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Eternal bonds

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Kimb
  • Chapters: 6
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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"In the glamorous world of wealth and fame, where appearances deceive and secrets lie beneath the surface, a chance encounter brings together two souls destined for a transformative journey. Meet Alexander, a proud and enigmatic billionaire, whose guarded heart shields him from love. And there's Olivia, a talented social media influencer trapped in the facade of her own success, yearning for authenticity. As their worlds collide, they embark on a passionate and tumultuous affair that challenges their beliefs and forces them to confront their deepest fears. Will their whispered promises be enough to break down the walls they've built around themselves? Join Alexander and Olivia on a captivating rollercoaster ride of love, redemption, and the pursuit of true happiness."

Chapter 1


Author Pov

Beads of sweat glisten on her forehead as the echoes of a vivid dream linger in her mind. Memories of her  past dance before her eyes, stirring up a mix of emotions. With a racing heart, she sits up in bed, her thoughts consumed by the haunting images from her dream. 

She stood up to get a glass of water , a heavy weight seemed to hang in the air around her. The moonlight filtered through the window, casting a melancholic glow on her weary face. With each step she took, the creaking floorboards echoed the weariness in her soul. She reached for the cool glass of water, her reflection in the moonlit surface seemed to mirror the turmoil within her. Thoughts of frustration and dissatisfaction swirled in her mind, making this nightly routine feel all too familiar. Little did she know, this seemingly mundane act of getting water would be the catalyst for a series of events that would change the course of her life forever. So, even in the midst of this regular night routine, there's a glimmer of possibility for a brighter future she told herself.

A little introduction about her ,Her name is

Olivia Johnson, She is 23 years old, who is from New York .She is a social media influencer , well enough of the introduction with time you would get to know her more better.

As the first rays of dawn painted the sky with hues of gold and pink, she found herself unable to surrender to the embrace of slumber any longer. The clock, ticking relentlessly towards the hour of 6, beckoned her to rise and embrace the day that awaited her. With a determined spirit, she embarked upon her morning routine, a symphony of carefully choreographed rituals that set the stage for the day ahead. 

After that she went to take to take her bath 

the sound of water cascading from the showerhead provided a soothing backdrop as she immersed herself  in its embrace, washing away the remnants of sleep and invigorating my senses. Each droplet that caressed her skin seemed to awaken her soul, infusing her with a renewed sense of purpose. As the steam enveloped her , She emerged from the shower, ready to conquer the world with grace and poise. The morning had unfurled its delicate tapestry,  now refreshed and invigorated, stood poised at the threshold of endless possibilities.

Her phone rang, interrupting the peaceful atmosphere with its lively melody.

She reached out and stretched her arm to grab the phone, eager to discover the identity of the caller, it was none other than her manager on the line.

Hey Olivia!  Stefan said, Just giving you a quick call to remind you about the advertisement you're doing for the  Glamorista company  today. Please don't forget and make sure to be on time. I already informed your PA about it, so let's try our best to be punctual!

She firmly stated, "I already told you, Stefan. I won't be doing it. Please cancel it because I won't be going."You just like pissing me off which isn’t nice.

"Olivia," Stefan said with a mix of frustration and concern, "are you kidding me? These people give you a lot of endorsements, and you want to forgo 5 thousand bucks? Can you please just let go of your pride and consider the opportunity?"

"Oops, alright," she responded, realizing her mistake. "I don't have pride. I'll just do it. Let me get ready. My PA is calling, and she better have some valid reasons why she didn't tell me she accepted this after I explicitly told her not to."

she ended the call abruptly, frustration evident in her voice. she immediately confronted her PA, demanding an explanation for accepting the offer despite the fact that I told her not to.

After concluded her intense tirade directed at her PA, promptly terminated the call, her fury palpable in the air😡.

She dutifully ingested her calming pills 💊, proceeded to utter words of motivation, aiming to uplift her spirits and regain her composure.

She can’t make this issues ruined my day Olivia said, As she gazed upon her reflection in the mirror, hereyes fixated on the disheartening sight of a blackened bruise adorning her delicate features.

With a sigh escaping her lips 👄 , She made her way towards her expansive walking wardrobe . Deliberately selecting a vibrant pink short skirt  and pairing it with a sleek black shirt, She meticulously styled her hair in a bun and applied makeup to cover her dark eyes. 

Being the fashionista that she is, She skillfully accessorized her ensemble with a pair of stylish Versace sunglasses 🕶️, a chic Louis Vuitton pink bag, and elegant Louis Vuitton boots 👢. To complete her fashionable look, she adorned her wrist with a glamorous Van Cleef wrist chain. Delighted with the outcome of my outfit, couldn't help but exclaim, "I'm such a fashionista!" 🌟✨

As a black lady standing at a height of 5.9ft, striking blue eyes added a touch of enchantment to my already captivating appearance.

