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Entangled with my college crush

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“Let me go, Jason,” Tina wriggled out of Jason’s stronghold. “I already let you go once and you came back to me. Isn’t it true what they say, that when you love someone you let them go and if they are yours they come back to you?” Jason asked as he grabbed her again and pinned her against the wall, staring into her beautiful eyes with unhinged passion. Tina felt his words hang in her throat, her core throbbed and her body was begging to be ravaged by this man no matter how much she fought it. “I’m never letting you go again,” Jason whispered, capturing her lips in a hot sizzling kiss. Tina Salvatore left home years ago when Jason Lockwood, her college crush refused to return her affections towards him. She disappears and forgets about him but when she returns a changed and more confident woman, she is tossed right back into his arms as his arranged bride. Tina has one goal in mind. Revenge. Jason has one goal in mind. Redemption. Who wins this game of love, betrayal, and seduction? Find out in ENTANGLED WITH MY COLLEGE CRUSH.

Chapter 1

“It feels good to be back”. Dressed in high-heeled cowboy boots, jeans trousers, and a black corset with dark sunglasses, Tina stood at a spot taking in the fresh air around her.

After years of being away from home, she finally returned.

Thinking about the reason she had to leave, Tina shook her head and walked with her suitcase to the middle-aged man of about thirty-nine, who was waiting for her near the Maybach.

“Welcome young mistress”. The man said taking her suitcase from her.

Of course, what was the best way her grandparents would welcome her other than sending their butler’s son Dean?

Dean took the luggage from her and put it into the car truck.

Tina stepped into the car as Dean held the door open for her.

She sat down elegantly in the car, without a care in the world.

“Take me to HoneyCombs”. Tina instructed as soon as Dean got into the driver's seat.

Leaning her back on the thick leather chair, she closed her eyes.

As soon as the car came to a halt she opened her eyes and stepped down of course not without giving out instructions.

“Tell my grandparents that I will be back later in the day. I have an important thing to do. Don't bother about picking me up. I will find my way home.”

With that said, she picked up her black sling bag and closed the door.

As soon as the young lady was out of sight, Dean picked up his phone and dialed the number he was so familiar with.

“The young lady just went into Honey Combs. She sent me home and will be back later in the day”, Dean spoke in rigid words to the person at the other end.

After a couple of minutes, he dropped his phone and started the car.

“Hey bestie”, Tina called as soon as she got into the office.

Phoebe looked up from her laptop to see a life ghost staring at her with a wide grin on her face.

“Oh my God. Tina Salvatore?”.

“In the flesh”, Tina replied with a smile.

Phoebe stood up from her chair and rushed to hug her best friend.

Tina almost fell over due to the momentum Phoebe used in hugging her.

“How long has it been, two, three, or eight”, Phoebe asked as she pushed Tina away to examine her.

“It's been eight years, felt more like eight days”, Tina joked and received a punch on her shoulders from Phoebe.

“Wait how did you find me”, Phoebe asked, when it clicked on her that she hadn't told her best friend she would be at work.

“Is that even a question?”Tina replied, rolling her eyes.

“No, it's a test silly”.

Tina dodged the second punch easily and laughed.

“Hey don't joke with me, I learned judo while I was away”.

“As if'', Phoebe rolled her eyes. “I remember a certain someone being cooped up indoors reading family history and business. When did you have time for extracurricular activities?''.

“That was a catch”, Tina laughed and she sat down on the chair opposite Phoebe's.

Phoebe went back to sit on her office chair.

“Why didn't you tell me you were coming back?”. It was more of an accusation than a command.

“Then it wouldn't be a surprise again,” Tina replied, picking up a book from Phoebe's work desk.

While Phoebe worked, Tina accompanied her. The two girls reminisced over the lost time they had lost. Phoebe updated Tina on what happened after she left, how Phoebe took over her mum's business and other insignificant and significant things.

As Phoebe closed for work, Tina asked her to drop her home and the young woman nodded.

“I haven't seen Grandpa Salvatore and Grandma Salvatore in years so I think this is a great opportunity to do that”. Phoebe agreed as the two walked to the parking lot.

“Did you reach her”, Jake Salvatore, Tina's grandfather asked.

“No sir, her phone has been unreachable since she dropped at Honeycombs. I'm afraid she doesn't want anyone to reach her”, Dean answered respectfully.

“That child must be the death of me”, Jake said rubbing his forehead.

“You worry too much," Claudia, Jake's wife, said, waving her hand. “She told you not to look for her, that she will come back, let her be, she will return”.

“Gosh you haven't added height in centuries”, Tina said touching Phoebe's hair.

“hmmm and you added 29 inches, don't you dare touch my hair again”, Phoebe said, swatting Tina's hands away.

