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Fated Mates:The Primord Pack Series

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Alpha Blake has become the new alpha of the Primord’s Pack and learns he is destined to have Selene Slate as his mate, But their bond is threatened by an evil force. Threatened by a possible villain, they must choose which one has to be sacrificed and save their pack, while more secrets come to the surface. Beta Tyler has learned he has a second chance mate. The only problem is, he let her go. His heart can't forget about her, secretly searching for her. When he finally finds her, an instant connection binds them for life. But not all is happiness for the new couple as jealousy and betrayal threaten to break them apart. He already lost her once. He won't let it happen again, even if it means killing someone in the process of getting her back. Fated mates are hard to be together. This Book Series is a collection of love stories happening in the Primord Pack.

CHAPTER 1 The Chosen Warriors


"Selene.....Selene, where are you?" The sound of my mother's voice brings me out of my trance. My mind had traveled away, back to my thirteenth birthday. Back to the day when our first shifting ceremony had taken place.

I'd always been the kind to isolate myself away from everyone. I didn't like being in the company of others, especially in the presence of other girls. They all seemed to want to get close to me for one thing get close to my twin brother Tyler, and his arrogant best friend, Blake Landon. Blake is the next in line to become the alpha of our pack. My brother Tyler, as he says, will become his beta.

That day, I had gone out to walk by myself. I loved taking long walks through the forest, it's just so peaceful. The feel of the ruffle from the branches, the crinkle sound of the leaves crushing under my feet, the warmth of the sun on my skin, and the smell of the woods. Everything about the forest is just magical.

It must have been just a few minutes before my eyesight became blurry. Everything around me became dazed, and I began seeing color circles in the air. The pit of my stomach balled up in a painful knot, and I had a sharp-like stab in my chest. My body vastly lost its energy within. I could hear the voice of a woman echoing in the distance. I wasn't able to make out what she was saying, her voice faded away as I had struggled walking. It sounded as if she sang, or perhaps she chanted? Nevertheless, her voice sounded so sweet. I faintly remember how she looked from the small glimpse I saw of her; her beauty was indescribable, her physique like no other. She was a mere image of an angel.

Before long, everything around me went blank, and my body lost all of its energy. I was awakened at what seemed minutes later by my mother, Rebecca Slate, and our Luna, Christy Landon. Our Luna talked to my mother. They held a conversation among themselves and argued for a while about something, but I was so dazed, my mind could not process or comprehend what was happening. I couldn't make out what they were saying at all. My father picked me up since my body was felt so weak it was unwilling to respond.

My eyes fluttered at a rapid pace on their own, as if they'd spasm. Before I knew it, I had passed out once more in his arms. That day, when I woke up, I had a loud ringing in my ear. I felt a huge painful throbbing headache that was stilling me from moving an inch without me feeling as if my head would explode. All I could do was lay there, wondering what it was that the mystery woman had said. Why was she calling for me? Who was she? What did she want from me?


My dad's name is Chansey Slate, he is Beta to our Alpha, Brock Landon. My father is married to Rebecca Slate, and I have a brother named Tyler, who is my twin. We look like complete opposites. I have dark brown hair, he is raven black, which I envy, to be honest. He's darker-skinned toned than I am. He's extremely well built, meaning he's super muscular for his age, since he is always working out! And I mean working out all the d*mn time, just like his arrogant best friend, Blake.

I, on the other hand, have fair caramel skin, just a bit lighter than Tyler's. I have fair plumped lips, and I'm short in stature at five feet and four inches. As I said, my brother works out almost all day long. When he's not in school or training, he's lifting and training. But always working out.

He'd always say, "You don't get it, little sis...It's because, we're getting close to our eighteenth birthday, and I have to look my best for my mate when the time comes to finally meet her." If you ask me, they should be more focused on training in case of a rogue attack. Typical, most men in our pack have the same mentality as him. All they look forward to is their eighteenth birthday and finally finding their stupid mate. Complete arrogance if you ask my opinion. I can care less about finding my mate.

