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Billionaire’s Lost Girl

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Hurt and betrayed by the man she had a one-night-stand with and was starting to love, Elaine Matthews is devastated to learn that she's fallen pregnant for him. Worse, she doesn't know him from Adam, nor did she have a way of reaching out to him. Plus, they didn’t part ways amicably. Five years later, Elaine moves to New York in search of greener pastures with her four-year-old son. When she snags an interview with one of the top-leading publishing firms in New York, she receives a rude shock when she discovers that the father of her son is her boss, and to make things even more devastating, he recognizes her and tries to right the wrongs that happened between them five years ago. But this new life is uncertain as Elaine finds it hard to tell him that they have a son together. Worse, the more time she spends in his arms, the guiltier she feels. Will she learn to let go and tell the truth, or will her secret keep her from enjoying this new fun-filled life? What would be Max’s reaction? Would he believe her?

CHAPTER 1 Elaine -Cherry Blossom


I hated nightclubs. The sweaty dancing…the pumping music…the slutty advances…it all made me want to choke on my vomit.


I raised my chin and glared at the dark-haired man that’d been pestering me for over an hour now, his eyes shining as he talked about his sexual escapades with so much enthusiasm, you might believe it was what he knew best. As usual, his eyes weren’t focused on mine, but rather on my breasts, which bulged out of the thin outfit I wore, making him swipe his tongue out to wet his bottom lip unconsciously.

Yikes. He couldn’t even pretend to be decent for just one minute.

I’d had enough. Holding up a hand now, I moved away. “Sorry to offend you but I’d like to use the restroom now, please.”

He shrugged eagerly. “Fine. No problem. I can wait for you here.”

“Thank you,” I said, hoping he couldn’t hear the exasperation in my voice as I moved away into the crowd of dancing bodies at a corner. The restroom was down the corridor and I bumped into Cora on my way there.

She still looked sober, thankfully. I needed at least one of my friends to be sober tonight with me so we could both help the others who couldn’t help getting drunk. “Where’s Mr. Hotshot gone now, Elaine?”

“I don’t care,” I snapped at her. This partying thing was solely her idea and although I kicked against it, the others didn’t listen. Here’s a thing, In our friends’ circle we had what we called a voting system. This came into play whenever the group was threatened with two opposing decisions that had to be addressed. I and Fiona kicked against coming here, while Cora, Abigail, and Vera were all for it, so it came down to a 3:2 ratio. “He’s such a creepy, self-centered *ssh*l*! Can you imagine what he’s been going on about for the last hour? He doesn’t even care if I’m listening or not. All he’s thinking about is my boobs.”

Cora laughed heartily. Why did I even think that this would make much difference to her? She’d been climbing dicks since her high school days and I was only a novice in the hookup/relationship world.

“Calm your horses, Elaine. It’s completely normal for men to talk about themselves when they’re with a woman. It helps their ego to see the women they’re interested in impressed with their achievements.”

“Which is a stupid thing, by the way. I’m leaving this place as soon as I’m done with the restroom.” I made to brush past her but she latched onto my arm, her eyes hardening stubbornly.

“No. See what I’m saying, this is exactly why you’re eternally single! You can’t just give up like that. There are lots of men here tonight. You have to be lucky enough to find your taste among the lot.”

I scrunched my nose at her. “My type of man won’t be found here but behind an office desk.”

She laughed again. Annoyingly. “Who told you such men didn’t come here? Look, the girls and I just want you to have fun. To break out from your virginity phase. It’s embarrassing.”

“Well, sorry if I insist on keeping it for the right guy.” I shook her hand off my arm with a huff.

“And what about him?” Cora’s eyes flared up in challenge. “Is he keeping his for the right girl? Do you think there’s a man in this place who’s a virgin? Do you think your perfect guy is a virgin? You have to be rational, Elaine.”

If you look at it that way, she had a point. But I’d be damned letting her know that. “Alright. One more hour. I have to open the shop early tomorrow morning.”

She leaned in and kissed me lightly on the cheek, beaming. “That’s my girl.”