“Come on, you look cute when you're angry”, Tina said and pinched Phoebe's cheeks.

“You…”, Phoebe pointed at Tina while eyeing her.

“At this rate, your eyes are gonna pop out”. Tina laughed.

“Go back to where you're coming from”, Phoebe shouted.

Jake and Claudia could hear the voices approaching. The voices belonged to two ladies, their granddaughter and her best friend.

As soon as Tina and Phoebe came to view, They saw Tina's grandparents seated while waiting for Tina.

“Grandpa, Grandma”, Tina called, her eyes filled with tears. She was having a nostalgic feeling because she hadn't seen them in eight years.

“Grandpa Jake, Grandma Claudia”, Phoebe greeted the two elders respectfully.

“Why are you crying?”Jake asked, looking at his granddaughter suspiciously.

“I'm so moved that I haven't seen you two in ages”, Tina said while drying her eyes with her palms.

“You cry for something so petty. How will I leave my company to you if you're such a softie”, Jake said pretending to be angry.

Of course, he had missed his cute granddaughter but he didn't want to let her know. To him, she needed to grow up quickly to inherit the company.

Claudia hit her husband's hand. “Let her be, don't be so harsh. Come here my baby, grandma has missed you”. Claudia opened her hands wide for a hug.

Tina walked up to the woman sitting down and hugged her. She snorted in the familiar scents she had missed and allowed the tears to drop from her eyes.

Phoebe's words interrupted the reunion.

“I have to be going. My parents must be worried”.

“Why not stay for dinner”, Claudia asked while running her hands through Tina's hair. Tina leaned into her grandma's embrace the more.

“Some other time Grandma”, Phoebe replied with a smile.

“Alright then. Some other time”, Jake smiled at Phoebe and waved his hands. “Don't keep your parents worried. Go, and greet your old man for me”.

Phoebe smiled, nodded at Tina, and left.

“Take care”, Tina waved as Phoebe walked away.

Tina and her grandparents sat for dinner. It was an exotic one as all manner of Tina's favorite dishes had been prepared to welcome her.

“Eat up child, eat up”, Claudia said smiling as she saw Tina eat everything she had put on her plate.

“Try the sauced shrimp, and avocado-filled salted potato balls”. Claudia, who was seated near Tina added extra dishes for her.

“Thank you grandma. Everything is so delicious”.

Tina replied and helped herself to the meal.

As Tina was about to put another spoon into her mouth, her grandfather who had been watching her all this while finally spoke.

“You're not young anymore. You should think about getting married”.

Tina's hand was halfway to her mouth pausing in midair.

“Isn't it too early to tell her that?”. Claudia asked worried about her granddaughter.

“What's the need? She will still learn about it”.

Tina dropped the spoon back onto her plate.

“Grandpa. I don't believe I'm ready to settle down yet. Right now, I want to focus on the company. I do not need a man as it is”.

“You can still be focused on marriage and the company besides what lady doesn't need a man at certain points in her life?”.

“I just came back, Grandpa. Even if I'm to get married shouldn't I be given enough time to find someone”.

“You don't have to worry about finding someone, I have a perfect candidate in mind”.

Hearing that, Tina got angry and raised her voice.

“Grandpa, You can't choose who I will get married to”. Tina was fuming.

“I have made my decision”, Jake answered unrelentingly.

“I'm sorry Grandpa, I won't listen to you this time”. Tina stood up to walk away.

“If you step out of here consider yourself disowned”, Jake shouted at Tina. He never raised his voice at his grandchild because he felt pity that she lost her parents so early so he loved and protected her. He knew that a lot had changed ever since she left and also that she needed to prove herself to the board members if she wanted to inherit the company.

All he did was for her sake, but he couldn't explain it to her that way because she wouldn't listen.

Tina stood at a spot for a few minutes and walked away.

“Tina Salvatore, consider yourself disowned. You're no longer my grandchild”, Jake shouted after Tina walked away. He picked a porcelain cup and flung it in her direction.

Chapter 2

Tina sat in the car, her face all squeezed up. She was inside a BMW, going with her grandmother to meet with her husband-to-be. Her grandfather had a meeting that morning so had left earlier leaving them to get there themselves. The muscles in her face were bulging because she hadn't smiled since she got into the car.

Her grandfather had blackmailed her into agreeing to this.

She can still remember clearly what had happened the night she came back. Her grandfather had threatened to disown her if she failed to go on with the arrangements he made for her.

At first, she had been stubborn and hadn't taken anything the old man said seriously. She knew her grandfather loved her and wouldn't want to hurt her so she thought that once he was calm he would see reasons with her why she shouldn't marry someone he just picked for her. But oh was she so wrong. The next morning, her grandpa asked her to leave the house. He brought out the family book and right


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