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Daily Daydreams

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Haidee
  • Chapters: 34
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 395
  • 7.5
  • 💬 2


In the jungle of the business world, he stands as a ruthless tycoon, his rumored girlfriends enough to fill ten mahjong tables. She, on the other hand, is a cunning heiress from a prestigious family, with a heart as cold as ice, and a line of admirers stretching all the way to Paris. It's a marriage of convenience, but as the story unfolds, they find themselves on a rooftop, surrounded by swirling smoke. Suddenly, Jiang Chenglin breaks the silence, asking, "Ever thought about turning our playacting into reality?" Fu Ruanguan, however, responds with a faint smile, "Thanks, Fourth Brother, but I prefer being the Fourth Miss to being Mrs. Jiang." And then, in the blink of an eye, the story takes a turn. From that moment on the rooftop, their life trajectories seem to be redefined. From explosives to ice cream, from mastiffs to huskies, the two undergo a qualitative transformation. From a tense standoff, everything collapses in an instant, becoming authentic and enchanting. Their story, like a transition from being stubborn to soft-hearted, becomes truly enticing in the later stages.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: One Less Wife, One More Sister

"Why are you getting a divorce?"

"Infidelity," they both answered simultaneously.

"Who was unfaithful?"

"I was," they harmonized again. The man added, "Both at the same time."

The staff member raised her head, meeting the man's alluring eyes behind golden-framed glasses. It was a look that seemed encouraging, the kind she had in mind, confident.

Unfazed, the staff member couldn't help but think, refined but despicable.

The woman beside the man wore sunglasses, revealing nothing of her expression. However, her lips were tightly pressed, exuding an aura of cold restraint.

The staff member looked down at the two documents in her hands, the names written: Jiang Chenglin, Fu Ruanguan. These were names frequently seen in the public eye, associated with finance or gossip, now appearing together on a divorce application.

"Have you thought this through?" the staff member inquired routinely.

"Do you need to think when taking out the trash?" the woman's voice was assertive.

The staff member felt awkward. Jiang Chenglin, however, remained indifferent. "You see, she has a temper, a bad attitude, and, most importantly, a strong sense of jealousy."

Adhering to the principle of not advising divorce, the staff member remarked, "Jealousy stems from caring."

Jiang Chenglin mocked with a smile, "She's jealous that I have two."

The staff member's expression, confident a moment ago, instantly shifted to realization. Destroyed, she thought. Some people were destined not to deserve marriage.

Without lifting her eyes, the staff member mechanically asked, "Do you have children?"

"No," they both replied.

"Any assets to be divided?"


"Both parties agree to the divorce voluntarily?"

"Yes," Fu Ruanguan and Jiang Chenglin answered simultaneously again, the difference being Fu Ruanguan showing impatience while Jiang Chenglin remained nonchalant.

The staff member handed them two sheets of paper. "Fill out the application."

Fu Ruanguan immediately scowled, "Is this ever going to end? Why do we need to apply for something both parties agree on?"

She was visibly irritated. The staff member looked at Fu Ruanguan, her ear-length haircut shorter than even Jiang Chenglin's, dressed in a white shirt, wearing black sunglasses. Despite the beauty revealed by her exposed face and lips, the overwhelming oppressive feeling couldn't be ignored.

In a moment of panic, the staff member explained, "The previous one was a divorce application; this is the 'Divorce Registration Declaration.' It's just a procedural form. Once you fill this out, the divorce will be finalized today."

This was what Fu Ruanguan had been waiting for. Without a change in expression, she took the thin sheet of paper. The staff member felt the pressure looking at Fu Ruanguan, shorter than Jiang Chenglin even with her heels, but her face shape and lip line, no matter how beautiful, couldn't withstand the overwhelming oppression.

As she was about to leave, waiting couples outside were seen, either numb or visibly upset. Among them, Jiang Chenglin stood out, basking in the metaphorical spring breeze.

"Less a wife, more a sister. No matter how you calculate, it's a gain," Jiang Chenglin remarked.

Fu Ruanguan suddenly stopped, removed her sunglasses, and as Jiang Chenglin looked into her eyes—a gaze he had seen countless times but still found stunning—she spoke, "Fourth Brother."

"Out of this door, you still need to take care of me a lot," she added.

Jiang Chenglin blinked, meeting Fu Ruanguan's seemingly insincere face. After a few seconds, he smiled, "Rest assured, Fourth Sister. A wife can't compare to a sister."

Seeing the two emerge, the bodyguards waiting outside each opened an umbrella, creating a uniform front against the world.

A sudden female voice cut through the atmosphere, "Fourth Brother."

Fu Ruanguan, who had just walked a few steps, stopped abruptly. She turned her head, and as Jiang Chenglin observed, a figure in a red dress, red lips, and red high heels ascended the steps. An umbrella shielded most of her face, but a red rose in her arms peeked out, glaringly red.

As the woman ascended the last step, the umbrella moved away, revealing a meticulously made-up face. She approached Jiang Chenglin, presenting the rose, "Congratulations on escaping from the sea of misery."

Initially, Fu Ruanguan had walked a few more steps, but seeing the 'Divorce Certificate' written on the red rose, Jiang Chenglin hadn't reacted, not raising his hand. The woman holding the flower approached Fu Ruanguan, smiling, "Congratulations on being single again, Fourth Miss Fu."

Fu Ruanguan asked expressionlessly, "Do I know you?"

The woman replied, "I knew you... Oh, not now, I mean before you and Fourth Brother got married."

She held the flower, and Fu Ruanguan remained motionless. The delicate features on her face showed neither joy nor anger. She said inexplicably, "You're not from Yizhou, are you?"

The woman laughed, "Who hasn't heard of the famous Fourth Miss Fu?"

Fu Ruanguan said calmly, "It seems you've only heard of it."

The moment the words fell, a 'swoosh' sounded, more accurately, the same sound at the same time because it was so uniform. The woman only felt darkness around her, and all the bodyguards at the steps simultaneously opened their umbrellas, dividing the space in half.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: The Green Hat Showdown

On the last day of May, with the temperature outside soaring to over thirty degrees, the overcast sky and rain failed to bring relief but added to the sultriness.

The uniformly held black umbrellas on the steps seemed like a daylight warning: Stay away.

Inside one of the umbrellas, the woman in the red dress sensed the ominous atmosphere, especially when Fu Ruanguan remained silent. She instinctively removed her right wristwatch, intending to seek help from Jiang Chenglin. However, before she could turn her head even ten degrees, a sharp 'slap' echoed. Her entire face snapped in the opposite direction, and the force felt like her neck might break.

Staggering, the woman found herself bewildered. Rather than screaming, only a persistent buzzing echoed in half of her ear.

After a while, she managed to turn her face back to normal. Looking at Fu Ruanguan, who still wore sunglasses, she was about to speak when sudd


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