For the past few weeks, Alpha Brock, and our Luna have been announcing a party they will be hosting for tonight, in honor of their son, Blake. He is turning eighteen today, and in just a few hours he will officially become our next Alpha. Then, he will find himself his mate, IF he hasn't found her already; afterward, we will be introduced to our new Luna. Well, as soon as their mating bond is completed of course. Yay, how fun.... can you hear my excitement?

Please!.... I rather lock myself in my room and bury myself in my books.

I don't do people. Anything that has to do with talking, or interacting with others, is out of the question for me. I don't like being around anyone, no matter how much I try, I just like being alone! Call me awkward if you want, I just can't be around people for too long! It's just....not me.

Luna Christy had asked to speak with me before the whole ceremony took place. I was hoping it had to do with that day when I had my first shifting, and why I kept passing out. The whole thing was just so weird. Every time I tried to ask my parents about it, they would just change the subject on me or act like they didn't hear me. But, ever since then, the same thing has happened to me again. Each year, days before my birthday..... And I mean, literally, every freaking year, like a clock!

I start feeling all weird, I get my energy drenched from my body, see things , hear things, and then…I just...pass out! I have no idea how I even make it back to my room, or who brings me. NOTHING! I remember nothing.

There are times when I don't even recall how I got to the d*mn forest.

Here is a fact; as a werewolf, everyone is so eager to find their mates on their eighteenth birthday, that even my d*mn wolf, Hazel is looking forward to it. But, all I want is answers! answers as to what is happening TO ME!

"Selene? seriously now! I have been calling for you for the past ten minutes, child. Get your head out of the clouds. Luna Christy and Alpha Brock are waiting for you at the office. Please, don't have them waiting. Hurry up and go!"

"Ok, sorry!! I'm coming," I answered sarcastically, making my mom frown. I sigh and get off of my bed, placing my book on the nightstand and make my way down the steps to the office. I knock on the door and wait for permission to be let into the office. I can hear someone's footsteps nearing. Soon, Luna Christy opens the door smiling and gesturing me to enter with a sweet and gentle smile.

Although I have never been the kind to care about looks, I have to say- that both my mother and our Luna, are the most beautiful women I have ever met in my life. Of course, our alpha and my dad are not exempt as well. They are extremely good-looking for their age. Even their wolves are beautiful. Well, all except for my mom's. I don't recall ever seeing my mother shift before, weird right? But, I give it no thought, it's whatever to me.

"Come on in sweetheart," Luna Christy says. "Thank you," I respond dryly. I know it may be rude of me, but being used time and time again for fake friendships, just to get to my brother, made me get on edge over time. So yes, this is the reason why I always respond dryly or unemotionally.

As I make my way into the office, I see Alpha Brock sitting in his chair that is fixed in the middle of his dark mahogany desk. My dad sits on a lazy boy chair in the small sitting area that is arranged to the right side of the office.

Luna Christy makes her way back, slowly, and stands next to her husband, alpha Brock towards his left-hand side. Behind me, my mother walks in and makes her way, sitting next to my father in the small living room.

"Selene, have a seat," Alpha Brock demands. I make my way over and sit on the cold brown leather chair, fixed in front of his desk. Utter and awkward silence overtakes the room, making me feel unease. He clears his throat as he commences to speak.

"Selene, do you have any idea why we have called you here?" He says and I stare at him in awkward silence, dumbfounded by his question.

"Umm, No, Alpha!" I reply. Luna places her hand on his shoulder, giving him a warm smile, which he humbly returns a bright smile to her. He places his pen down and fixes his sleeves before setting his hands back down on top of his desk, pursing his lips in a thin line before he sighs.

"Selene, do you recall anything about what happened to you, days before your first shifting years ago? Do you remember anything at all from what happened that day?" I narrow my eyes, 'seriously? I came here for answers. Not to be questioned!' I think to myself. I had completely forgotten about the mind link and forgot about canceling them out.

He clears his throat and lunches his jaw, letting out a stern growl, his eyes becoming dark. He narrows his eyebrows as he tries to not lose his cool. "Sh*t!" I mouth out in a whisper.

