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Billionaire's Mistress Is A Hidden Heiress

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Playboy, Casanova and Heartbreaker were some adjectives used by the paparazzi to describe the brilliant interior designer and the hottest CEO of Grayson Group Of Hotels, Aries Grayson. But that quickly changed when his eyes landed on his best friend’s perfect girlfriend, Cara Silencio. The moment their eyes locked for the first time, her innocence took his world by storm. Cara was everything Aries secretly wished for in his life, but she was off limits, and Aries chose to abide by the rules of Bro code. Cara Silencio has her own fair share of secrets that could destroy her. Amidst masking her true identity from the world and attempting to make ends meet, Cara was exhausted. She wanted to marry the Knight of her life, Keith Wilson, and lead a peaceful life. But the demons of her past destroyed everything, pushing her into the endless tunnel of darkness. Years later, when Aries found her at the infamous strip club, his desires came back to life and this time he was aiming to claim her. A night of intimacy didn't stop his longing for her. He wanted her in his bed every night, waiting for him. Aries returned to the club to find her, but Cara was gone, leaving no traces behind. Determined to find her, he called his most competent informer to find Cara Silencio, only to stumble upon the shocking truth. “Mr Grayson, the woman you’re searching for is the heiress of New York’s biggest business empire!”


One moment, Cara Silencio had everything in life, and in the next moment, she lost it all in the blink of an eye. Her family kicked her out at the young age of eighteen and since then she had to start from scratch and rebuild her life.

In her quest for survival, she stumbled upon Keith Wilson, a charismatic police officer who she hoped could protect her from the demons of her past.

As fate would have it, her hopes were shattered once more, causing her to lose everything she had worked for, and she was forced to fade away into the depths of an endless tunnel of darkness, where she had no choice but to compromise her principles to be able to afford two meals a day.

With no choice but to endure in the ruthless world, Cara’s life took a dramatic turn when Aries Grayson walked into her life and presented her with an irresistible offer.


“Your only recourse is to become my mistress!” Aries’s face twisted into an evil smirk. “I’ll reward you ten times more than what you earn at the club by stripping your clothes off!”

“No way! You’re going to marry my step-sister soon. Aries Grayson, I will never consent to this!” Cara stated firmly.

Aries had an enigmatic glint in his eyes as he stared into her hazel eyes. “What if I expose your secrets to the world?” He lifted an eyebrow, and her heart picked a race.

Her forehead broke out in beads of cold sweat.

“You won’t!” Cara struggled to play unaffected under his intimidating gaze on her. “Your ambition to rule the business world would be shattered if you expose me.” It was her time to smirk, but Aries’s next sentence quickly wiped it off her lips.

“What if I kill your dog? Your only family, huh?” Aries snickered as he watched her face turn white.

“Aries, why are you doing this to me? I never wronged you!” Her voice took on a gentler tone, and she blinked back tears. “Please. let me go!” She begged at last.

“You’ve sparked my interest, Cara Mia! And I won’t stop until I solve this mystery!” He declared in a deep voice and Cara lowered her head, wiping a lone tear that trickled down her cheek.

“You’ve only one choice. Submit to me!”

As he spoke, she felt a shiver run down her spine at the deep resonance of his voice. Cara lifted her gaze to him, and her gloomy hazel eyes met with intriguing grey eyes.


Where would this forbidden relationship take them?

What led the heiress of the most powerful business empire to live under the identity of a deceased girl?

Will the hidden heiress ever regain her rightful identity?

Who will be Cara’s savior?

An old love lost in the web of lies and deception or the man who picked her broken pieces and joined them with all the love in the world that she never knew existed.

Chapter 1 Damsel In Distress

Six years ago,

“Cara, you are late again!” the manager of the local eatery shouted as he watched a young girl around the age of twenty-one, rushing inside through the back door of the restaurant, dressed in a pair of blue jeans with an old black t-shirt.

“I’m sorry, sir! I missed the bus and had to walk four miles to reach here.” Cara apologized in her softest voice, panting, trying to catch a breath.

“Change quickly. It’s the fucking peak hour, you lazy ass!” he sneered, and Cara rushed inside the washroom. She changed into a white shirt and a short miniskirt, quickly pulling her long, dark blonde hair into a ponytail, and sighed looking at her pale face in the mirror. She applied a baby pink lip gloss on her dried lips and draped a red and white checked apron around her waist. 

She dashed out while fixing her white cap, only to meet the cold eyes of the manager who handed her a notebook and pen, gesturing for her to serve the couple sitting at the last tab


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