When I got back to Mr. Talk-About-Myself-To-A-Girl-I-Like-Not-Caring-If-She’s-Interested, he was sitting on a brown leather couch, nursing what had to be his fifth drink tonight. “What kept you so long? You’ve been gone for hours.”

I rolled my eyes at that exaggeration, settling next to him but still keeping a reasonable distance between us in case he decided to act stupid. “I ran into…my husband on my way here.”

He paled instantly at the mention of ‘my husband’, and I’d never seen a look so priceless. “Y-You’re married?”

I nodded, thinking about my next line of action. I had to save myself from the lie I’d just blurted out, so I stood up abruptly and grabbed the next man harmlessly passing by, turning to flash a forced smile at him. “His name’s Anslem, dear. He’s my husband.”

Mr. Hot Shot frowned as he scanned the man whose arm I was digging my fingers into, a signal I hoped he was getting to keep shut. Tentatively, I glanced up at him through my lashes. His gorgeous blue eyes crinkled down at me in question. My cheeks flushed in embarrassment. I’m so sorry! I chanted in my head, hoping he could hear me telepathically. That would have been cool.

He was looking at Mr. Hotshot and me now, deciding if this is worth his time. I wouldn’t blame him at all if he whipped my arm away and sauntered back into the crowd. I’d be grateful that he didn’t call me out on my lie in front of this arsehole.

I felt him relax, sliding an arm around my waist now. “Y-Yes, she’s my wife,” then he turned his gaze at me, saying in a sarcastic voice. “Darling, what are you doing with this man? I thought you said you wanted to get a drink?”

“He stopped me and kept pestering me even when I told him I was already married,” I raised a nervous hand to his chin, stroking the dark stubble there. Mr. Hotshot looked as though he was about to sh*t his pants any moment now, his face growing paler and paler. I was suppressing my laughter as best as I could at that point. “Deal with him. Teach him a lesson he’d never forget.”

“I-I-I’m so sorry, mate,” The arse hole was saying, getting to his feet and lifting his hands in surrender. “I didn’t know she was married. I guessed I must have missed the wedding ring on her finger. Please pardon me.”

I hid my fingers behind Mr. Blue eyes collar. Our eyes locked and I saw the realization dawn on his. There was no ring. Mr. Hotshot was blabbering out of fright.

Before we can say anything, the creep bursts out laughing now. Hard.

“What’s funny?” Mr. Blue Eyes growled. His hands tightened around my waist as he pulled me impossibly closer. Oh my f*ck!

“You two could’ve fooled me if there was an actual ring,” He narrowed his eyes at the both of us, but more at me. “I guess I was right about you jumping into the arms of any man that passes by. Probably the reason why you took so long to get back here. Women.”

“Shut up! Don’t you dare call my wife a sl*t else you’d like to go home without a nose?”

“Bring it on. Bloody liar. Drop the act already.”

There was a moment’s silence and my heart was pounding every second. The two men were engaged in a heated stare contest before Mr. Blue Eyes smirked and leaned over, grabbing the back of my head before pulling me towards him. His tongue grazed my lips and he s*ck*d delicately into my mouth, pushing past my teeth deeper to meet mine.

Holy cow!

Sensing that I wasn’t responding, his hands dropped to my butt and he squeezed a cheek in his hand. I gasped, allowing him more entry into my mouth.

This wasn’t what I ordered! Where’s the fricking menu?

He pulled away the minute I began kissing him back with twice as much fervor. Blood rushed to my face and I looked away, dazed. He tasted like honey. Sugary honey, and smelt so too. I glanced back at Mr. Hotshot who was glowering in envy. Ha! Loser.


Mr. Blue Eyes took my hand in his and began pulling me through the crowd, not without a last warning. “Go pick on other single ladies around. This baby’s mine.”

Wait, what? Baby? No! Where are we even going? I looked over at the table where the girls were supposed to be and saw them high-fiving each other as if I’d just won the lottery. It’s just a random kiss with a stranger, you stupid girls! I wanted to howl. What should I do? Pull out of his grip? But that would be rude. He was incredibly helpful to me tonight. And to think he’s freaking delicious! What kind of girl would I be if I turned him down?

A crazy girl who’s never tired of being single, that is.