"Selene? watch your tone!" Mom warns me in a low voice tone. "I'm sorry!" I say, lowering my gaze to the ground in submission.

Luna Christy sighs and makes her way slowly towards me. She brings herself down, bending her knees to meet my eye level. She places her warm hands on top of both of my knees and takes another long endearing sigh. Her eyes look so full of worry and sadness. A look that makes me feel unease and a bit scared, worried, and maybe a bit uncertain. Something is wrong, and I don't know if I'll like what I'm about to hear.

"Sweetheart, our goddess has chosen you to be honored with the blessing of becoming our next lead warrior," Luna Christy explains. My mind becomes clouded as I turn my eyes sight towards her. My eyes go wide in shock and my mouth gawked openly, "I, wait ....what?" I narrow my sight. The words barely escape in a whisper.

She gives me a sincere but melancholic smile. I can feel my eyes become trickled with tears of confusion, yet excitement. "What...does that mean, exactly? And....why do you make it sound like it's a bad thing?" I avert my sight from one adult to the other.  My fingernails piercing the armrests of the chair, and I can feel my whole body tremble with adrenaline and nervousness. My wolf, Hazel, starts becoming unease and is going crazy. She doesn't know what is happening either, just like me. She's excited and nervously jumping around.

Unlike me, though, Hazel was looking forward to us finding our mate this year before our birthday, this definitely feels like a big game-changer.

"Please tell me this is not as bad as it sounds? What do you mean by all this? what exactly are you trying to say? and......why do you look so worried?"

"Selene!" Alpha says in aster voice, demanding I calm myself down from bombarding them with all this sudden interrogation. "Dad, what does this mean? Please, tell me?" I calmly ask dad as the tears in my eyes begin to blur my vision.

"I'm afraid that you must pack your stuff, my sweet angel. You will be leaving for training. As of tomorrow morning, you will not be training with the other females in our pack. I'm... I'm sorry, baby girl." He stares at the ground, his gaze filled with anger and sadness. My mom and Luna begin to silently cry.

"Huh...Is this a joke? I mean, seriously? No woman has ever!!! And I mean never been chosen to become a lead warrior in the history of our pack since like a thousand years ago, so, why me? Are you sure about me? And, Why do I have to leave for the king's palace to train? Can't I just train here? Why do I have to leave? I don't get it." I ranted angrily, pointing to myself with all the frustration I was feeling.

Luna Christy takes a long sigh, she slowly grasps my hands squeezing them gently. Taking ahold of my hands, she smiles sadly, one of the most melancholic smiles I've ever seen in her pretty face. "My dear, I'm afraid it's true....but it's more complicated than that. You're not leaving to train with our king's army for a year like most of our top warriors have," She says locking eyes with my mom.

"Wh,.... this is crazy! You ..... you guys are not making any sense, I mean, I am completely confused! Please explain? because I am just getting more, and more confused, and frustrated as I listen to what you're trying to tell me." I furrow my eyebrows, squeezing my eyes shut. This can't be real, I have to be stuck in a stupid dream again, right?

None of this makes any sense, all.

"Dad?" he ignores my calls, closing his eyes, and turning away from me it almost seemed as if he was trying to fight back his tears.

"Selene, we have an alliance with a Colonel in a special force inside the military. He conducts a special elite group of werewolf-soldiers, who....protect humankind and our own. You were selected to join him and his team. You have to leave tomorrow morning. After Blake's ceremony this evening, you may go upstairs, and begin to pack.... tomorrow morning, you will have officially become part of this team." His words echoed in my mind. This can't be real, werewolves and humans do not even coexist, it's just far too dangerous! Bad things have happened before. That's why we are completely secluded far away from them... how can this be happening?

"I'm sorry, Selene. They somehow knew that you had been chosen by our goddess as our next top warrior. They have specifically asked for YOU to join their team. We can not afford to jeopardize our pack's safety and say no. If we refuse, and we break our agreement, we will be forcing them to break our treaty of peace with them...If you don't go, they will have the right to overtake our land. We have to keep our part of the deal, if not, who knows the dangers our pack may go under? We will be exposed to other creatures and roaming rogues. I know it's a lot to ask of you... but our pack is in your hands at the moment, we need you to cooperate."

