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  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: C Pinky
  • Chapters: 41
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 39
  • 7.5
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Hazel's life took a drastic turn when she found out that her fiance had been cheating on her with her step-sister a few days before their wedding. Devastated she ended up having a one-night stand with a promiscuous billionaire, Jason Richmond (Mr. Richmond). When she found out she was pregnant, she informed him but he rejected her and the child causing her to make a huge decision to leave which led her to relocate to a new city to start a new life. A few years later, they meet, and the mighty Jason now discovers that she is his OR recognizes her as his long-lost childhood crush and he wants her back but she has another man in the picture. What happens when Hazel summons the courage asking him to save her daughter who is slowly dying of leukemia? What would Hazel do when he agrees to help her on the condition that she agrees to marry him? Would she accept his terms for her daughter's sake or would she let her daughter die and start a new life with her man? Find out in this intriguing story of love suspense and drama.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

"Who the hell let this woman into my office?" He screamed, his voice making me flinch.

The secretary tensed, her eyes fearful as she stared at me and then at him. "You're fired!" He snarled, "Get the f**k out!"

The lady quickly scampered away, tears in her eyes and I felt so bad I was the cause of the sudden loss of her job.

He walked up to me and I flinched as he arrogantly threw some bills at my face. "This is what you want. Right? You slut!"

I drew my gaze to the ground fighting the tears that threatened to spill out of my eyes.

Clenching my fists, I watched as the dollar bills flew all over the place. "I didn't come here for this. I'm not a golddigger. I only came here to tell you I'm pregnant with your child." I managed to say in a raspy voice.

He scoffed, "Oh really? I thought that's what all sluts and golddiggers wants. I know the likes of you. Always coming here to pin their bastards on me, all for what? Money!" He growled.

I flinched as his words pierced through me like a dagger. I slowly took some steps back and his voice stopped me "The next time I set my eyes on you, I'll make sure I kill you. Foolish golddigger!"

My fists clenched and unclenched at my sides, unable to bear the wrath of his words. My tears finally ran down my cheeks and I dashed out of the office.

This was a mistake. A huge, huge mistake. What was I thinking about coming here? I've never been so embarrassed in all my life. I ran out of the building, my face down, to hide my tears from the public.

To think I went through the trouble of searching all over for him only to be called a slut! I didn't know he was 'the' Jason Richmond, Billionaire CEO of Sterling Group and the country's sweetheart. I didn't even know he was getting married until I saw him on the news.

I slumped on a wall nearby and held my face in my hands. If only my godforsaken fiance has not cheated on me with Annie my best friend. I wouldn't be in this dilemma. I remember that fateful day.

The day I met him. The day we had sex. The sun was scorching hot as I strolled into the amusement park admiring the kids laughing and having fun. This was the perfect place to escape the harsh reality I had just dealt with.

This was the exact park I always frequented when I was a kid before Dad made us relocate to a different City... I walked in, towards the spot where they sell drinks, "I need a chilled margarita with lemon," I told the lady behind the counter. I looked around me watching the kids playing, but as I glanced up, I couldn't help but notice a tall figure standing alone at the far end of the halls watching an artwork.

He seemed to be a young man, standing there and watching the painting with a look I couldn't decipher. From behind, I could see his broad shoulders, his toned arms, and the way his shirt clung to his back. His hair looked tousled, and he had an air of confidence about him. I couldn't help but feel a flutter in my stomach as I watched him.

There was something about him that was just so... magnetic. A thought immediately came to my mind, "Fuck it!" I muttered "Excuse me," the lady frowned, handing me my drink. "Oh, sorry, I wasn't talking to you," I flashed her a sweet smile, "I'd need another of these," I gestured to the drink.

She nodded and handed me another. I walked down the halls, my eyes never leaving the young man's back. 'No way this is considered cheating. I was the one cheated on so I might as well have some fun,' I thought.

I stopped directly at his back and tapped him. He turned slowly and I couldn't help but marvel at his beauty. His lips got my attention, pink soft and I imagined what it'd taste like. "Excuse me," he said as his blue eyes bore into mine.

I quickly got a hold of myself and noticed he was holding a bottle of wine in his hand and seemed...drunk? "Oh, I saw you from afar and figured you might need a drink," I said brushing my arms against his.

He raised an eyebrow, his eyes darting from my eyes to the drink in my hand. He glanced at me like he was sizing me up. He walked closer to me, "What do you want? He slurred. "I...I just..." I stuttered.

He seemed to get the message as he immediately grabbed me into the nearest room, shutting the door behind me. Before I could have a bearing on my surroundings, his lips were on mine.

The force nearly knocked me over but his large hands held me firmly against himself. It was ecstatic as I had never felt anything like it. I had been saving myself up for my stupid fiance but now I couldn't care less. My virginity is on its way to hell.

Before I knew it, he had pinned me over to the wall and ground against me, my moans filling the room. My senses clouded as I felt him lower me to the floor, my back hitting the cold tiles. I need to have him. I heard the clinking of metal and assumed he was taking off his belt, his lips never leaving mine as they sucked and tugged, our tongues fighting for dominance.

And then I felt warm hands on my sex. It's a good thing I was putting on a very short gown... With the rate we're going, I don't think we might have the patience for...

"Ahhh..." I screamed as his fingers penetrated me. He withdrew it quickly and positioned his cock at my entrance. "Fuck!" He growled as he rammed into me. I saw stars. The feeling was indescribable as he kept fucking me harder until I could feel pleasure building until we rode off the euphoria we were on.

We lay there, spent and trying to catch our breaths. He immediately stood up, buckling his belt, his back turned to me.

I was suddenly hit with a wave of regret, "what have I done?" I muttered. I stood up quickly, arranging my clothes. 'This isn't me, ' I thought to myself as I watched the stranger pick up his bottle of wine.

I dashed out of the room. I was suddenly hit with a bite of cold air which brought me out of my thoughts. I wiped the tears off my cheek as I got off the wall, fueled with a sudden determination. I need to leave.

On my own. It wouldn't be fair to my parents when they found out I was suddenly pregnant with a stranger, especially after I had just called off the wedding with my ex, a few weeks ago.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Jason's POV

I loosened my tie as I sighed in frustration.'How many more s***t do I have to go through today?' "And who the hell let that b***h in here?" I seethed and looked towards Jace, my assistant.

The hotel is very tight in security and I wondered how she was able to walk her way in. It was also the same hotel where Dad had planned to hold the marriage he had arranged for me with the daughter of his business partner and old-time friend, Robert Steve, CEO of Faze Groups.

The union would make the company's shares skyrocket and both companies flourish. "I don't know how she managed to get in," Jace said softly, "but you need to calm down. You know you can't make decisions when you're angry. You can't mess this up."

"I'm fucking stressed man. On the one hand, I have to deal with this f****g marriage, and on the other hand, I just have to listen to the s**t that claimed she was pregnant for my child. Could you


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