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Contracted To Be His

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Selena had a hard time growing up with her mom who had varying drug/mental issues which made her strong and determined to reach her goals in life. On her way to apply for an office assistant in a company, She meets with the very rich and handsome billionaire Pedro Fernandez who offers her a contract that would change her life forever. The sequence of events plagued with trials and tribulations tests their love and loyalty towards one another. Will Selena and Pedro break free at the end?

Chapter 1

Chapter one

It was a sunny morning, and Selena decided to hit the road to look for a job.

She stopped at a building that read Dolores PLC. She wanted to apply for the position of office assistant/secretary to the marketing manager “Mr. Bruno”

Now, Mr Bruno was a very brute man, around his 50s, short, and had slept with half the women in his department. But he was good at his job, so Dolores kept him.

Selena was sitting in the lobby, waiting her turn, when a woman came, turned to her, and beckoned to her “Miss Selena Mendoza?”

“That would be me”. Selena said with nervousness trapped in her throat.

“Follow me”. Said, Janet

Janet had worked at Dolores for a while, she seemed warm and nice compared to the rest of the employees who seemed quite uptight.

Selena made her way to Mr Bruno's office.

She tapped on the door and he ushered her in.

Mr. Bruno remained fixated on the documents on his desk, almost as if he had forgotten Selena had been standing there, then he looked up at Selena and said in a brusque tone.

“Are you just going to stand there”?

“Sorry sir”. Selena said with nervousness in her voice.

He assessed Selena almost as if she was a good he was about to purchase, he looked at her from head to toe with a grin on his face.

“Do you have any experience?”

“Not sir, but I’m a fast learner and I can do just about anything”

“That’s not what I asked you, young lady!”

“Are you good with computers?”

“No sir but I could learn, just give me one chance “

“I’m sorry chances are quite limited, there’s not enough to go around,” said Mr Bruno with a sly grin on his face. “But I could make one for you”.

He left his seat and went to meet Selena where she was seated, brushing his fingers through her hair

“You’re very pretty and pretty girls always have chances”. He said smiling wickedly.

“I don’t quite understand you, sir”

He further pressed his hand on Selena’s lap and Selena slapped him hard across the face so hard that he staggered back.

“ Don’t you dare touch me, you disgusting old man!!!”. Selena screamed at him

“You stupid b*tch! I’m going to teach you a lesson!”

Mr Bruno called security to throw her out immediately.

Security came and dragged her out of the building.

Selena struggled and struggled while screaming

“Let go of me, let go of me!!! “

Then just as they were still dragging her,

A Porsche pulled up at the front of the building

A 6’2 chested, macho, dark-haired, man with sharp features and an immaculate chin. There was a harsh aura about him. He immediately ordered them to stop dragging her. Everyone paused. They were very surprised. Including Selena.

“I said let her go!”. He ordered in a harsh tone.

They let Selena go. And Selena was still shocked,…thank…you so…much.. she stuttered, she was extremely embarrassed.

“You’re welcome, “

He slipped his card into her hand.

“Come by tomorrow, 1 pm, I have a business to attend to”. He left almost immediately.

All the ladies drooled over him as he walked into the building.

Selena was so happy about her newfound luck. She couldn’t wait for tomorrow.

She got home only to find out her mom had overdosed on her bed.

Mom…mom… mom!!!!!. She called out frantically.

Mom!. Her mom was sprawled on the floor, head facing the ground, foaming at the mouth.

She hurried out of the house, visibly shaken and crying to call her neighbor Mrs Valeria to help her take her mom to the hospital.

“Oh poor Selena! Judith why do you do this to your daughter always “‘???

“It’s going to be alright, let’s take her to the hospital quickly “.

Mrs. Valeria had been their neighbor since Selena was a kid, she would always help Selena and her mother and assisted her in any way she could.


At the hospital

“Doctor is she going to be fine?”

Selena asked with teary eyes and a shaky voice.

“She would be fine, it was almost fatal, she needs to be kept under close surveillance.” Perhaps get checked into rehab?”. The doctor asked with so much concern in his voice.

“We don’t have the money doctor, we don’t even have health insurance”

“I’m sorry miss but we can’t keep her here for much longer since you don’t have insurance”. “We’re doing all we can but your mom can’t stay past tomorrow without the insurance”

Selena was so downcast. Why did life have to be so tough?

“We’ve had her here since last night and we have been able to stabilize her, she needs to be monitored closely but we don’t have enough to continue, I’m sorry Miss Selena, but I’m sure you understand “?.

“Yes, I do doctor, thank you so much “. Selena said wiping a tear off her cheek.

The doctor looked at Selena with so much pity before leaving to continue his duties.

Selena sat in the hospital lobby, her thoughts consuming her, as much as she tried to hate her mother she just couldn’t, she had been the one taking care of her mother all her life, no one had ever taken care of her. She looked at her watch, it read 1:30 p.m.

“What !!!. Selena sprung up from her chair

She had forgotten about the appointment she had with the handsome Mr Fernandez. She was 30 minutes late and judging from the address on the card, it would take her at least an hour to get there.

“Oh I mustn’t miss this meeting for anything, he must have a job for me, I have to go.”

Selena left to catch a taxi to the Fernandez empire.

Selena got there, it was truly exquisite, it was a huge building with inviting exteriors. She got inside and went straight to the woman at the desk. “Pls ma’am, I have an appointment with ….she looked at the card he gave her. “ I have an appointment with Mr Pedro Fernandez. “Here is the card he gave me”.

“OK go on and have a seat in the lobby, I’ll get back to you”.

The receptionist had a stern look, she continued to type on her computer as Selena sat in the lobby.

30 minutes passed and nothing happened.

“Please it’s been thirty minutes and nothing”

Selena asked with a confused look.

“And I said I’ll get to you! Go on and wait “.

Selena went back to wait, 10 minutes later

Mr. Pedro came out of his office and walked out of the building.

Selena sprung up from her seat

“Hello sir, remember me from yesterday? I’m so sorry for not keeping to time… I was….”

“I am done for today, my driver can take you home”. He said sternly

“Pls I’m so very sorry, just give me a chance “

Selena pleaded. The receptionist gave her a disgusting look.

Pedro walked out, then turned to Selena “Drop your address, my driver will come to pick you up tomorrow for lunch”.

Selena was so excited as she rummaged her bag for a pen and paper to put down her address.

“It's right here sir”. Selena said with so much hope, that she handed it to Pedro’s driver.

“Thank you so much sir”. Selena kept chanting till they drove off and were completely out of sight.

Chapter 2

Chapter two

Pedro was a 32-year-old, he was born to wealthy parents who were politicians his father was a former Governor of the state of California. He was an only child and was completely doted on. His father was gunned down by assassins after he attempted to run for a second term as governor 10 years ago and the Fernandez family never remained the same again, they suffered attacks from the opposition. Their once flourishing company began to capsize, investors started to withdraw their funds and they almost filed for bankruptcy.

It was up to Pedro who was 22 at the time and just fresh out of college, to rescue their company and salvage their family’s legacy.

Pedro assumed his father’s former role as CEO and ever since then, he turned his father’s multimillion-dollar company into a multi-billion-dollar company, he was smart, calculated, and strategic. His dream was always to become governor of California, especially after what happened to his fath


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