My heart raced, I fought back the tears in my eyes. I suddenly became quite fond of this pack! my pack! Including every member that was in it.

Hazel kept trying to merge through, to speak, she was running in circles and whimpering. I can feel her sadness and frustration. She nipped at me to let her out.

"Please Selene, you are our only hope to keep the government away from our land. Our pack's safety is in your hands at this moment. " Luna Christy implored. "But what about Ty? Why can't we send him instead? We can ask for a new agreement treaty with them....debate the obvious with them. He's so much stronger, and he'll be a better warrior than she can be?" Mom implores, hoping to find a way out for me, to get me out of this mess and not have me leave. I can sense the frustration from each of them.

Before they could break into an argument, I decided it was for the best for me to answer, I had to do what was best for my pack, and my family. "No, it's ok mom. Alpha Brock, it's ok, I will go. If that will be all for now, may I have permission to leave?" Alpha Brock nods, pursing his lips and giving me a sympathetic smile.

I began to stand, getting ready to leave. "Question, though Alpha Brock... if you don't mind." "Of course, what is it?" Alpha Brock responds.

"It's just, we still have a few months left before the school year ends. I'm supposed to graduate this year, will I not be allowed to graduate high school? Can there be a way for me to still attend and call Ty to congratulate him on our eighteenth birthday, or call home?" He takes a long sigh. "Selene dear, our contract with them will consist of a five-year leave. You will attend classes there, and receive your diploma there. While you are training, you will receive a rushed introduction to a career of your choice. Before coming home, you will receive your bachelor's degree. While you are out there, you must not contact anyone. No one must find out where you are. No one must know of when you are leaving, besides us, in this room. Everyone will think that you are away at college, nothing else, is that Understood?"

"Yes, Alpha."


"Yes, sir?"

"No one.....Not even Ty." He warns.

I steal a glance at my mom, her eyebrows narrowed as she tries to fight back tears, and my dad with his gaze down towards the floor. "Understood Alpha," I say as I stand to take my leave. I slowly make my way to the door, cringing my hand to the brassed knob, feeling the cold grasp of the copper-colored metal; I swallowed deep, inhaling rapidly before I close my eyes and turn to alpha once more.

"Alpha, One more thing if I may?"

"Yes, Selene? "

"May I go for a run? to clear my mind before I have to pack?"

"Very well, but be back before the ceremony. I want every member of our pack to be there to welcome and receive Blake, as our new alpha."

"Yes sir." I open the door, my mind is a complete bliss of utter frustration and anger, entangled in every inch of my being. 'It's for the good of the pack.... even if I can't stand most of them... they are still my pack... and I must protect them.' I whisper under my breath. I take a long sigh, making my way out of our packhouse. The warm rays of the sun caressing my skin as I feel a graceful and warm breeze flowing through my hair. I think I will miss this place after all.

I make my way out towards the trees... I sprint a good distance in. I take off my shirt and pants placing them neatly on the floor. I can hear the twist and break of my bones that last only but a few seconds before Hazel, my wolf, appears in my place. I let Hazel take over as she starts to sprint out in the woods, not wasting time to have her run.


CHAPTER 2 I Found Mate


I can feel the soft earthed soil between my paws. I let loose as I run as fast as my paws can take me, running through the many branches, bracing past them, scattering them about as they fall on the ground. The gush and whizz of the wind, and many trees as I pass in seconds. I can smell the beauty of the forest. The wind whistling about, the trickle of the water a mile away, and the love song of the birds chirping about.

I stop just a few miles before the end of our land. The silence of the day uninterrupted by the quiet sounds of the forest....undeniably peaceful and quiet.

"Selene...." a silent whisper is heard in the distance.

"Hazel? who's there?" Selene and I wander around trying to see who is calling. We gaze from one side to another. But Nothing is seen but the beauty of the forest.


"There it is again, Haze. Who's out there? Who is it?" Selene asks. "I- I don't know! There's no one out here."

"But I can feel someone's


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