She packed up all her stuff, checked the time, and realized it was already around 10 am. she thought, "Dang, I'm running late!" Leaving her room all messy, she hurried downstairs and bumped into her nanny, Priscy. And guess what? Priscy had already whipped up a delicious breakfast of pancakes 🥞 and tea ☕️ for her! I absolutely adored Priscy and always made sure to listen to her advice Olivia said. She's  and absolute gem and just the best, ya know?

Didn't wanna let all her hard work go to waste, so she grabbed a quick bite and asked Priscy to let the maids know to tidy up her room. She mentioned to her that she would be coming back late 'cause my schedule today is gonna be super busy. I don’t want you to worry about me she said to priscy.

Alright, Priscy  said , "Please take care, your personal assistant is waiting outside, and the car is all set to go. Oh, and make sure you grab some lunch 'cause you barely had a bite here." It's important to fuel up for the day, you know? Stay safe out there!

Alright bye 👋, I love ya ❤️. 

Stepped outta the house, and her bouncer kindly opened the door for me. she met up with her PA, Sophia, and they hopped into the car. Ready to roll! 🚗🌟

She asked , "Hey, what's on my schedule for the day?" I  was eager to know what I had lined up.

Sophia laid out the day's itinerary in detail. First, after the glamorista ads, you'll have a lunch meeting with Mr. Alexander, the CEO. It's an opportunity to delve deeper into the discussions. Then, it's off to the office for a meeting with Mr. Ethan. After the productive session, you'll have a much-deserved appointment at the spa for some well-deserved relaxation. Finally, as the night falls, the spotlight awaits for the exciting video shoot. It's going to be a busy and fulfilling day! 🌟🎥

Wow that a lot , she said , an hour later, we got to the company, it was a large space though.

She stepped out of the car 🚘 and made way towards the building, she couldn't help but notice the gazes fixed upon me . Whispers of admiration filled the air, as people marveled at my stunning beauty and unique sense of style. It was a moment that captured the essence of her presence, leaving a lasting impression on those who witnessed it.

After a few hours of dedicated work, successfully completed the ads, showcasing her exceptional skills and talent. poured my creativity into promoting one of their products, leaving a lasting impact. wrapped up, it was time for the next important task: a meeting with Alexander, where they would discuss further plans and strategies. It was an exciting opportunity for me to share my insights and contribute to the company's success.

As she headed to the restaurant, reckon it's pretty normal for folks to take pictures of her without she even knowin'. 

I'm used to it, ya know? Olivia said It's just one of them downsides of bein' a celebrity. Reminds me of that one time when I was lookin' all homeless-like, and next thing I knew, I found myself all over the internet! Can't escape the spotlight, I tell ya. 📸😅

Sophia said, I heard that the CE0 son is back, I guess he is the one you would be meeting with Ma

Olivia said Yeah, I've heard the buzz about the CEO's son making a return, and there's been plenty of talk about him being quite unpleasant. 

But you know what? That's not my concern at all because I have no intentions of engaging in any business with him. 

To me, I’m meeting with his dad , and I'm perfectly content with that. I'm not bothered by the rumors and gossip, as it doesn't affect my own path. Let them carry on with their opinions while I focus on my own journey.

Don‘t worry hand me my bag and wait for me at the car, would be out in a jiffy Olivia said.

Ok Ma. Sophia said.

She entered the place, went to meet with a waiter

Good afternoon, Sorry my name is Olivia, pls is there any reservation made for that name

Yeah sure the waiter said but it an exclusive lounge so I would walk you there.

OLIVIA POV: It was so nice for the CEO, to consider having an exclusive lounge for a conversation and lunch, lol 😂I want me some rich sugar daddy to spoil me.

Chapter 2

Sure thing! So, the waiter, like, led Olivia into the place, right? And she was all like, super mad 'cause shewas totally expecting some old dude, ya know? But nope, instead she got greeted by this young fella! Man, she was fuming about that unexpected surprise!

Spotting him with another girl after they were supposed to have lunch was so crazy, Olivia was filled with anger and disappointment. In that moment, she couldn't help but feel a twinge of pity for Alexander girl friend, knowing that this jerk was breaking up with her.

OLIVIA POV: Yeah, I hear ya! Even though I felt bad for her, I had to remind myself that I was there for a business issue. So, none of my business, right? Gotta focus on what's important! 💼👔

Olivia was like, "Hey, should we make it next time? I sensed that you're busy." You know, just trying to be considerate and all. We'll catch up soon, no worries!



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