightly from pleasure, "Can..Can we begin?" she stuttered, so much aroused to think properly, "Of course" replied the male "You see, things about businesses, just for an example, in terms of clothe businesses?" he said and touched the cloth she was wearing, that wasn't the issue but were he touched was, in between her legs, on the center of her p*ssy, her c*nt, when his hand clasped there he felt how wet she was, she subconsciously moaned whilst tilting her head back, the irresistible lust that she has being trying to resist for long, the temptation that she has tried all she could to avoid, will it all succumb today?...

Chapter 1: Grey eyes

Cillian's POV

Entering the dinning and making my presence known, my eyes locked with the girl and I swore I felt my heart beat for a second, I haven't even experienced that in my lifetime at all, my chest rose and fall in want, want for the girl, I don't even care whether anyone was looking at me that moment, all I care was here, she is d*mn gorgeous, now that I'm looking at her up close I swore 'Grey eyes?, so rare' lust appeared in my eye but disappeared immediately, I noticed her shift on her seat and her cheeks tainted red making me to smirk but it was hidden from any eyes.

As I sat down, I noticed a stare from someone, looking up I saw my mom giving me a knowing glare making me to smile, sometimes I wonder how my mom would look pretty and innocent but at the same time so dangerous that she will know even the hintest of things that was almost impossible to see or know, I smiled at her not caring what she was warning me about.

"You are Emma" I said not really asking "Yeah" she practically moan and I swore my d*ck jumped twitching, I chuckled, this chemistry between us is so intense and one of a kind, no girl has ever affected me before, they are even the one getting obsessed with me and some suffered mentally and became stockers when their obsession got out of hand to the extent that they would kill anyone that made an interaction with me, it was one of the reasons I don't normally appear in public, my looks have done more harm than good.


Emma's POV

"I now announce you husband and wife!" the marriage officiant declared and I was temporary deafed by the shouts and cheers coming from the crowd, my husband Jose pulled me once more into a kiss on the stage not caring about the people down, another wave of cheers resounded as we sensually kissed, he bite on my lower lips and I moan giving him the cue to dive his tongue in, he savoured my mouth thoroughly without staring a glance at the marriage officiant who was still looking at us with a weird emotion on his eyes, especially when he was looking at me, lips to be precise, but I don't give two fucks, I moaned again when Jose started to f*ck my mouth with his tongue, but he made it hidden to the crowd whilst leaving the officiant to see everything because for the people not to see it we have to turn slightly to the officiant.

My husband's blond hair was originally pushed back but because of our earlier connection it was haggard but it didn't diminish his handsome face, after some moment he stopped and his blue eyes met my grey one, he is really handsome, but what got our attention more was the people, there weren't anymore shout or cheers as they looked at us, but one thing was not hidden though, their eyes told something, 'Did we overdo it?' I asked myself but chose to forget it when Jose brought me back to reality, it took his arm and we stepped down from the stage to the people, smile never leaving my face.

"Oh My God!!!, I can't believe that you are really married girl!" shrieked my best friend happily as she ran my way, I removed my hand from Jose to catch the girl before she embarrass herself here by falling 'face first', I chuckled at my thought, but it would be really embarrassing because everyone that came here are all high classes in the society, whilst Jose left to meet some of his friends on the other side, "F*ck you Nancy for shrieking like that, what if you have made your future husband in the crowd change his mind and marry someone else that at least doesn't shriek like you do" I joked and reprimanded her but the beautiful girl just pouted and waved what just I said off.

"I told you Emma that I will be the one to chose who I get married to and not the other way round" she feigned angry at my word and added "Besides I don't know why you married this early, I mean we are still young, young, if you understand what I mean right?, I can't even imagine myself getting married at this age" she said but I didn't retort because I knew it was true.

Me and Nancy are know as the twin gorgeous in our business cycle, she works for me as my personal assistant and manager too, and it was convenient for me because she has saved my life 'businessly' you know, many times that I was out of the country, as my bestfriend as well as manager she runned the companies smoothly like the professional she was, I can't imagine myself having a separate personal assistant and manager causing chaos to my company.

"You don't have to talk like that Nancy, you knew that I love Jose, and no one would say that we married this early because I forced him to, because of his family wealth because almost everyone in the business cycle will know that I don't really need a supporter" I said, my long black hair slightly waving revealing my milky neck and skin and I can imagine many male gulping from the sight.

"Then why did you married him early?" she asked and I heaved a sigh, why was I even answering her question in the first place?, of course because I love the handsome male, but before I was about to reply she added again and this time angry because I can feel it, I know when she gets angry "Then why?" she asked, she is not really angry at Jose or me, but she was angry that what we usually do as bestfriends will start to change, she don't want that.

"Nancy calm down, you knew that we have been dating for a year and half now, and I love him, and then he proposed, I mean if I will end up marrying him later, why not marry him now?" I said trying to sound reasonable but she scoffed "This is the lamest excuse I have heard from you since I we get to know each other" she said, but no more as angry as she was, I laughed lightly and huge tbe girl, well, calling her 'girl' is somehow weird from the fact that we are both the same age.

My mind dived back to what she asked me earlier, I know that my answer was so lame, I mean, who does that?, but why did I really marry him without even giving it much thought, it's not an attribute of someone who has built two companies of her own in business, so why?

Chapter 2: The piercing gaze

Emma's POV

The wedding was still on and I stood with the less sulking Nancy while smilingly chatting with the guests that came to congratulate me, I saw many of them checking me and Nancy out not even hiding it, it seems like they can't help it making me to chuckle and Nancy to smile from ear to ear, this was one of the things that she thought that she would miss once I get married, but seeing the men not even caring to know whether I'm in wedding dress or not added to her happiness.

"Maybe I will try to get married too and check if they will still gawk at me I'm front of my husband, and after I will divorce him" she smiled so brightly as if she had made the best plan of her life since she started thinking for herself, but I know she was joking, if one meet this Nancy and the Nancy that's in her office whilst signing deals they would thought that she was a different person.

"Congratulations gorgeous, you look looked the best today" Mrs Selena Harrison, one of the w


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