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Cursed Night Prince

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King Hazel lived most of his days with a sorrowful heart, though his reign was a peaceful one. He watched his cousins fight, bribe and even kill to take the throne after his demise. The only thing that kept King Hazel alive was the protective spell cast on him by his grandmother; the greatest witch of her time. If not, he probably would have been so feet down the earth. He married three women who have birth to two girls each. The whole kingdom was silent as whenever the gender of the child was announced. Alas! The first queen was pregnant again but no one knew what she had done. A curse is born and death followed all who came close to him. " Only a virgin who falls in love with him can save him.

Chapter 1

" Who dare walk into the cave of the damned?" A thick hoarse voice spoke loudly.

Queen Mabel shivered in fear. It took her a lot of courage and determination to come to the most dangerous place outside the palace. Many years ago, all the dark witches were thrown out of the kingdom of Libris. Their evil work became overbearing and wickedness ruled over good. The hearts of men gradually became so dark that the King feared greatly.

Men had access to the powers of evil and at such, they used it for their own lust. They stole, kill, destroyed and rejoiced in their evil. The King received warnings severally from his grandmother, who was both his family and also a queen of the white witches.

" Put your house in order son, the darkness has become too thick. Judgement would be passed soon and everyone would suffer for it. Don't let me take this decision against you and your people." Though she loved her grandson, she had a responsibility to the coven and an oath to uphold.

" I have tried." The king lamented to his grandmother.

" Try harder." She said softly with her silver eyes shinning brightly and her hair . No one was sure if the silver hair was a sign of old age or a prove of her superiority.

With this, the King rose up and with the help of the white witches, the dark witches were chased to the cave of the damned, cursed to remain there for ever. Anyone who sought their powers went to the cave at their own risk. Many never returned alive and the ones who did, had something great to sacrifice.

" Please, I need your help." The queen shook trying hard to maintain her posture.

" Well, well. Who do we have here? The first Queen herself! Humm..." Rahel walked slowly towards the queen bringing down her hood.

" I will assume you are lost." She said softly.

" No no, I came to seek for help." The queen quickly spoke.

Three other witches surfaced and surrounded the queen. Fear gripped her even more and how desperately her feet wanted to run but her determination was stronger.

" Hypocrite. You and your husband drove us out of our homes and seperated us from our loved ones and here you are standing before me crying for help. What guts!" The atmosphere changed.

The queen knew she was in danger. Rahel's contenance was no longer friendly and one could easily tell she harbored so much hate for the royal family.

" Go woman, I would not fall for this test. Rahel said and turned her back to leave. She didn't want another war with the good witches.

" Please, I need a son." The queen fell on the floor now crying. She couldn't bear to leave the rest of her life watching the King drown in self misery everyday. The kingdom was peaceful and flourished but there was no heir. The king was gradually falling into a state of depression as he watched his cousins fight, kill and give bribes just to have the throne after the dimiss of the king. Had it not been for the protective spell placed by the King's grandmother around him, he probably would have hit six feet down the earth.

The King was forced to marry two other princesses who gave him two girls each as the first wife. In fact, he found it difficult to get intimate with them as he didn't want another girl child.

" Why didn't you go to your grand mother in law, she is all powerful." Hazel rolled her eyes as she spoke.

" I did." Queen Mabel responded now standing up on her feet.

" In nature's own time, you will be blessed with your heart desires." Grandma Hans often said.

" Can't nature see that everything is falling apart? It is my responsibility as the queen to produce an heir and I will do it at all cost." She said bodly.

" Now, will you help me or not?" She asked now more determined. Hazel smiled and she didn't see any reason not too. Infact it was an opportunity for her to carry out her revenge on the King and his kingdom.

" Alright, I will help you. But remember one day, I will come collect my prize. " Hazel warned. It was more like a stern warning than an ordinary statement.

Mabel heart litted for joy and although she knew she had to pay a prize, she was willing to do anything. It was the highest of desperation.

The witches gathered round the altar and conjured, casting incarnations. The atmosphere was filled with smoke and one would think they were doing something big. Queen Mabel could see the seriousness in what they were doing and her heart became at peace. The dark witches were very deceptive people, they fed on the fear and anxiety of the vulnerables.

" Here, eat this. After two months, you will take in." Hazel handed her an apple fruit and immediately she consumed it all happily.

" Thank you." Queen Mabel said sincerely and happily.

" When the time is right, I will come for my reward." Hazel said before walking away.

Queen Mabel hurried home happily and though she believed in the power of the witches, she knew nature couldn't be cheated. She knew she had to get intimate with her husband that night. Seeing they hadn't done it in a long, she had extra work to do.

As usual, the King walked into his room after the long days court discussions. At first, he didn't notice the roses everywhere until he saw someone lying on his bed.

" My King" the voice said sweetly now kneeling on the bed. He recognized the voice but the woman standing before him, looked too hot.

" How was your day?" She asked now standing up to remove his royal robe. Her beauties were well exposed and her panties shone brightly.

Chapter 2

" What's happening Mabel?" He stammered shocked and mesmerized by how hot she was looking. None of his queens had ever approached him first to get intimate. Seeing how naughty she was behaving made him even more suprise. She walked slowly behind the King, gradually removing his clothes as she whispered mind blowing stuffs to his ears.

" What?" The King's eyes shone as his body immediately reacted to the words of the woman before him. The King didn't know where Mabel got such idea from but before he could process what was happening, her mouth was already doing things. This was a new feeling and it was mind blowing. Tonight was different, it was hot and even the King was sure she would get pregnant.

Apparently the apple given to her by Hazel was the orchestrator of the whole craziness that night. The King feared another princess would be born, he regretted getting intimate with his wife again.

Queen Mabel was so happy when she not


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