We stopped at a table surrounded by men chatting and drinking. It’s no doubt that they’re his friends. Each one of them searched my face as my husband boomed. “Guys, I’d like you to meet the newest couple in town. Congrats to me and this beautiful damsel. She’s everything I ever dreamed of wanting in a wife.” He raised a glass of wine on the table in cheer.

The boys laughed, shaking their heads at him and me. Oh, how badly I wanted to rip their laughing boxes from their throats and step on them!

“Hello, sweetheart,” they all said in greetings. “Apologies on our brother’s behalf. He can be a d*ck sometimes, but he means well.”

Figures. All men are the same, I mused. “Thank you.”

“So, what’s your name?” A guy with a neatly trimmed beard and hazel eyes asked me, his gaze unsettling. I laughed awkwardly, forgetting my name for a moment.

“Cherry,” my ever-so-loving fake husband said. I flicked my eyes at him in gratitude. He’s such a knight in shining armor.

“Cherry Blossom?” Another guy chuckled and my fake husband shrugged.

“You could call her that. It’s suiting.”

They all go back to what they were saying before we interrupted and Mr. Blue Eyes led me outside, to the balcony. We watched the stars briefly together before I cleared my throat and turned to find him staring at my cleavage.

I smacked his arm. “Stop being a creep.”

He looked away in guilt, scratching the back of his neck. “Now I see why that b*st*rd was so adamant about letting you go. It’s hard not to stare at you dressed like that.”

I rolled my eyes. “Guess self-control is not a thing when it comes to you men.”

“It’s hard, believe me.”

“Would you at least try? It’s not s*xy if I’m being honest.” I glanced back at the table we’d just come from, at the six men he was friends with. They were all handsome…and cultured, every responsible woman’s dream. Expensive suits and diamond-studded watches. I sighed, looking up at the stars once more.

“You like stars?” he buzzed beside me. “They’re beautiful.”

“I know.”

“Let me be honest with you here, you were safer with the other guy.”

“How do you mean?” I didn’t spare him a glance, my mind occupied with how beautiful the sky looked from out there. It was such a sight, given the fact that Manhattan had never seemed so glorious at night.

“Because, unlike him, I have you on the tip of my fingers. You owe me, Cherry Blossom. And tonight, I want to f*ck you senseless over my bedpost.”

My brain got to work, mental images of how he’d look sweaty and naked behind me, sliding his c*ck in. I shuddered. “T-That’s so not happening. Give me another option.”

His lips curled up In naught. “How about a blowjob then? Those bright red lips of yours will look incredibly good around my c*ck, don’t you think?”

“Nope, I don’t think so.” I glared at him.

“Do you want to bet?” H shuffled through his breast pocket now and pulled out a five hundred dollar bill. I gasped at the large sum, my shock coming forth as incoherent. “We could do that.”

“I love it when they’re so confident.” I shook my head, taking a deep breath in a bid to regain my bearings. And to think that was the dumbest pick-up line I’d ever heard.

He wiggled the five hundred dollar bill in front of my eyes. “Um, hello? I’m not playing.”

“Fine,” I groaned, snatching the five hundred dollars from his hand. “I will bet five hundred dollars on not getting your disgusting c*ck anywhere near me tonight.”

He winked, lifting a s*xy brow. “Challenge accepted.”

CHAPTER 2 Elaine-A good time


I moaned softly as my back hit the door, his lips on mine as he twisted the door knob to let us in. I’d found him increasingly attractive after my fourth drink or so and had pulled him to a hidden corner on the balcony, pressing my body to his, the pores of my skin dripping with need. He’d chuckled as his tongue dug past my teeth, his large hands finding the back of my thighs, cupping them roughly to hook around his waist. I arched my back, tilting my head as his hot mouth traveled down my jaw and neck, stopping at the line between my breasts, sucking at the fair skin there. I ran my hands through his soft, blonde curls, the waves of pleasure making my legs tremble.

God, feels so good.

But he’d pulled away immediately, reaching for his back pocket and pulling out a silver key – the reflection of the balcony lights off the metal just as immaculate as his dentition which he flashed at me. My disappointment turned to one of curiosity. “Y-You have a room? In thi


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