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Chained by the old love

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Lorelei and Joziah are in love with each other, but due to some happening, Lorelei need to fly to another country and live there for years. They tried the long-distance relationship, but then, it didn’t work. Not because of time difference, but because another woman came into the picture. He breaks up with her. She decided to go back to where she was born, she will get him back no matter what. But how can she love a person who has already a girlfriend? Noted, he really looks in love with her. And what will happen if Lorelei will discover the real reason why did he break up with her? The betrayal. The truth. The pain. Can she stay or just run away and hide from him?


Lorelei Larissa's P.O.V.

I am playing now at the playground here at our village. I was swinging myself when it suddenly stops.

I look at the kid who made that. I saw a cute girl with pigtails.

She smiled at me, showing her teeth. Then waved at me like we are super close.

“Hi. I’m Sophie,” she said.

I get down from the swing and faced her. I smiled too. She looks friendly and I think we can be friends. “Hello. I’m Lorelei,” I said.

After that introduction, we played together.

Then from that on, we became close friends. And it is so funny because I didn’t know that she’s my neighbor.

Every day, we always play. I enjoy her company so much. Same for her to me too.

A certain day came, she invited me to their house. I gladly do that. I really want to see what’s inside their house. And I like to play with her there.

“My parents are not here. They are at work,” she informed and pulled me inside.

I roam my eyes around their house. It’s big and so fabulous. I like the design of it.

“Ahm… do you want to have a snack first or play already?” she asked. She even pointed at their kitchen.

I was about to say that we should play already, but my tummy growls. We both laugh because of that. Argh! That was so embarrassing. Thankfully, she is my close friend. Or else I will be really doomed.

A woman attended us, she served a snack and smiled. She looks so kind, she even told me that I am beautiful. It makes me feel good towards her.

We are busy eating cupcake when someone entered the dinning room.

Seems like my time has stopped. I cannot help but to let a gasp. He is so handsome!

Tho I’m still young, I know that I felt a spark when I our eyes met. I feel like I am on cloud nine.

He looks snobby tho.

“Brother!” Sophie called him.

He walks towards our position. As he walks, a wind was blowing in his face. It looks like he is a model walking on a rampage.

My eyes shine when he stands up near me. Oh gosh. He is so fragrant! I can smell him all day long.

He looks at his sister, then to me. “Who is she?” he asked.

I am finding words and want to tell him my name, but my mouth doesn’t want to cooperate. I can’t mutter a word.

“She is my best friend. We always play at the playground. Her name is Lorelei,” Sophie answered.

I offered my hand to him. “Hi,” then I said.

He accepts my hand. And, okay, chill, self. His hand is so soft. Can I just hold it forever?

“Joziah,” he simply said.

Then he smiled at me that makes my world stops.

“Lorelei,” Sophie called. “Are you okay?” she asked.

I shake my head as an answer while still staring at Joziah. He makes my heart beat faster.

Yeah, I’m young, but I’m not naïve. I know that my adoration for him will last long.

Joziah attended me. “What are you feeling now? Why are you not okay?” he asked worriedly.

I used my free hand to pat my chest. “It’s about to burst. You made me feel like this,” I said without hesitation.

Both of them stops on the track. Joziah sated straight to my soul. Then after that, I saw a hint of a smirk on his lips.

Then afterwards, every day, I tend to look at him. I can’t help but to smile whenever he goes with us at the playground.

He cared for us. Even when I get wound, he treated it. He comforted me so that I will not cry when he put an antiseptic to it which is painful.

Until I reached the teenage year, we are so close to each other.

“Can we see each other tomorrow?” he asked to me.

“Huh? Are we gonna play again? But you said that you hate playing now because you are a big boy already,” I said.

“Yes, I am. Just if. I just want to tell you something tomorrow. It is important.”

“Just the two of us? How about Sophie?” I asked.

“She’ll be busy to her singing lesson tomorrow. She can’t come with us.”

I nod my head. “Alright. Just text me where we’ll we meet.”

Tomorrow came and I can’t help but to be excited. What will he say to me? Well, the important thing is I’ll have a solo time with him. Which I always wanted.

I wear my color pink tutu dress and some clip for my hair to look prettier.

He says that we’ll meet at the playground. That’s why I get a little disappointed, thinking that we’ll just only play there. I ever wear pretty dress, ugh.

I am busy swinging myself here at the park when suddenly it stops. And someone cover my eyes from my back with his one hand. It’s big, so there’s no doubt he can cover my eyes with only one hand.

With the smell, I know who is he.

“Joziah,” I happily said.

I heard him chuckled. Then he removed his hand from my eyes.

When I faced him, my mouth gaped. In his left hand, he is holding a bouquet of flower.

“Wow,” I said being amazed how beautiful the flowers are.

He smiled sweetly at me then gave me the flower. “This is for you,” he said, which made my heart pump so fast.

“Why are you giving me flowers?” I asked, being curious to the real reason.

He scratched his nape and shyly looks at me. “I want to court you. I want to be your boyfriend.”

My jaw dropped because of that. I feel like my ears are just fooling me.

I didn’t prolong the time, I answered if after a month. I can see his effort and I know that his feeling for me is real. He didn’t fail to make me feel that every day.

But then, I thought we will be happy next to each other.

“We need to live in Germany now. We will handle the business there,” My mom explained.

At first, I cannot accept it, that’s why I run away.

Joziah followed me to the park and comforted me.

“I don’t want to leave. How about our relationship then? My study here?” I ranted.

He made me lean on his chest and caressed my hair. “You can continue your study there. And about our relationship, we can do the long distance relationship.”

“Don’t you want me here?”

“I want to, but we cannot do anything about it. Your parents, of course, will not leave you here alone. And it is for your future too, it has a big impact to your life.”

I stop and then stare at nowhere. He has a point.

I just stayed there with him while he still comforts me. Fortunately, I have a boyfriend like him. I am so lucky to be his girlfriend.

Then the time of our departure came. His family is with him. They send us here at the airport. Our family really bonded well and has a close tie.

I hugged him. “Don’t find another girl here, Joz. You are only mine, okay?” I spoke.

He chuckled. “Yes, Baby. I am yours so you are. If any boy will approach you there, ignore them. Okay?”

I waved at him with a smile, never thought that when I came back here in the Philippines, there is a pain in my heart.

I never thought that the lucky girl I am saying which is me, will cry a river of tears.

Never expected that the man who I love so much will cause pain to me and will break my heart into pieces.

Chapter 1: Home

Lorelei Larissa's P.O.V.

“Sorry, we can’t come home with you,” My mom said.

Well, I understand them because they are busy here in Germany. Our business is here.

I will be the only one who will come back to the Philippines then.

"I understand, Mom." I said and smiled at her.

I decided to go to back to Philippines because I need to get back what's mine.

To be honest, this is my last year for college yet I still decided to go home.

Well, I will just continue my study in Philippines. I know that there are so many process for me to transfer to the university there.

But, yeah, my family has its connection which made me easy to get transferred there.

"Are you sure that you will be fine there? Mu daughter, I want the best for you that’s I let you decide on your own. I trust you so please take care of yourself.” Then she caressed my hair and kissed my


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